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Socratic worldview essay

Of the philosophers I have analyzed, Socrates stands out to me coming from all the rest.

Although I might be the first in line to confess that I have never you want to the time

nor the effort required to consider me a thinker (at least not inside the

sense i imagine the majority of would consider to be the experience of a

philosopher), my viewpoint about life is most closely aligned using what I

appreciate Socrates philosophical beliefs to be. Although there are some

distinct variations in what I consider to be the ultimate meaning in back of life

that i will afterwards address, I believe his ideas on how you should live their

life as the wisest of any philosopher we have analyzed. First, i want to relate

what I understand Socrates philosophy to get. Socrates believed that we every have

a soul.

He thought that we in order to live our life simply by principles, and that these

guidelines should be what is considered to be good. He was persuaded that presently there

were meaningful absolutes, the right and an incorrect, his reason being that in the event that there

werent everything will just be comparative. This seems most logical. Also

according to Socrates, to find which criteria we should live by all of us

should evaluation these standards in true to life situation to verify if they are proper or

wrong. From what I understand, we could to live our lives according to rights and

wrongs in our dealings with others, and our non-public life too. And, this really is

all in so that it will be living according to the dictates of the spirit, if you will

and not by the desires from the flesh.

One of the most interesting ideas Socrates

had, I really believe, were his thoughts regarding the true philosopher. He said

that the accurate philosopher can often be misunderstood simply by other men, that they usually do not

understand that his whole life is a pursuit of death. And, that when death

finally comes he does not meet up with it with dread, good results . the acceptance of

knowning that the spirit is finally to be unencumbered of the human body and all

its evils. The soul will finally meet up with truth away from constraints of an

imperfect human body. He believed that the soul is undead and imperishable. He

assumed that good souls departed to the invisible universe where happiness is

secured and they are free from human folly and mistake, and of all of the problems that

normally plague us.

Bad souls, on the other hand will wander about in misery

paying their fees until they may be reincarnated into a form fitting of their

former nasty ways is obviously. And, even though I do not really believe this kind of view, I appreciate

this for the thought and logic behind it. We am fascinated with the method Socrates can

look beyond the physical, and make reality of the spiritual feature while possessing

no fidelity to any specific god or gods. I am able to agree with his philosophy

regarding living existence in an effort to be good, and cherishing the soul

above the human body, and putting all emphasis on the spirit and not figure.

Although all of us cannot clinically prove that the soul is usually imperishable or perhaps

beyond that, if we even have a heart, but we do know that the person is only

short-term, so it appears logical to set importance on something past the

physical. I think Socrates reasoning at the rear of the evidence of the souls, can be

brilliant whether or not incorrect which I am in no means implying.

His idea of

anamnesis/recollect affaire me. Exactly where would we have any concept of perfection, in the event

not from our souls? Certainly anything through the body or physical has however to show

us any kind of perfection. In the interest of relating to the reader why I do think

Socrates beliefs could lead much to human well being, let me have a

moment to relay my thoughts or philosophy in life. I agree with Socrates

on the stand he makes that absolutely nothing good or perhaps perfect can easily ever come from the

physical. Pleasing the wants of the flesh always brings about only temporary

happiness, and even then it really is questionable if it is a real happiness, or just a

temporary method to obtain satisfaction. Socrates said that the soul is usually where we are able to

know flawlessness, and that the important matters of this life lie in living pertaining to

the development or realization with the soul, which through right development

in the mind in the pursuit of fact, beauty and goodness the goal and

purpose of.

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