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University athletes must not be exempt from

School Athletes Must not be Exempt from Normal Class-Attendance Thesis Statement: School athletes must not be exempt from typical class-attendance since it is their responsibility to handle their very own work-load, in all respects, just like everybody else. College’s key purpose and goal is always to graduate and receive a degree. Everything else comes second. Pupil athletes whom believe they should be exempt from usual class-attendance are ignorant and lazy those who do not deserve the advantage of playing intercollegiate sporting activities.

Are students who perform especially physically demanding sports just like hockey, football, or soccer going to become more physically and mentally fatigued than those of a non-athlete? Maybe, could be not! Nevertheless they made the conscious decision to invest in a staff and must learn to manage the consequences and sacrifices that proceed including: going to category, showing up on time, attending practices and video games, and maybe possibly not having much of a social lifestyle.


Representing your school’s colors simply by playing a sport in college is a superb accomplishment that shows dedication and perseverance.

It also improves the character and discipline that are both essential components through the entire rest of your life. That being said, college or university athletes need to have a firm understanding of priority. They must be able to understand the importance with their education in the importance of all their athletic professions. An education must always come first and foremost, simply no exceptions.

Collegiate sports tend to be added to a pedestal, especially for individuals athletes fortunate enough to receive scholarships for their talents even though playing a sport in college or university is nothing more than a glorified, recreational activity. One must always remember that having a solid education is usually something that will stay with you throughout your life, although playing a sport is only going to last a few years after college for anyone who is lucky. Sources

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