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Omega paw case study solution dissertation

Executive Brief summary:

Because the population of cats in North America improves, so does the ownership of which as domestic pets. Omega Paw’s novel and unique litter box, self-cleaning which has a closed best, has tapped into the market with customer satisfaction and reviews that are positive. The company looks forward to reflect this positivity with an increase in product sales and revenue levels. Launching the product in grocery stores might result in regular sales of $126, 500, highest between other alternatives. With indirect and direct competition along with the production limitations, Ebert (president) is determined to break through these obstacles and lengthen the growth period of this item with increased sales and profits.

Problem Affirmation:

After a successful first season of business in selling “Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Omega Foot is forced to smartly plan on how it will increase its organization that has the actual to increase and obtain its objectives. With various direct and indirect competitive forces in action, the organization has to plan and apply creative marketing and distribution processes to increase efficiency and efficiency, thereby elevating sales.

Objectives, background and environment assessment:

With an increasing cat human population in America, Omega Paw aims to achieve sales of $1. six million by the end of mil novecentos e noventa e seis fiscal year. The company looks forward to nearly dual its product sales over the next two years achieving at $3 million by 1997 and $5. several million simply by 1998. The company initially began with shipping the litter box boxes straight to the customers. As a result of production delays and problems, Omega suffered a dent to its status and decided to add a supplier channel to overcome the matter. As the organization introduced their product in the United States, it applied the skills and industry contacts of maker representatives to be able to reach out to the distributors. The corporation looks forward to meet its concentrate on sales level but the current distribution strategy limits the exposure of the product simply to the pet stores. To reach this sales and profitability, several alternatives had been considered based on the distribution of the product in places other than and which includes pet stores. Before determining which approach to marketing or perhaps distribution is definitely the most suitable and profitable a single for the business, it is important to underline the strengths, weak points, opportunities and threats that the company at the moment faces and also to ascertain which will alternative will align most with the industry’s interest. The company has preserved high standards of the product quality. This is noticeable from the reality the company got a rather dangerous step in its initial product phase by sending out delay letters to its customers yet did not give up on quality to save the company’s reputation. Additionally , the quality of the item is also warranted from the fact that 7 from the 8 marketers picked up the item immediately. The easy use of the product and a litter box with its top covered serves to draw customers who are delicate to odors and scooping feces. Moreover, strength in production ability and financial resources would allow the company to meet the targets. The business has set up quite high sales goals considering the fact that it can be has been in the business for just two years. Production delays and inaccurate demand forecasts can potentially impede the operational and distribution functions, thus increasing overhead costs. In terms of the product alone, customers might find a litter-filled litter box weighty and difficult to roll. As the population of cats is definitely estimated to grow by 4% in the coming years, the company has ample for you to continue to marketplace its merchandise to new and existing customers. As a result of increase in the ownership of cats while pets, the corporation also has the chance to extend their growth period for the foreseeable future and generate profits. The complimentary product (litter) combined with the product postures a significant menace to the acceptability of the business product. A sub-standard litter box not properly rolling in the litter box could potentially bring bad reviews to the product. Regarding the business, a booming kitten population could attract more companies to introduce increased version on this product with this industry high are no barriers to access. Market and competitive analysis:

There are believed to be 66 million cats in United states. This estimation has gone up by several percent among 1994 and 1996 and is estimated to grown in a annual charge of 4% over years to come. There has been a great uptrend in multiple feline households which can be primarily due to the ease of proper care and protection

intended for cats in accordance with other domestic pets. Omega Foot has segmented its marketplace into three divisions. five per cent of the kitty owners are new or first time owners while 80 percent of the owners are knowledgeable. The rest of the 15% are segmented in the “gray zone in which owners maintain their household pets outdoors and so only dedicate to food. Tissot Paw should certainly focus it is marketing inside the first two segments while those owners are likely to exploration and search information about the ideal available items for their feline friends. The 80% part could be divided more directly into smaller sections with dog owners who opt to use fundamental traditional products versus owners who are prepared to try new items to see if this matches their needs. Omega Foot faces immediate competition by three firms. It has a competitive advantage above Everclean Do it yourself Scoop Litter Box in term of their pricing. Yet , Everclean contains a bigger advertising campaign and division network. Although Quick Fine sand is competitively priced, the full process of washing the litter box is physically demanding and therefore it would allow Tissot Paw to draw the customers of Quick Sand towards it is product. The similarity of Lift and Sift merchandise to that of Quick Sand provides Tissot Paw with a similar competitive advantage only that Lift and Sift has a very limited promoting exposure as compared with Quick Crushed stone. Overall, Tissot Paw is definitely well positioned with a shut down box self-cleaning litter merchandise. With correct marketing procedure and syndication, it has a chance to grab a more substantial market share and profits. With regards to indirect competition from automatic litter boxes, Omega Foot provides an attractive alternative for any significant cost difference. The segment that represents 80 percent of the industry would have a lot of consumers making use of the traditional style litter racks and Omega watches paw will need to use to an advertising distribution technique that would reach out to those consumers. Financial Analysis:

Distribution Channel| Retail Price| Incremental expenses| Trade Magazines| $18. 00| $4, 000/month|

Postal mail Orders| $18. 00| $12, 000/week|

Mass Circulation Centres| $25. 20| $7. 2/unit of markup + $50, 000| Grocery Stores| $36. 00| $15. 08/unit variable & $3/unit fixed|

Based on the capacity of 3, 500 units each week, the following are the projected benefits under different distribution alternatives. | Operate

Magazines| Mail Order| Mass Distribution| Grocery Stores| Revenue| $63, 000| $63, 000| $88, 200| $126, 000|

Variable Cost| ($31, 080)| ($31, 080)| ($56, 280)| ($83, 580)| Fixed Cost| ($1, 000)| ($10, 000)| ($50, 000)| ($10, 500)| Profit| $30, 920| $21, 920| ($18, 080)| $31, 920|

Break-even unit| 110| 1, 096| 5, 482| 866|

Important Questions:

In order to improve sales and reach objectives, Omega must choose a cost-saving method to get in touch with its customers. With the current manufacturing ability and advertising budget, the corporation should anticipate to face several competition coming from direct competition. However , the company should look for capture market in the early years together with the novelty and the design of the product. Omega includes a very good opportunity to utilize the supermarket market with break-even devices at 886 per week. This factor will also inspire the firm to increase its manufacturing ability with a beginning break even capability. Considering the lumps that the organization has confronted in its creation previously, it is going to important for the corporation to maintain inventory standards to get rid of production backlogs and additional overhead costs. There is doubt about how opponents would behave with the syndication strategy the company selects. Alternative Examination:

The operate magazine distribution strategy would yield comparable profits as the food markets. It will not add any added variable price to the development and features reasonable set costs. An increase in our developing capacity would allow us to take advantage of this strategy. Yet , with this kind of alternative the business would make your money back at an increased production level. The company cannot afford to tap into mass distribution strategy until it improves it production capacity to a substantial level to hide the set costs of $50, 1000. Apart from the unfavorable cash flow, you will have a significant difficulty following this transact route in which the company will need to sell straight to the specific mass distribution potential buyers. The supermarket alternative appears to be the best option the company at the moment has based on the profitability and break-even products. The biggest concern with

the grocery store substitute is that it could double the buying price of the product and there is a great deal of doubt regarding buyers willing to spend $36 for any litter box for grocery stores. Advice:

In the short-run, the company should certainly avoid food markets distribution strategy as there exists significant chain of moving of the item down to the consumer. As an alternative, the trade publication offers an affordable return with minimal efforts on the industry’s part. With all the target revenue level and also other associated company objectives, Omega watches should introduce its item in the supermarkets in the long-run. The product will be more marketable in grocery stores as there will be much less availability of competitor products there. Alternatively, a greater market population will have a chance to look at the merchandise which may cause them to become buy this while carrying out other food stores.

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