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Oedipus and death of the essay

Death Of any Salesman, Oedipus The California king, King Arthur, Arthur Miller

Excerpt from Composition:

my spouse and i. 148-9) his actions will cause, Oedipus sits in oblivion. He will not listen to his wife and brazenly explains to her, “I will not listen closely; the truth should be made known” (II. 3. 146). Iocaste morphs coming from being Oedipus’ wife to his adversary because she is speaking words he does not want to know. He tells her:

The Queen, just like a woman, is perhaps ashamed

To think about my low origin. Although I

I am a child of luck; I cannot be dishonored…

How could If only that I had been someone else?

How can I certainly not be happy to know my personal birth? (II. iii. 159-60, 164-5)

Oedipus’ bad decision begins with arrogance and ends with isolation.

Like Oedipus, Willy makes poor choices. He can blind like Oedipus as they does not observe things because they actually are. This individual lives in a fantasy world and explains to himself and his family is based on order to stay within that world. Showing and thinking lies regarding himself is simpler than admitting there is a difficulty and carrying out something about it. After years of simply no success in his work, he thinks he can “knock Howard to get a loop” (Miller II. 1070-1) and “get an enhance, and I will come home with a brand new York job” (II. 1071). Oedipus works enough to allow himself to fall sufferer to his arrogance and selfish way of thinking. Willy, nevertheless , is residing in a dream globe as a means of surviving in the rat race. He does not have what it takes to muster but he will not know what otherwise to do. Willy and Oedipus only help to make things harder for themselves. Willy does not acknowledge to making any kind of mistakes so he does not have to change them. Even though it comes to requesting Charley for cash, Willy can be refusing to change his your life. He would alternatively ask for that loan than help Charley. Willy is browsing his own way throughout most of the play and, contrary to Oedipus, he does not know his blunder.

Oedipus and Death of your Salesman signify the basic frailties of person in two vastly diverse societies. What we should realize with the two mentioned here men can be how the human race does not truly change much over time. We come across how society changes together with the advent of technology and moral codes however the human race runs with the same motives in spite of clocks or perhaps calendars. Oedipus and Willy are two men that want the truth: one desperately desires it even though the other is running coming from it. Both men will be blinded due to what they want. They demonstrate how little we change – even when we think we have progressed to the level of close to perfection.

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