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Language and behavior essay

How does Willy Russell use the stage showing that growing up in distinct social classes affects two very similar persons?  Blood Brothers is all about a couple of twins who have are raised together however in different groups of different classes, they increase up as best friends and eventually pass away together just after they identify there brothers. There are two meanings to a blood sibling, firstly there may be nature this means that they are literally blood siblings and share a similar blood, including twins. Subsequently there is nurture which means that the boys changed there blood vessels through a minimize of a friendly relationship.

The two kids are meant to be similar because they are twins but theyre raised in different classes and so they become different. The Johnstones being lower stage and crowded with the viewers shows generally there cramped way of living and that presently there in the functioning class whereas the Lyons on the other hand happen to be upper level and set away from audience to show there space and electricity over the level, which means that they can be in the upper class. Blood Friends is set in Liverpool, during the time the Scousers were socially divided, the bottom classes fought to find careers, and lived in cramped circumstances but more over the upper classes lived in rich, spacious conditions with a good education and well-paid jobs.

Mickey teaches Eddie the F word, when Eddie says this is an offence this individual uses it as one phrase youre they are a fuckoff! which means that he does not understand the meaning. Russell uses ellipses before the term to advise uncertainty from the meaning. The amalgamation with the two terms into the phrase fuckoff likewise implies that he does not understand or determine what it is he can saying. When Eddie response to the policeman after tossing stones by a windowpane and being asked call him by his name, he answers back with Adolph Hitler which signifies that he is copying Mickeys common and impolite language and behavior. This relates back in when Eddie says They are youre a fuckoff and again implies the impact that Mickey mouse has more than Eddie. Mrs Johnstones vocabulary also reflects Mickeys actions and vocabulary, and her class. Your woman uses slang, swears, and has a lazy, common and rude way of living which suggests she actually is working course.

Within Bloodstream Brothers Mister and Mrs Lyons speak to each other with very formal language, although theyre married they continue to speak well mannered with a very well mannered tone to one another. Darling, Im sorry, Richard, Jennifer, which means that their prestige. When Mrs Lyons foretells Mrs Johnstone however she talks into her and it is very sharp with her words, when ever she does this you can see the ability that the upper class have in the working class. In action 1 women with a rock in the place of her heart cross references to a woman removed mad our company is not sure if this is Mrs Johnstone or Mrs Lyons so this links them together.

When kids Mickey and Eddie will be completely different, Mickey plays chaotic games, uses unsophisticated vocabulary and pretends he has toys nevertheless Eddie on the other hand who is upper class however would venture home and show words in dictionary which he had learnt from Mickey mouse, he uses well mannered, appropriate and polite terminology and had every one of the toys this individual could ever need. When they grow up they become similar and begin acting and using the same language, such as when they were throwing stones through a home window and they are all replying for the police guy after this individual asks their name with Adolph Hitler which suggests that they can both have used the same rude language and behavior.

Eddie goes to a complicated boarding school Ill see you at 50 percent term then, darling and Mickey goes toward a working class, village thorough. However , they are both suspended, plus they are both irritating to their tutor. Mickey answers a question together with the remark seafood fingers and Eddie explains to his instructor you can take a flying have sex with at a rolling doughnut this links them linguistically as well, equally because they both mention food (which is an identification of riches), also because their remarks are both jogtrot, using the notice f that makes them very similar.

When they turn into adults, Eddie soon knows that this individual doesnt like being like Mickey any longer and really wants to be him self.  Russell shows Mrs Johnstones class through her prevalent behavior mainly because she comes over being a person who couldnt care less what folks could think about her or her as well as just gets on with life. Mrs Lyons nevertheless is very well spoken, the lady wants everybody to think of Eddie as a higher class person so your woman does not let him mix with the low class that live at the bottom with the street, which usually shows her class. In act 1 and take action 2 the boys meet up with at similar points, this mirrors the truth that the males are the same- like you will find two serves, there are two of them.

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