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Costco case study essay

Jim Sinegal and Rob Brotman in Seattle Wa founded Costco Wholesale in 1993. Costco merged with Price Golf club, and bending their business in the inexpensive industry. They will became an instant leader in the industry. Costco’s revenue model should be to sell lots of products pertaining to low prices at a high quantity. These name brand products are sold at a discounted price with their members. Customers of Costco must pay a membership fee to be able to purchase their particular merchandise. Their focus is definitely on client satisfaction and a guaranteed low price for its people.

They have managed to maintain a large customer base making use of this balance wherever both business and personal demands can be met simultaneous.

Trouble Statement

Costco could enhance their shareholders return on investment by making becomes their business design. They are currently doing positively with their buyers and workers, but ought to maximizing their very own potential and increase earnings. Costco attempts to increase many market share on the market from Sam’s Club, all their largest competitor.

This is often accomplished by continuing with their growth strategy to wide open more warehouses, increase their account, and to upgrading their merchandising techniques to motivate members to look more often.


* Costco currently has 429 facilities US; 82 warehouses canada; and seventy eight warehouses internationally * They have realized a rise in comparable storage place sales of 7% in america and 16% internationally * 14. 2% increase in net sales

* Costco presently employs ninety two, 000 a lot of the time employees and 72, 1000 part-time employees * Members include: Gold star 25, 000; business 6, 300; business add-on primary4, 000; and additional credit card holders twenty eight, 700 * The major margin has increased by twelve. 69% like a percent of net product sales


2. Costco may increase revenue by elevating membership service fees * Revenues can also be elevated by getting rid of the 15% on merchandise markups 2. Reducing the amount of employees obtaining health benefits increases revenue


The suggestion for Costco is to put into action changes in their particular wages for employees, benefits packages, and raising account fees.


The advised changes could be gradually implemented throughout the business. The increase in membership charges would be the easiest to do 1st. Negotiating new rates to get employee rewards will help lessen these expenses associated with providing insurance. Costco can pay their workers less to become more competitive with the pay of Sam’s Club.


Costco’s current growth strategy is to open warehouses, do merchandising methods to increase client shopping, and also to increase their membership rights. These hard work is an attempt to improve their shareholders return on investment. Costco has targeted more upon customer satisfaction and pleasing all their employees. They have managed to increase their revenues annually without building many stores as Wal-Mart. Costco offers 417 US warehouses whilst Wal-Mart offers 3, 800. Wal-Mart have been aggressive in pursuing intercontinental acquisition by increasing your spirit S. africa and the UK. Strategy to attract more users relies on the members carrying out a larger percent of their purchasing from Costco.

Chief Executive Officer Craig Jelinek has been keeping prices low and increasing the service areas, such as vision centers, to boost store appointments. (Townsend, 2012) They want to incentive these associates by allowing for them the opportunity to purchase big-ticket items at an affordable. The people will be motivated to return over a weekly or monthly basis in order to have a chance to purchase these types of limited bargains. Costco has been using the term “treasure hunt for years to clarify why up to a fifth of its inventory is limited-quantity items that happen to be in the store pertaining to as little as weekly. (Gibson, 2011) This strategy shows some raises, but will will need modifications.


Costco at present has regarding 64 mil cardholders and members. The company has managed to provide wonderful customer service, which includes resulted in associates renewing their subscriptions. Staff receive a multitude of benefits in a month with their starting particular date. The good benefits package deal that workers receive help build devotion to the company and its quest to their clients. Members are taken care of by the employees, and employees are taken care of by organization.

This really is fostered a good environment which has landed Costco several prizes. Costco supplies their customers with one-time opportunities to purchase products and services that may not be available by other facilities. The merchandise purcahased by Costco’s members has worth to be of top quality and affordable. They keep on being dominant in the retail flower nurseries market because of the selection and quality of the merchandise offered.


Costco faces the burden of finding sufficient merchandise in the current financial crisis. People are not shopping for large admission items because of a decrease disposable income. The demand pertaining to large amount purchases provides decreased while using increase of single-parent family members. The high-volume low price style has extended to operate, but the economic recession has slowed down its development. Costco’s workers make a better wage than Sam’s employees do. These types of employees also benefit from a multitude of expensive benefits. These kinds of expenses possess caused the corporation to accrue less revenue. It will be challenging to maintain their particular profit margin under the conditions. Any decline in regular membership renewals will decrease profits. The plan to boost warehouses may well infringe issues current shops. The expenses associated with building the warehouse may negatively impact their product sales in these kinds of tough financial times. Even though are behind Sam’s Golf club in quantity of facilities, this is not the best time to expand.


Costco has the potential to always expand on their diverse offerings. By refining their business structure, Costco have the opportunity to ride the broader economic trends to greater profits and take customers from their competition. Consumers are being more selective among the discounters such as Costco and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart features seen an increase in competition from Costco for market share.

Inspite of efforts by simply rival Sam’s Club, a unit of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., to improve items in its storage place clubs, Costco continues to step higher revenue out of fewer retailers in the U. S. (Zimmerman, 2011) Offering value to its associates could result in Costco stealing Sam’s Club’s clients. There are still possibilities for Costco to broaden the number of facilities. This is a serious part of their growth strategy to assist in building a larger consumer bottom. There are reasonable expansion suggestions that will help Costco. They can enhance their brand internationally through expansion and by to become leader in social responsibility.


A significant threat pertaining to Costco is potential for ongoing economic downturns. Customers happen to be being even more selective using their disposable salary, and have decided to downsize. Smaller sized quantities products have become more appealing due to these kinds of bad economical times. Costco must always market towards the more wealthy customers. The presence of price competition amongst customers and sellers will require Costco to thoroughly negotiate inexpensive price points for the item. Costco has to walk a fine line between absorbing the expenses and moving them to consumers because of its placing as a factory club that, while catering to generally higher-end customers, does have a reputation for offering good prices. Contending internationally, postures the threat of financial instability overseas. Costco has no global occurrence and Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club and BJ’s will always pose a threat to Costco.


Our recommendation to the Costco management should be to implement a rise in the account fees. “While the increased fees can add 20 cents to 25 cents to income per share over the up coming two years because memberships will be renewed, Janney analyst David Strasser wants roughly half of the fee increase will be used to carry down prices(Wohl, 2011). Costco employee’s payment should be altered competitively for their competitors. The quantity of employees receiving benefits lowered to relieve expenses. We suggest that Costco elevated to 15% placed on the product markups to 20%. Putting into action these advice will result in a rise in company earnings and the shareholders return on investment.


* A 10% increase in membership charges will begin over the following quarter 2. Increased the product mark up from 15% to twenty percent * Adapt the employee settlement to 10% of the their market value * Elevated revenue will probably be added to the shareholders return on investment


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