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Pestle analysis of aviva company

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Aviva was established in 2000 throughout the merger of two English insurance firms with history of above 300 years, however the name Aviva was not implemented right up until 2002. Aviva operates worldwide and is the UKs major insurer making use of 30, 021 people, with 14, six hundred of those staying in the UK (Aviva, 2018a).

They provide systems for safeguard through a life insurance policy, general insurance (including motor unit, home and travel), asset management businesses, savings such as retirement techniques, as well as investment products.

Aviva serves 33 million customers worldwide, both home and industrial and recognize their customers result from all demographics each based on a priorities and concerns. ‘Some just want to get off the telephone while others require a telephone hug and somebody to reassure them’ (Aviva, 2018b).

Aviva’s finance executive team, composed of senior officers/directors of departments such as buyer relations and international interaction, reports for the chief financial officer (CFO), Tom Stoddard. The CFO is accountable for financial decisions, however this individual delegates wants to the group executives that will oversee the finances in their business place.

In spite of m5, 639 total loss in consolidated cash flow due to net investments Aviva still profited m1, 646 for the year and lowered expenses by simply m6, one hundred and eighty, although spending more upon fees and commission.

Target above 5% increase in operating earnings per discuss.

Achieve a 55-60% dividend pay-out ratio by 2020.

Pay back 900 , 000, 000 of hybrid debt, conserving 60 , 000, 000 in gross annual pre-tax fascination expenses.

PESTLE Research.


Reason for effect Importance


Changes in the General Data Safeguard Regulation (GDPR). High

Politics Uncertainty around Brexit and its aftermath. Low

Environmental Increase in CO2 emissions. High

Inexpensive Uncertain interest environment. Medium

As Aviva operates in Europe they must adhere to the new GDPR regulation that has replaced your data Protection Act. Failure to comply can lead to a maximum fine of either ‘2% or 4% of group global yield depending on the type of breach’ as well as individuals seeking damages and bring says directly against businesses (Aviva, 2018). Because of this, Aviva must retrain most staff to make sure these requirements are met.

There exists uncertainty encircling Brexits full implications on economic progress and productivity, regulations plus the status of EU personnel working in the UK. To minimise disruption Aviva have evaluated their info arrangements to make certain adequate procedures are set up to allow continuing uninterrupted circulation of personal info as well as building a ‘Financial Celebration Response Plan’ ensuring a swift and effective respond to any severe adverse financial event. (Aviva, 2018, web page 26)

Carbon dioxide emissions are expected to increase, therefore resulting in more weather-related says (including business continuity claims), inaccurate charges of general insurance risk and negatively impacting economic growth and investment markets. Aviva must incorporate climate change, and also other environmental and social concerns into their expenditure decisions. Aviva have designed flood mapping analytics to help recognise homes most at risk and boost risk assortment.

Rapid growth in interest rates could collapse relationship prices therefore widening propagates and lowering asset rates. Low interest rates can affect the results from investments and minimize the charm of the comes back Aviva will offer new customers. Aviva should purchase ‘fixed interest securities which in turn closely match the interest price sensitivity with their liabilities’ through acts just like ‘close property liability corresponding and changing sales towards protection and unit-linked products’ (Aviva, 2018, p. 26).

Company structure can be ‘the formal configuration between individuals and groups regarding the allocation of tasks, responsibilities, and specialist within the organization’ (Lunenburg, 2012, p. 1). Common types of buildings include, functional, matrix, customer-based, project structured and network (CIPD, 2018).

(Aviva organisational data, Aviva, 2018, p. 216)

We can see a divisional composition in which Aviva groups with each other employees in charge of a certain product/service and location. A plus of this composition is through flexibility Aviva can recognize the needs of their clients and type stronger human relationships with them. This framework requires a wide range of coordination, failing to do so could cause poor communication between departments, possibly inter-departmental conflict. Hence, potentially resulting in customer unhappiness through insufficient cooperation in the event that they have to deal with more than one division.

(Aviva board graph and or chart, TOB, 2018)

We can see there are 10 important functions overseen by elderly officers whom report directly to the CEO. The financial departments tasks include ‘planning, organizing, auditing, accounting intended for and controlling’ Aviva’s finances (BusinessDictionary, 2018). The procedures and IT department give attention to the government and creation of effective products and services, although the digital departments function is to convert the company through product advancement, development and improving plus the way consumers engage with our products and services. The role in the legal and secretary department is to assure Aviva’s products, services plus the way the organization is governed are in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Interaction across almost all departments is pivotal intended for sustaining Avivas objectives, most must know what they’re seeking towards. This is often illustrated throughout the introduction of any new product, for example pet insurance. The finance department determines how much it will cost to start, they then advise each section on their collection spending budget. The legal department will draft the obtain the pet insurance and will handle any potential court situations that may occur through neglect caused by different departments. The digital office aims to discover advanced technology pertaining to improving production of the services as well as guaranteeing the digital platform for customers is easily attainable. The businesses department will produce and distribute your pet insurance through its customer satisfaction function, the employee’s know-how, and thus capability to sell, within the product is formed on the connection between each department.

Organisational traditions provides a framework for just how employees think and behave through ‘pattern of beliefs, norms, morals, attitudes and assumptions that may not have recently been articulated” (Armstrong, 2006, p. 303). Is it doesn’t ‘normative glue’ binding the company together and shapes the outcome of organization goals (Tichy, 1982).

Ways in which efficiency culture have an effect on operations are:


An organisations culture can improve employee’s self-confidence, determination and task stress which usually subsequently boosts their diamond and thus productivity (Saffold, 1998). Aviva’s employee engagement is currently 75%, with 85% of colleagues understanding how their team’s work lines up to Aviva’s strategy (Aviva, 2018).


Culture can also be harmful, if workers cannot line up with aspects of their organisations culture, one example is values, it can lead to dishonest behaviour and serve as a blocker pertaining to an organisations goals. Discontentment amongst personnel, and consequently weak customer care, resulted in Aviva’s CEO burning off 370, 1000 in 2014 (Gray, 2004).

Older level


When generating the organisations goals HUMAN RESOURCES must consider if, and how many, fresh team members will be needed, and if certain expertise/experience is required? They have to also program how to attract these kinds of employees, rather than simply advertise would it better suited to build relationships with local educational institutions or work centres and what are our competitors providing candidates in this role? HOURS should also consider when prospects are many active if they tend to advertise the position, Young (2018) claimed organisations receive higher response costs when work openings will be posted On the evenings or Monday.


HOURS add value to the company through preparing what they require of their employees and designing appropriate learning opportunities to fulfil this. It is HRs function to evaluate the achievements of these activities and boost them to assure they arrange with the total business goals. HR identify those employees most critical in executing the organisations progress strategies and thus invest learning and expertise development solutions to all of them. They must assure there is an appropriate balance of resource in order to meet shifting needs, satisfying the short and long-term aspirations of the enterprise strategy.


It truly is required of HR to strategize the right way to generate and sustain a high-achieving company culture through delivering programmes that praise and identify ‘key employee capabilities, expertise, behaviours, experience and performance, and ensure that reward systems happen to be market-relevant, good and cost-effective’ (CIPD 2018). They design the components of reward bonuses and demonstrate how they incorporate to entice, engage and retain workers and thus support achieve the organisations goals.


HR assist line managers and personnel through supervising the recruitment process. This involves tasks including sourcing people through adverts, conducting available days or perhaps contacting recruitment agencies. Also reviewing applications, hand-picking the best candidates to interview, demanding candidates through various checks to determine all their skills/personality/knowledge. In that case deciding which will candidates would be best suited for the role and performing various pre-employment assessments and background/health checks if necessary.


In practice the courses process consists of HR asking the efficiency needs of employee development to senior/line management and seeking their very own input. HOURS provide the schooling through both in-house, knowledgeable talent or perhaps an outside specialist training origin, conducting role-play ensuring the organisation as well as purpose are clear to employees. They evaluate this sort of development through structured regular assessments, one example is personal development programs, as well as liaising with managers and personnel who can take notice of the ongoing efficiency and benefits. Thus, allowing for HR to implement becomes the training framework and analysis new ways to ensure it is rewarding its goal.

Performance Management

HOURS delivers teaching to managers, so they are really equipped in observing efficiency and strategies to stimulate that. HR type incentives/activities as a means of joining management and employees jointly to form relationships based on empowerment and trust. Relationships may improve efficiency and analysis, for example during KPI group meetings employees may possibly feel convenient in speaking about their concerns and suggestions whilst HOURS can give ideal appraisal and constructive critique. HRs role is to evaluate employee’s responses to competences, set specific targets even though identifying obstacles and ways to overcome these kinds of, observing worker performance and attitudes and deciding whether or not the current system needs improvements for attaining organisational objective.

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