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Blood brothers coursework analysis essay

Mrs. Lyons says this mainly because Eddie (her adopted son) has been playing with Mickey (Mrs. Johnstone son) at the johnstone home. The irony of this declaration is that Mickey mouse and Eddie are the same and they always will be.  Mickey and Eddie are actually twins. Their particular mother Mrs Johnstone was pushed in to letting Mrs Lyons choose Eddie. Mrs. Johnstone couldnt afford to keep both infants and with the bribery and persuasion of Mrs Lyons decided to make the decision to provide him apart.  Mickey lives in a cheap council home in Gatwick and his mother, Mrs Johnstone is extremely poor.

If my child was raised in a palace like this one this individual wouldnt have to worry where his next meals was approaching from Part of the song from the play. This kind of shows that mrs johnstone is usually jealous of mrs Lyons and worries about her children and exactly how she is going to provide for them. Mrs Johnstone is a poor doing work class mother and as I have already mentioned is very poor.  Eddie on the other hand lives in a big well dressed up house, his mother and father like him and have no trouble rendering for him and even get him gifts on a regular basis.  His mother hugs him fantastic father produces a toy firearm for him

This demonstrates that Eddie provides loving father and mother.  At several years of age Mickey and Eddie both act very in a different way in comparison to one another.  Mickey is often ready to make an effort anything as long as it sounds fun and exciting although sometimes he really does know the outcomes. Edward is very cautious using what he does, he will even so do almost anything that Mickey mouse tries because he thinks that its cool and thrilling, he doesnt know the hazards or the outcomes of points either because he isnt streetwise.  Mickey and Eddie both speak very differently. Mickey speaks really common Liverpool accent, this individual swears a whole lot and doesnt know the right word for most things.

Cos me mam says This demonstrates Mickey speaks in a common Liverpool highlight. Eddie speaks in a very classy Liverpool feature.  Oh that sounds like super fun This demonstrates that Eddie speaks in a significant posh accentuate.  When Mickey mouse and Eddie get in problems with the law enforcement officials, the police speak very in a different way to each of their parents because of who they are. To Mrs Johnstone the police speak very authorative and alert her.  Well theyll end up being no more weakling warnings from now on. Either you keep them in order Mrs. or itll always be the legal courts for you, or even worse, wont it?

The police talk to Mrs Lyons very politely and suggest her.

An er as I say, it had been more of a bogus, really, Mrs Lyons, Identity just ipod dock his bank money easily was you.  At 14 years of age Eddie and Mickey both go to different schools. Eddie goes toward a rigid boarding university and Mickey mouse goes to an ordinary secondary institution. Both universities are quite rigid.  A quote from eddies school teacher No sir? Am I to penalize you Lyons? Am I to have you flogged?  A offer from Mickeys school teacher Youre both suspended Both of these rates show how strict the several teachers of Mickey and Eddie are.

Eddie and Mickey likewise behave extremely differently about girls and especially around Linda. Mickey is extremely shy and doesnt just like interacting with Linda.  I couldnt tell y nothin. We didnt question y to come, con followed me This quote implies that Mickey is definitely scared of discussing with Linda and being with her. Eddie on the other hand is envious that Mickey is loved by girls and would jump at the opportunity to talk to a lady. He is aware what to say and loves interacting with them.  LINDA: What y doin in town, Mick?  MICKEY: Weve erm, weve

EDWARD: We have been undergoing an amazing celluloid experience!  This quotation shows that Mickey is shy around Hermosa and Eddie is certainly not.  When Eddie leaves college he goes to university to travel into further more education. He can go on to perform well and probably possess good job leads. When Mickey mouse leaves university he begins work right away in a low paid task. He could be sacked at any time and he provides little job prospects.  Theyve started layin people away in the different factory sumado a know This displays how negative Mickeys task prospects happen to be, he is probably be one of the following ones to get sacked because he is a great inefficient worker, and he can late to work elizabeth. t. c.

Mickey and Linda are now married and have a baby in route. Their romance has developed and they are continuing using their life, while Mickey is without job.  Because while nobody was searching I grew upbecause you didnt need to, an We dont fault y for it Eddie Go on… beat it before My spouse and i hit y Mickey is feeling the stress of being unemployed which is feeling the consequence of n capital t behaving at school. He is envious of Eddie and is convinced that as they has not confronted all of the struggles that Mickey mouse has then simply he doesnt have to worry. However Mickey really does.  Under each of the stress, Mickey mouse resorts to crime to solve his financial problems. This ending in Mickey getting a 7 season jail sentence in your essay causes him to become frustrated. Mickey has anti depressant tablets and becomes dependent on them.

BELA: Mickey you dont will need your tablets!  MICKEY: Bela!  LINDA: Mickey. Youre workin now, were livin about our own youve got to commence makin and energy.  This reveals how anxious Mickey and Lindas situation is.  In the final scene the music accumulates and enormous quantity of stress. Leading up to the ultimate moment once both brothers are slain. The music tells you that something happens to be going to happen.  The twin babies difference in background set the field for their premature death. Mickey was a poor low school boy who was destined to be poor and jealous of Eddie. Eddie was a wealthy high class youngster who would become willing to help his good friend, Mickey thought this since an slander and it had been probably the cause that equally twins had been killed too soon.

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