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Jetblue case evaluation the term newspaper

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Excerpt from Term Newspaper:

Primary, they must become offered quite a few training applications, which are equally for the advantage of the employee (increases his confidence) as well as for the business, which, through investing in it is human resource, will be able to offer companies at high-quality standards.

Even so an affective culture is not appealing within a specialist business environment, the employees should be encouraged to deal with any grievances or dissatisfactions. In addition , the organization should give specialized assistance and guidance to those who require it. The counselling periods could be tackled to staff facing personal difficulties or perhaps those which have been traumatized by simply an unfortunate aircraft event.

Every one of the human resource tactics are targeted at increasing employees’ satisfaction on the job, unifying their individual goals with the organizational goals, motivating them to increase their performances and support JetBlue in getting its general objectives.

In regards to their customers, the airline company must improve the communications and implement an extensive series of approaches that help them identify, addresses and satisfy the multiple requirements of their clientele. In this buy of ideas, the decisions to be made relative to the audience could incorporate: company hotlines, feedback, corporate talk shows, formal communication channel, simple communication route, online dialogue forums or televised/videotaped speeches and gatherings.

The JetBlue hotlines could possibly be used by customers across the globe with no geographical or temporal restrictions. They would have easy access for all the information they require on the company, its services, its plans and its tariffs. The telephone marketing and sales communications could then simply be used to retrieve info from the consumers, if they will liked soaring with JetBlue, what performed they like or don’t like; in other words, finding feedback. Feedback could also be recovered by making a discussion community forum where consumers can connect to the internet and share thoughts. The company will not participate towards the discussion as to not influence the audience, but might read the posted messages and resolve any kind of complaints.

After that, the aircarrier company ought to appear on quite a few talk shows, grant interviews and generate appearances of all media channels. This would increase their notoriety and capture the eye of the audience. The company should communicate with all their audience through both formal as well as relaxed channels. All of these would help the customer know the dimensions of the organization better, relate to it, become familiarized with the solutions offered and ask for them.

All in all, the goal set by JetBlue is rather difficult to attain, but not extremely hard. All they need is definitely the 100% determination of their employees and significant efforts to fulfill their customers.


Case Study: JetBlue Headquarters, Forest Hills, New York

Monin, In., 2004, Supervision

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