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Innovation at 3m corporation essay

3M was and still is actually a worldwide head in innovation. After a hard start in 1902, over decades, 3M appreciated national and global growth as well as a status for leftover a hothouse of development.

In the 1990’s, 3M was trying to push away from the incrementalism and this sought to change the mix of recent products to truly create something totally new to the community, instead of collection extensions, which typically got provided two out of three new-product sales us dollars.

By mil novecentos e noventa e seis, the 3M Medical-Surgical Market segments Division, a new leader in surgical curtains market, had gone almost ten years with merely one successful item.

At this point, Elderly Product Consultant Rita Shor has been recharged with the mandate of developing a breakthrough product within existing business strategy. She was picked not only mainly because her seniority but as well because the girl was looked at as being imaginative and general opinion builder.

Rita and the Medical-Surgical Market Section experiences while using traditional market research were unsatisfactory. Traditional tools presented a wide variety of data although contained tiny useful info for conceptualising a breakthrough discovery product while the current technique of the firm was desperate to find.

In an internal lecture, Rita had heard about a new strategy for application called “Lead User Analysis.  In an in house address, Rita got heard about a new methodology pertaining to product development referred to as “LeadUser Research.  The premise of this book methodology is that certain customers experienced requires ahead of different consumers plus some of the former would seek to innovate by themselves. Shor decided to try due to the fact that this might give the key to the breakthrough product.

The Medical-Surgical Division centered largely on reducing attacks from pores and skin through operative drapes and surgical prepping. The team made the decision tocenter their interest in a brand new product that should reduce infections, conform to the entire body, prove more effective than current products and become easy to apply and remove.

Shor and her consultants follow the “Lead User Research methodology level by stage. The initial two phases run while planned. Nevertheless , the range in business lead users and fields associated with was adding complexity for the third and fourth phase. Along the way, after a change with the division manager, Shor skilled a big buffer of skepticism from her superiors. That they had reduction around the team and clear level of resistance. The third level took half a year instead of 6 weeks. Shor and her group had to offer the program beginning from scratch, reminding the new managers the predicted benefits as well as the old problems.

Finally, following one year with the help of a dozen of business lead users collect from backgrounds as varied as makeup to surgical treatment, the team wound up with three impressive product suggestions. Two of all of them represented an easy linear extendable of 3M product lines. An additional, the team even though, might open up the door to new business opportunities. However , the team had a 4th recommendation but it divided they.

Your fourth idea might change the organization unit strategy, in fact may mean to associate and combine technology from multiple core area of the company.

Shor should decide in the event take the 4 recommendations for the senior supervision and revolutionize the company or maybe play secure and keep conducting business as always.

Case analysis

There is no doubt of the brilliance of 3M’s products. It is also known per decades the fact that company can be described as leader in innovation. However , this case signifies the need for enhancements made on a moment where innovation was just estimated and the “new products were the result of the most common ideas.

It can be understandable, up to a certain stage, the level of peace of mind in employees and management got within the company. When the organization has a regular income and year after year plus the results present growth, small but expansion, it is hard to trade a change in the organization. Rita Shor’s issue about delivering or not really the fourth recommendation was not nearly numbers. It absolutely was about business strategy, changes in the organization and cultural modify management. After all, depending on just how that sort of changes happen to be implemented, the numbers could go possibly direction, more quickly and bigger by itself. Eventually, 3M should certainly realize that the times where the development called for “it’s better to search for forgiveness than ask for permission were at the rear of. That there is no more “get-out-of-the-way attitude. To place it in perspective, the employees’ rut made the company transform itself in a immediate thinking, incapable of being revolutionary anymore.

In addition to the ethnical aspect of the business, another reason pertaining to the actual circumstance was the item developing method and the merchandise teams that perform this. Those clubs were consisting primarily of technical individuals with zero place for an empirical patterns, making the business a remote environment. The proportions of logic and predictability as opposed with creative imagination and “free innovation had been overwhelming.

To conclude, Rita Shor’s decision was not an easy a single. She hardly ever imagined how long her task was going to get. The truth was that it proceeded to go beyond the idea of only finding a cutting-edge product. The results of applying the “Lead Customer Research methodolog y, opened bigger doorways to revolutionary change inside company. That is certainly what the case is all about.


Rita Shor had two clear alternatives. On the one hand, your woman could deliver to elderly management only the three products they clearly defined. On the contrary, your woman could encounter the resistance of several of her individual team members and introduce to 3M the “Lead Consumer Research technique. Explaining the findings and telling the company that the famous innovation procedure needed a refresh.

The first alternative would ensure that the team to provide a safe and conservative thought, aligned with all the 3M traditional methods. In fact , two of the three products had been a linear progression of other items, which could please the “old college of the managing. Likewise, the 3rd product achieved the goal of the new company approach. It was thebreakthrough product that the Senior Administration charged Rita to find. This method was the best lawn mowers of terms of getting everybody happy within the team and every person in th e business.

The second alternative was a bigger risk. It had been a personal risk for Rita and her results to the company. It absolutely was also a business risk for the Health Care Unit and the Medical -Surgical Section. The suggestion of progression or trend was a big challenge for the levels of the corporation. It would focus on the Health Proper care Unit’s business strategy assertion but it may not stop presently there. The new recommendation would suggest to collaborate with other devices. It would means probably to develop and destroy business units over the company. In addition the recommendation would feel the main of the development principles in 3M.

However , all those dangers could be the response that 3M was desperate to find. The 30% target of sales from products that would not exist 4 years before was not an easy target. The response could be the enhancements made on the creativity process in general and not just one particular product each time.


Definitely, the recommendation is to provide the fourth idea to the Mature Management crew. However , to be able to assure the achievements of the new “Lead Users Research methodology, it must be clear that 3M has to commit almost all levels of the firm to the changes that “reinventing themselves brings.

Alter Management can be described as painful process. Even though it could involve complexactivities, changes in organizational structure, downsizing and social mentality modify, all will benefit the corporation, in the long run. The newest initiative brings back the bright ideas 3M was known for and it will restore the respect that other businesses in the industry also have had on their behalf.

It is important even though, be aware of the long process, the challenges that implement new methodologies and new ways of thinking implies. In 95, John Kotter published research that unveiled only 30 % of alter programs happen to be successful1. There are not too many changes since then. In fact , fig. one particular shows how 9% entirely failed, 49% failed and 21% a new complete and successful setup of changes in the organizations installment payments on your


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