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At the start of the exam, i was given a large piece of sweets paper with characters labels written to them. We were after that asked to jot down some personality traits of the figure in front of us, and then maneuver it surrounding the circle so we all ended up with a different persona in front of all of us. After a handful of times of repeating this, we were asked to then jot down some things about their appearance. It was interesting to see what the stereotypes given to particular characters. For example , because Mickey is section of the lower class, we imagine he is filthy and scruffy, but we all also stereotype Mr. Lyons as being very neat and clean as they is of the upper middle course.

MickeyMickey is the son that Mrs. Johnstone kept. He’s quite scruffy and attends a public school. He is quite not successful in the things that he tries to succeed in, but finally his dreams come true if he finally déconfit Linda. He has a common Liverpool accent and in which he is part of the lower school, finally transforms to criminal offenses to support his family.

EddieEddie is the double that Mrs. Johnstone provided away to Mrs. Lyons. He is extremely neat and proper, but finds all of the naughty items that Mickey mouse does very exciting. This individual attends private school and does not have a Liverpool accent. He would not know that Mickey mouse is his real buddy.

Mrs. JohnstoneMrs. Johnstone is definitely mother to Sammy, Edward, and Mickey mouse. She did have a job being a cleaner, nevertheless lost this kind of when the twins were delivered. She endeavors her most difficult for her children but are not able to seem to get off of the real estate estate. The girl with very irrational and protecting over Mickey mouse.

Mrs. LyonsMrs. Lyons acts as Edwards mom. She is quite wealthy and very prudish. At the outset of the perform we feel sorry for her, since she are not able to have her own children, but soon after she superstars to become mental with her wanting to end up being safe from Mrs. Johnstone. The girl with eventually powered to madness and attempts to kill Mrs. Johnstone.

Mister. LyonsMr. Lyons acts as Edwards father. This individual does not realize that Edward is usually not his own child, and are unable to understand why Mrs. Lyons is now so crazy. He seems to be quite smart and hardworking for his family, and always puts the needs more before his own.

LindaLinda is a the child years friend to both Eddie and Mickey mouse. She has a Liverpool accent and hails from council properties. She really does get married to Mickey, yet is pushed away when he turns into addicted to pharmaceutical drug pills. She gets an affair with Edward and could be the person to blame for the tragic ending to this play.

SammySammy is the fake of the Johnstone family. He could be always approximately mischief and doesnt manage to get any place in his existence. Mickey wishes to be just like him to start with, but as Sammy gets older this individual seems to get more and more unmanageable.

Tensions between charactersThe lines between titles represent anxiety between the charactersMickey EddieSammy LindaMrs. Johnstone Mister. LyonsMrs. LyonsAfter completing this kind of exercise, we were then asked to stand at 1 end in the room and were asked various questions. We after that had to move and stand at the term which we all felt w s the answer for the question. Who do you really feel the most sorry pertaining to? For this question the most common answer was Mickey, as obviously he has had a really hard existence. He provides lead a really under fortunate lifestyle with out matter how hard he endeavors he hardly ever seems to receive anywhere. Personally I believed sorry to get Mrs. Lyons, as her want for the baby generated her mental downfall. She let her paranoia get to her a whole lot that she didnt feel safe. Not only this, she was required to hide a big secret via her spouse for many years.

Who may be the most protect? I feel that Mr. Lyons is the most protect as he doesnt know about some of the lies and superstitions which have been created in the play. He also has a good job, residence and a seemingly caring family. He’s oblivious to everything that goes on lurking behind scenes, which in turn perhaps will make him the smallest amount of secure inside the truth, although seems to be one of the most secure in the happiness

Who will be the most successful? I think that either Eddie or Mrs. Lyons is considered the most successful. Eddie is the most successful in an academics manner. He attended a fantastic school, has a good job and it is well taken care of. Mrs Lyons however , is the most successful in happiness and what she wants. This lady has managed to manipulate everyone in to giving her exactly what the lady wants. This kind of unfortunately causes her problem in the end.

Who will be the most clever? Again, In my opinion that the most clever person in this play can be Mrs. Lyons. She is incredibly good at manipulating people, and is very wise at cover stories. She also manages to trick Mrs. Johnstone in to believing within a superstition that she created herself. This can help her to gain a son. She also makes Mrs. Johnstone swear on the bible, knowing she is irrational and struggling to break her word. Who is the smartest? In my opinion Mrs. Johnstone is the wisest as this lady has the most life experience. This lady has had her ups and downs, and has continue to managed to increase 8 children, pretty much by herself, even if she is jobless in reduce class Gatwick. She might not have the greatest intelligence of all the characters, in my opinion I do think she is better than everybody else.

Who is the most deprived? I personally think that Eddie is considered the most deprived in the sense of the fact. He has been brought up all his existence thinking that Mister. and Mrs. Lyons had been his real parents, once actually Mrs. Johnstone is usually his mother. Although Mickey mouse has been starving of materialistic things, Eddie has been deprived of his whole friends and family. He has become living a lie his whole life, which explains why I think he is the most miserable. Family is essential that material goods.

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