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Andy warhol essay thesis

Andy Warhol Created Andrew Warhol on Aug 6, 1928 in the associated with Pittsburgh, Pa, Andy Whorls parents had been Slovakian immigrants. His daddy, Indore Warhol, was a construction worker wonderful mother, Julia Warhol, was an embroiderer. They were devout Catholics whom attended mass regularly, and maintained much of their Slovakian culture and heritage. When justin was 8, Warhol was identified as having Chorea an unusual and sometimes fatal disease with the nervous program that kept him sick and tired for several weeks.

It was over these months, although Warhol was sick in bed, that his mother, herself a skillful artist, provided him his first attracting lessons. This individual passed away about February twenty two, 1987. Warhol attended Sherlock holmes Elementary school and took the free artwork classes offered at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh. Warhol began for Sciences High school graduation, and upon graduating, 66 years ago, he enrollment at the Carnegie Institute to get Technology to study pictorial design and style. When he managed to graduate with his bachelor in art he moved to new York. h portrait untitled from Marilyn Monroe is actually Just a photo of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn is a good example of the good evolution of Whorls goal of removing signs of the artists palm from the production process. brills boxesWarhol presented the viewers with precise replicas of commonly used products found in homes and supermarkets. self portraitWhorls self portraits that this individual created throughout his profession reveal a fundamental theme of efficiency. By using repeated images, every slightly different to another, Warhol produces the impression of movement.

Andy Warhol was obviously a strange person and that was his present that helped bring us a new way of looking at the things, people, the world. He took common things that we were so used to that we all didnt really notice them and coming from his unusual perspective made them new and interesting and artwork. His mother influenced him to become a great artist mainly because when he caught his condition she was your one who taught him how to draw when he was understructure sick. The first art work of Marilyn Monroe, made me feel like it was true about how precisely when the girl first acquired passed away everybody was devastated.

That they cried these people were sad. He was very successful communicating his message. The other painting of Brills Containers, it honestly Just looks like carriages. Their nasty and I dont find out why supermarkets would ever before have them. This individual did succeed delivering his message. The past painting of himself, his self symbol was sort of creepy. He might think of himself in a different way however in my perspective I didnt like that piece of art

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