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Mexican american conflict and detrimental war term

Revolutionary War, Civil Warfare, American Civil War, Express Destiny

Excerpt from Term Paper:

More specifically, while the Blacks were in reality the tools with the British presence in America and their desires to get freedom were exploited by the Loyalists, when it comes to the Indians, their presence in the Civil War was also linked to their aspire to reshape all their territories. Thus, the solid motivation with the Indians following your war started was to reexamine the boundaries the white colored people experienced imposed about them during the 100 years (Abel, 1992, 2).

A similarity between your presences with the two sides in the two distinctive disputes was the fact that in the end these people were both employed by the main stars of the confrontation in the larger game of victory. Hence, the slaves were applied as part of the real military against the British plus the Loyalists, whilst different Of india tribes were used by 1 side or another in their personal struggle pertaining to victory.

Another issue to be taken into account is the personal motives of the two parts inside their respective arguements. Thus, the blacks wished their liberty from a social system, racism, although Indians desired their flexibility from the critical established boarders that delimited their area and identified their removing from the historical places with their tribes.

Finally, the issue of the eventual outcomes that the participation of the African-Americans in the Ground-breaking war and the Indians in the Civil Warfare had is pertinent for the direction all their faiths might ultimately take. In this sense, the African-Americans suffered greatly from their contribution in the battle (Africans in the us, n. deb. ). As a result of confusion of that time period, many slaves enrolled in the armies with the Loyalists, thinking that they might indeed gave their freedom. However , because the Loyalists lost the war, the slaves which were not given back to their owners were transported as goods in Discovery bay, jamaica, or even Great britain.

The Indians’ fate after the end from the Civil War was more serious than before. Offered the fact that there was simply no unanimous decision of helping one area or another, plus more precisely, the choice to enter the war came as a all-natural and inescapable consequence with the war previously underway, the Indian tribes were the victims in the clashing get-togethers (Grinde, 1984). The regime of the reservation worsened and the pressures to get relocation improved.

Therefore , it is usually pointed out that the involvement of minority groups in wars that would decide the destiny of the nation had unwanted side effects on their traditional condition.


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