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Analysis of leadership zensar technologies

Command, Leadership and Management


Maxwell (1999) defined leadership as the capacity of influencing people by providing purpose, directions and motivation although operating to achieve the objective and improve the organization.

With reference to the case study, even though Zensar Technology experienced a backlash in its operations, it was a little while until the focus, travel and commitment of a person with wonderful leadership qualities to motivate the different team, to bring the organization to its foot, increase revenue and maintain competition. The case research shows that a leader/ group without the right focus cannot reach a great organization’s goal.

Zensar Technologies would not make conditions for long term upgrades/ programs and hence led to initial land. According to Ferguson (2014), Successful commanders are visionaries and must look in advance and evaluate each step through strategic considering, in order to obtain long term success. However , Dilip Ittyera failed, as he was not a visionary and failed to make provision to get future upgrades in the SBP, and resulted in the demands away weighing the latest system, consequently revenue loss.

Market leaders can plan, partition and delegate work. By directing team work with vision, leaders become the heroes of flatten hierarchy Yakowicz (2013). Due to the inspiration and commitment Dilip Ittyera provided as being a leader to his crew in the 1st year, if he resigned via Zensar Technologies, the employees lacked that motivation, dedication and drive as an attribute to be had by a head and hence, above 30 staff also resigned within that year. Market leaders who have major and drive tend to instill the same on the team members to realise the organization’s objective, leading to embrace revenue.

Finally, a strategic thinker and good decision maker is actually completes the chart for any great head. With comprehensive SWOT analysis, strategic thinking and very good decision making, Vijay Gaikwad who the devotion and commitment of a innovator, brought Zensar technologies to its toes. This was done by comprehensive SWOT analysis, in-depth knowledge of the item (SBP), great decision making and good risk taking technique to realize that, putting SBP while an open origin business, will certainly however make room intended for rapid company growth an increase in revenue.

Maxwell (2010) asks question of who also a leader is usually and the particular people desire to follow a good leader? What will make two categories of staff of the company reluctantly follow a single leader (without room to get option) while the other display passion pursuing the leader to the end in the earth. Relating to Robson’s (2008) examine, he concluded that a strong leader should be:

  • A good planner
  • A person with great Organization abilities
  • Firm, fair, reliable, dependable and ideal
  • Strategic and a good decision maker
  • Since loyal towards the customers for the company



Perrow (2016) placed emphasis on the fact that the mission of each and every Technology industry is to become successful. Because the purpose is to accomplish the objective, the organization models a administration by choosing frontrunners and managers who will perform their best to aid accomplish the mission. Corporation that procedure safety like a top priority build in versatility and coping mechanisms when confronted with adversity.


Every Successful head has the attribute of a very good planner. With out planning, do not make area for long term growth or hiccups in the process and hence the organization crumbles the moment such ailments are fulfilled. If Dahil, according to the case study, planned well and perhaps had undertaken SWOT analysis with the system of what had to be performed, the company universe not have crumbled down, and would have doubled its income.

Strategic Thinker

The strategic thinking allows us to examine situations and problems then prepare the program that will have us to new amounts or through a change. You have the difference between Strategic thinking and Strategic planning. Applying Brary (2010) analysis, Strategic thinking entails the idea of an genuine plan, which can be supposed to be put in action, in addition to line of you’re able to send vision. Ideal planning, in that case, is the implementation of the thinking from of exactly where a company is definitely, to where a company should really be.

For a head to qualify as a proper one, this individual needs to adopt the principle of competitive analysis to lead the company ion competitive edge. The best device for this is known as a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, possibilities, threats) evaluation.

An average example of an organized leader in Ghana is definitely Menz bank. With complex SWOT evaluation, he did something different via what other financial institutions/ Banking institutions are doing. To encourage and increase consumers base, this individual offers a pound of gold for every Ghc. 1, 500 ($300) deposit. He also created another firm called Produce Marketing consult, that is essentially in charge of taking clients and companies aboard and also allocated some good percentage. Considering that the introduction in the pound of gold promoting in 2016, the company features gained more than 60, 500 clients and counting and is currently in lead of competitive benefits.


Sampson Jr. (2012) highlighted that committed leader usually stays concentrated and devoted in every scenario no matter the hiccups on the way, mainly because every firm has issues and it’s by way of those problems that give the ability for better strategies and decision making. For instance, as if the company incurred cost inside the second 12 months, Dahil of Zensar Technologies couldn’t deal with it and left in other places. On the Contrary, Vijay stayed and used the chance of the difficulties of the firm to obtain a long term successful decision.

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