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Promoting mix essay


From this paper I will define how good advertising mix requires and describe how a firm uses this process to market their particular product. I have chosen Whenever Fitness as my business to do my own paper upon. Anytime Fitness is a unique type of fitness team that is in a very competitive market. Their promoting mix is targeted on all of the 4 P’s to draw customers. That they locate little neighborhood clubs close to where people live and work.

They are a no extras workout middle that offers dumbbells and elliptical cardio equipment. This allows individuals with busy lifestyles to work out whenever they possess time. Anytime Fitness also provides a very good prices plan for persons and family members.

Marketing Mixture

Even with the economy that appears to be scaling down some organization are still growing. With people attempting to lose weight and get in shape several fitness golf clubs are still growing. The low cost approach that Anytime Exercise has could possibly be a big cause of their continuous growth.

With a good advertising mix Anytime Fitness is a fast developing business. They may have tailor made their fitness golf clubs with the occupied person at heart. Anytime Fitness offers small workout centers within three miles of all of their user’s homes or work. I will show from this paper what different type of marketing mix Whenever Fitness uses to be a head in industry.


A good marketing mixture includes 4 main points. They are considered the four P’s of promoting. Product is the first item; this can be an genuine product or possibly a service. Other things that are deemed part of the product are the top quality, style, and in many cases packaging. Another item is price decision. This includes prices strategy, advised retail cost, volume discounting and wholesale price. There could be other items included in pricing but not restricted to seasonal and bundling prices (The Advertising Mix, 2007).

Place may be the next with the items that makeup a good promoting mix. This is also considered the syndication of the product or let’s just says getting the product to the customer. This may be the location you plan to provide the service or product. Generally distribution involves warehousing, division centers, buy processing and transportation. Thefinal stage of a great marketing mix is campaign. This stage includes marketing strategy, advertising and marketing, personal sales and sales promotions (The Marketing Blend, 2007).


The term merchandise refers to tangible, physical products as well as companies (The Advertising Mix, 2007). I believe the item that Whenever Fitness gives is a great product which is a fundamental workout middle. They have free weights, weight lifting devices and heart equipment. They also offer free infinite tanning with most subscriptions. All the workout centers are open 24 hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days and nights a year. This can be possible simply by allowing users in the gym when it is not well staffed. This can help to reduce the price of operating the facilities as well. To allow this to happen, every single person receives an electronic key that opens the door. They have a monitor that sounds an alarm if two people make an effort to walk in as well. The likewise have several security cameras that can be screen at any site a manager or owner may want to use.


Place is concerned considering the decisions associated with getting the “right product to the target market’s Place. An item isn’t very much good to a customer if this isn’t offered when and where is actually wanted (McCarthy and Perreault, 2005 L 39). Whenever Fitness lives and breathes this statement. This is one of the items that made me change from the mega health club that I was previously a member of. Anytime Fitness locates all of their workout centers in small shopping centers near their member’s home or places of work. The regular distance an associate travels to achieve a workout centre is three miles. Fortunately they are opening fresh clubs in rate of more than one a day. They also are one of a number of fitness dispenses to succeed in smaller sized population centers traditionally ignored by larger clubs (Anytime Fitness, 2008).


It might seem that cheapest price is always going to win. This statement could not be a greater distance from the real truth. The best price pertaining to the product or perhaps service is a more accurate affirmation. I have one particular fitness team that fees eighty us dollars a month per member. They give a product that much more than just a work out center. I really do not know all what they offer but it appears they offer activities pertaining to the kids, mountain climbing classes and basically just aplace to relax. So for some people the eighty-dollar price tag is an excellent deal. A fitness center I was officially a member of offered all different types of group work out type classes and person trainers. Additionally they had a smoothie bar, a big locker place with a sauna. The price there were forty-five dollars a month. This was a good price for what was offered. Anytime Fitness price is only thirty-five dollars a month but as I possess described previously this team just presents a basic workout facility.


When planning a campaign you have to also provide planned price range for your special offers. Publicity and public relations are also part of the special offers part of a great marketing mix. Anytime Fitness is not only the greatest fitness membership but also the fastest growing, health club franchise in the world. They will nearly doubled in size coming from 308 to 604 night clubs in 2007. They plan to open their particular 1000th golf club in 08 (Anytime Exercise, 2008). One of their marketing promotions that I had taken advantage of was obviously a pricing promo. This was a grand opening costs promotion. The moment my kid signed up for thirty-five dollars monthly he was informed that his whole relatives could sign up to a monthly level of fifty-five dollars. I was currently paying out forty-five us dollars a month just for myself. I now have my wife and daughter signed up with my own son and myself intended for only fifty-five dollars. Great promotions will most likely draw in clients but you also need to weigh the price of every campaign.


There are many different factors linked to a good promoting mix. Despite the fact that there are only four key categories, these kinds of points happen to be broken down in many different factors. This is all a part of an excellent marketing prepare. The market place is very competitive all seeking the same clients. The companies that succeed locate ways to entice a large percentage of these clients. As you can see each person have different views on exactly what a good deal is. Anytime Fitness is marketing their product to the busy person who is looking to get more of a convenience style club than a golf club with many different options for doing exercises or occasionally even entertainment. I personally favor this design club for the mega clubs. I was a part of a small club much like Anytime Exercise when it constructed a mega club and closed all of the smaller golf clubs in the around area. Iconstantly had problems finding available equipment to work with and when I used to be finally performed workout and needed to bathtub to go to function there was by no means a bathtub open. Anytime Fitness discovered a market they had a chance to achieve. Their program has help make them an extremely successful organization.


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