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Elena stirred, then opened up heavy eyelids. Light was showing throughout the edges from the curtains. Your woman found it tough to move, therefore she put there on her bed and tried to patch together what experienced happened yesterday.

Damon. Damon got come here and threatened Margaret. And so Elena had gone to him. He’d won.

But why had not he finished it? Elena lifted a languid side to feel the side of her throat, already knowing what she would get. Yes, there they were: two small punctures that were tender and sensitive to pressure.

Yet the lady was still alive. He’d ceased short of carrying out his assurance. Why?

Her memories from the last several hours were mixed up and fuzzy. Only fragmented phrases were clear. Damon’s eyes looking straight down at her, filling her whole globe. The sharpened sting for her throat. And, later on, Damon starting his clothing, Damon’s blood welling from being a mere cut in his neck.

However made her drink his blood then simply. Ifmade was your right term. She didn’t remember putting up any kind of resistance or perhaps feeling virtually any revulsion. At that time, she got wanted it.

But your woman wasn’t lifeless, or even significantly weakened. He hadn’t built her in a vampire. And that was what she could not understand.

He has no probe and no conscience, she told herself. So it certainly was not mercy that stopped him. He almost certainly just desires to draw the game out, make you suffer more before this individual kills you. Or maybe he wants you to be like Vickie, with one particular foot inside the shadow universe and one out of the light. Heading slowly angry that way.

Something was sure: she more than likely be tricked into thinking it was kindness on his portion. Damon wasn’t capable of kindness. Or perhaps of taking care of anybody yet himself.

Pressing the quilts back, the lady rose from your bed. She could notice Aunt Judith moving around inside the hallway. It was Monday morning and she had to prepare yourself to go to university.

Dear Diary

It’s no real pretending Now i’m not anxious, because We am. Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, and Founders’ Time is 2 days after that. And I still haven’t figured out a way to stop Caroline and Tyler.

I how to start what to do. Basically can’t obtain my diary back coming from Caroline, she is going to read it in front of everyone. She’ll include a perfect opportunity, she’s among the three elderly people chosen to read poetry throughout the closing ceremonies. Chosen by school board, of which Tyler’s father is known as a member, I would add. My spouse and i wonder what he’ll think when this really is all over?

But what difference would it make? Until I can develop a plan, the moment this is around I’ll be past caring. And Stefan will be gone, be used up of community by the good citizens of Fell’s Cathedral. Or dead, if he doesn’t find some of his Powers again. And if this individual dies, I am going to die too. It’s that easy.

Which means I can find a way to get the diary. I must.

But I actually can’t.

I understand, you’re expecting me to say it. We have a way to get my personal diary , Damon’s method. All I need to do is definitely agree to his price.

Nevertheless, you don’t understand just how much that frightens me. Not merely because Damon frightens myself, but mainly because I’m scared of what will happen in the event that he and i also are together again. Now i am afraid of what will happen to me, and to myself and Stefan.

I won’t be able to talk about this any more. Really too upsetting. I feel and so confused and lost and alone. There’s nobody I could turn to or talk to. Nobody who may also understand.

What am I doing?

November 28, Thursday, 14: 30p. meters.

Dear Journal

Things seem to be clearer today, maybe since I’ve make a decision. It’s a decision that terrifies me, although it’s much better than the only substitute I can thinkof.

I’m going to notify Stefan anything.

It’s the simply thing I will do today. Founders’ Day is Weekend and I haven’t come up with any kind of plan of my own. But on the other hand Stefan can, if this individual realizes just how desperate the situation is. I am going over to spend the day at the boarding house tomorrow, then when I make it happen I’m going to simply tell him everything I will have told him in the first place.

Everything. About Damon, also.

Oh, I’m scared. My own stomach is churning. I really could barely feel Thanksgiving dinner , and i also can’t maintain still I feel as if I might fly apart into a million pieces. Get to sleep tonight? Ha.

Please allow Stefan figure out. Please let him forgive me.

The funniest thing is, I wanted becoming a better person for him. I wanted to get worthy of his love. Stefan has these ideas about honor, about what’s correct and wrong. And now, when he finds out how I’ve been laying to him, what will he think of me personally? Will he believe me personally, that I was only planning to protect him? Will this individual ever keep in mind that again?

Down the road I’ll find out. Oh, Our god, I wish it were previously over. We don’t know just how I’ll live until in that case.

Elena tucked out of the house with no telling Great aunt Judith in which she was going. The lady was tired of lies, yet she did not want to handle the talk there will inevitably end up being if she said your woman was going to Stefan’s. Ever since Damon had come to meal, Aunt Judith had been talking about him, tossing subtle and not-so-subtle suggestions into every conversation. And Robert was almost because bad. Elena sometimes believed he egged Aunt Judith on.

The girl leaned within the doorbell of the boarding residence wearily. Where was Mrs. Flowers today? When the door finally exposed, Stefan was behind it.

Having been dressed intended for outdoors, his jacket collar turned up. “I thought we’re able to go for a walk, ” this individual said.

“No. ” Elena was organization. She could hardly manage a real smile to get him, so she ceased trying. The girl said, “Let’s go 2nd floor, Stefan, okay? There’s some thing we need to speak about. “

This individual looked at her a moment in surprise. Anything must have displayed in her face, intended for his appearance gradually stilled and darkened. He took a deep breath and nodded. Without a word, he turned and led the way to his space.

The trunks and dressers and bookcases had long since recently been put back in to order, of course. But Elena felt as though she was actually noticing this kind of for the first time. For whatever reason, she thought of the very first night she’d been here, when Stefan experienced saved her from Tyler’s disgusting adopt. Her eye ran over the objects within the dresser: the fifteenth century gold florins, the ivory-hiked dagger, the tiny iron coffer with the hinged lid. She would tried to open up that the initial night and he’d reprehended the cover down.

The girl turned. Stefan was standing by the windows, outlined by the rectangle of gray and dismal sky. Every day recently had been wintry and misty, and this was not a exception. Stefan’s expression shown the weather exterior.

“Well, inches he stated quietly, “what do we have to talk about? inches

There was one last moment of choice, after which Elena dedicated herself. She stretched out a hand for the small straightener coffer and opened it.

Inside, a period of apricot cotton shone with muted luster. Her hair ribbon. This reminded her of summertime, of

“About this, inches she explained.

He had used a step forward when ever she carressed the coffer, but now this individual looked confused and astonished. “Aboutthat? inch

“Yes. Mainly because I knew it was there, Stefan. I found this a long time ago, eventually when you remaining the room for some minutes. I don’t know how come I had to be aware of what was in there, but My spouse and i couldn’t help it. So I located the bow. And then, ” She stopped and braced very little. “Then My spouse and i wrote about this in my journal. “

Stefan was looking more and more bewildered, as if this did not include at all what he’d been expecting. Elena groped for the best words.

“I wrote about it because I thought it was proof that you’d cared regarding me every along, enough to pick up and keep that. I hardly ever thought it could be evidence of everything else. “

In that case, suddenly, she was speaking quickly. She told him about currently taking her journal to Bonnie’s house, about how exactly it had been taken. She informed him about getting the paperwork, about seeing that Caroline was your one who was sending all of them. And then, turning away, pulling the summer-colored silk over and over through her nervous fingertips, she informed him about Caroline and Tyler’s program.

Her voice almost gave out by the end. “I’ve recently been so anxious since then, ” she whispered, her eye still around the ribbon. “Scared that you’d be angry with me. Scared of what they’re going to perform. Just worried. I tried to get the record back, Stefan, I even went to Caroline’s house. Nevertheless she has that too very well hidden.

And I’ve thought and thought, yet I won’t be able to think of in whatever way of preventing her by reading this. ” Now she looked up at him. “I’m sorry. “

“You should be! inch he explained, startling her with his vehemence. She felt the blood drain from her face. Nevertheless Stefan was actually going on. “You must be sorry to help keep something like that from myself when I could have helped you. Elena, for what reason didn’t you justtell myself? “

“Because it’s my fault. And I had a dream, ” The girl tried to identify how he previously looked in the dreams, the bitterness, the accusation in his eyes. “I think I would die if you really looked at me because of this, ” your woman concluded miserably.

But Stefan’s expression as he looked at her now was obviously a combination of alleviation and ponder. “So that’s it, ” he stated, almost within a whisper him self. “That’s precisely been disturbing you. inch

Elena exposed her mouth area, but he was still speaking. “I understood something was wrong, I knew you were holding some thing back. Nevertheless I thought, ” He shook “his head and a skewed smile tugged at his lips. “It doesn’t subject now. We didn’t need to invade your personal privacy. I failed to even desire to ask. And everything the time you were concerned with protectingme. inch

Elena’s tongue was stuck to the roofing of her mouth. The text seemed to be caught, too. There’s more, she thought, but she could hardly say that, not when Stefan’s eyes looked like that, not when ever his entire face was alight that way.

“When you said all of us needed to speak today, I think you’d changed your mind regarding me, inches he stated simply, devoid of self-pity. “And I wouldn’t have blamed you. Nevertheless instead, ” He shook his mind again. “Elena, ” he said.

That felt so great to be right now there, so right. She we hadn’t even noticed how incorrect things have been between them up to now, when the wrongness had disappeared. This was what she kept in mind, what she had sensed that initial glorious evening when Stefan had placed her. All of the sweetness and tenderness on the globe surging together. She was home, in which she belonged. Where she’d always belong.

Everything else was forgotten.

As she had in the beginning, Elena felt as though she could almost examine Stefan’s thoughts. They were connected, a part of the other person. Their minds beat towards the same rhythm.

Only one issue was needed to make it complete. Elena knew that, and the girl tossed her hair backside, reaching coming from behind to pull it away from the side of her neck of the guitar. And this period Stefan did not protest or thwart her. Instead of refusal he was symbolizing a profound acceptance , and a deep require.

Feelings of love, of delight, of appreciation overwhelmed her and with incredulous joy your woman realized the feelings were his. For a minute, she sensed herself through his sight, and inquired about how much this individual cared for her. It might have already been frightening in the event that she had not had the same depth of feeling to give back to him.

She experienced no discomfort as the teeth pierced her neck. And it failed to even happen to her that she got unthinkingly provided him the unmarked part , although the wounds Damon had still left were recovered already.

The lady clung to him if he tried to lift his brain. He was adamant, though, including last the lady had to let him do it. Still holding her, he groped over onto the dresser for the wicked ivory-handled blade and with a single quick movement he allow his individual blood flow.

When ever Elena’s knees grew poor, he seated her on the bed. And then they just organised each other, unacquainted with time or perhaps anything else. Elena felt that only she and Stefan persisted.

“I take pleasure in you, ” he stated softly.

At first Elena, in her enjoyable haze, merely accepted the words. Then, having a chill of sweetness, the girl realized what he’d stated.

Heloved her. She’d known it all along, but he had never explained it before.

“I take pleasure in you, Stefan, ” the girl whispered back again. She was surprised if he shifted and pulled away slightly, until she found what having been doing. Attaining inside his sweater, this individual drew your chain he had worn about his neck ever since the lady had known him. On the chain was a gold ring, exquisitely crafted, established with lapis lazuli.

Katherine’s ring. Because Elena watched, he took the chain off and unclasped it, removing the delicate glowing band.

“When Katherine passed away, ” this individual said, “I thought I possibly could never appreciate anyone else. Although I knew she’d have desired me to, I was sure it could never happen. Although I was wrong. ” He hesitated a flash and then continued.

“I retained the engagement ring because it was obviously a symbol of her. Therefore i could keep her in my cardiovascular. But now I’d prefer it to be a symbol of something else. inch Again he hesitated, appearing almost scared to meet her eyes. “Considering the

and after that gave up, his eyes meeting hers mutely.

Elena could hardly speak. The lady couldn’t actually breathe. Nevertheless Stefan misunderstood her quiet. The expect in his sight died and he switched away.

“You’re right, ” he explained. “It’s every impossible. You will discover just too many troubles , because of me. As a result of what I are. Nobody just like you should be tied to someone like me. I should not even have advised it , “

“Stefan! ” explained Elena. “Stefan, if you can quiet a flash , inch

” , so merely forget My spouse and i said anything at all , inches

“Stefan! inches she said. “Stefan, look at me. inch

Slowly, he obeyed, turning back. This individual looked into her eyes, and the bitter self-condemnation faded from his deal with, to be substituted by a seem that manufactured her drop her breath of air again. After that, still gradually, he got the palm she was holding out. Purposely, as they the two watched, this individual slipped the ring upon her finger.

It match as if it was made for her. The precious metal glinted highly in the light, and the lapis shone a deep radiant blue like a clear lake surrounded by unmarked snow.

“We’ll have to keep this a top secret for a while, inch she explained, hearing the tremor in her tone of voice.

“Aunt Judith will have a proper if your woman knows I am just engaged prior to I graduate. But We will be eighteen up coming summer, after which she won’t be able to stop all of us. “

“Elena, are you sure this is what you want? It will not be easy living with me. I’ll often be different from you, no matter how My spouse and i try. If you ever want to modify your mind, “

“As long as you may love myself, I’ll never change my mind. “

He took her in his forearms again, and peace and contentment enfolded her. Nevertheless there was continue to one dread that gnawed at the edges of her consciousness.

“Stefan, about another day , if Caroline and Tyler carry out their program, it won’t subject if I modify my mind or not. inches

“Then we will just have to be sure they can’t carry it out. If Bonnie and Meredith may help me, I do think I can discover a way to get the diary from Caroline. But even if I can’t, I’m not going to run. I won’t leave you, Elena, I’m going to stay and combat. “

“But they’ll injure you. Stefan, I dislike that. inches

“And My spouse and i can’t make you. That’s settled. Let me bother about the rest of it, I’ll discover a way. And if My spouse and i don’t, well, no matter what I’ll stay with you. We’ll be together. “

“We’ll be together, ” Elena repeated, and relaxed her go on his shoulder, happy to prevent thinking for quite some time and justbe.

Dear Record

It’s late but We couldn’t rest. I don’t seem to need as much sleep as I used to.

Well, tomorrow’s the morning.

We spoke to Bonnie and Meredith tonight. Stefan’s plan is definitely simplicity itself. The thing is, no matter where Caroline features hidden the diary, this lady has to bring it tomorrow to adopt it with her. Nevertheless our psychic readings are the very last thing on the agenda, and she gets to be inside the parade and everything first. She’ll have to stash the diary somewhere during that time. So if we watch her from the small she leaves her home until the lady gets through to stage, we should be able to observe where the girl puts it straight down. And since your woman doesn’t actually know we are going to suspicious, the lady won’t be on guard.

Gowns when we get it.

The reason the program will work is because everyone inside the program will probably be in period dress. Mrs. Grimesby, the librarian, can help us placed on our 19th century garments before the parade, and we can not be wearing or perhaps carrying whatever that’s not section of the costume. Zero purses, no backpacks. No diaries! Caroline will have to leave it behind eventually.

We’re taking turns watching her. Bonnie is going to wait around outside her house to see what Caroline’s carrying the moment she leaves. I’ll view her the moment she gets dressed by Mrs. Grimesby’s house. In that case, while the parade is going upon, Stefan and Meredith can break into the house , or the Forbes’ car, if that’s in which it is , and do their particular stuff.

I don’t see how it can are unsuccessful. And I cannot tell you how much better I feel. It’s so excellent just to manage to share this problem with Stefan. I’ve discovered my lessons, I’ll hardly ever keep items from him again.

I’m using my band tomorrow. If perhaps Mrs. Grimesby asks me about it, Items tell her really even older than 19th 100 years, it’s from Renaissance Italia. I’d like to observe her encounter when I say that.

I’d better try to get a lot of sleep at this point. I hope I actually don’t wish.

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