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Traffic jam essay

How would you reduce traffic jam in your hometown? Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and my personal hometown. It really is located within the urban limit and is well-equipped with modern day infrastructure. They have many upto-date facilities that caters to the needs of most and manifold. It is also the center of financial and sociable development. Nevertheless , traffic in cities can be described as major problem due to its large inhabitants. Traffic trouble is mainly as a result of individuals venturing for operate, study or perhaps shopping reasons.

This is apparent especially in the run hours we all experience just about every morning and evening. It could be very annoying and annoying when we are trapped in targeted traffic jams pertaining to few hours extended.

As such, in order to reduce traffic congestion, we should consider alternatives just like car-pooling and using open public transport. In the first place, this is true that today the amount of vehicles for the roads in the cities has increased tremendously. Traffic congestion is very prevalent due to the numerous vehicles and lack of highways in metropolitan areas.

Thus, to cut down the traffic inside the cities, car-pooling plays a crucial role. For instance, car-pooling can be carried out through the writing of cars with fellow workers or close friends to travel to places of work or universities instead of driving on their own. Besides, using open public transport is another alternative we have to seriously consider to reduce the number of automobiles on the road.

You can a wide range of community transport available in the towns such as taxi cab, bus, subways and so on. In order to avoid being caught up in traffic jams, public transport is the best option as it is very convenient and cost-effective to everybody in the metropolitan areas. In conclusion, car-pooling and using public travel should be taken into account. Every tiny action on our part can go quite a distance to help reduce traffic congestion in the city. Whatever we all do serves as an example in front of large audiences. If we all get together and make an effort, we are able to make a huge difference. Deleted: which will Comment [TUC1]: rephrase

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