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Causes and solutions to pronunciation problems12008815x, So Hee Kim Hong kong is one of the most preferred places for international business in Asia Pacific cycles, and is progressively more so. The natural way business English skills is becoming increasingly significant. Business British skills could be categorized in to three different parts.

These parts are producing, presentation and communication. All are equally important, yet this article will concentrate more in commuicaition. To become be more certain, it will concentrate on pronunciation.

Pertaining to, when I first found hongkong, I realized that someones grammer and vocabulary can be quiet very good, but it is sometimes hard to know them because of their pronunciation. Because relatively various other aspects are very good, I think that hong kong can enhance their competitiveness running a business English by focusing on this kind of aspect. So , the following will handle the objective of the essay, the reasons for the incorrect pronunciation plus the solutions. The objective is to check into how hk people is capable of an ‘acceptable’ pronunciation.

A suitable pronunciation is usually ‘ a pronunciation when ever other people can easily understand what he says as well as the speaker’s British is pleasant to listen to, in other words, the loudspeaker is pleasantly intelligible. ‘ (James, 2010) To be short, the pronunciation doesn’t have being like a indigenous speaker nevertheless just have to become understood easily. There are handful of factors leading to the trouble of pronunciation in hong kong, despite the early age the children begin to learn English. One is the influence of their mother tongue. And the other is a way how pronunciation can be taught in schools. Candice, 2006) There are lots of studies that proves that the first vocabulary have a profound have an effect on on learning the second dialect (Carter, 2001). In hk, their 1st language can be Cantonese. And differences in phonology between Cantonese and English language. First, unlike English, Cantonese is logographic. Because they will learn all their mother tongue in a logographic approach, they might apply the same way when ever learning English. That is, they may learn apply visual recognition technique when learning English words rather than applying the phonetic evaluation method.

And this can decrease the ability to website link letters and phonemes, which will affect all their pronunciation. Also there are variations in the languages syllable framework, sound inventory and prosodic patterns. (Catherine, 2002) Nevertheless the more important problem is the insignificant emphasis placed on pronunciation teaching. For these kinds of challenges can be conquer with a good program. First, instructors should simplify the differences among English and Cantonese phonological systems.

In a study, a research(Candice, 2006) was done to students of hong kong to discover where the most typical pronunciation problems occur and the reason behind this kind of. The research confirmed that most of such problems occurred, because the college students did not include a clear thought of the differences between your two sound systems. For example , the /l/ sound in Cantonese can not be found in a word-final placement. So a lot of the students inside the research had a tendency to not spell out the /l/ when ever pronouncing ‘will’. Learning phonics in an suitable method is important too.

Phonics is teaching examining by schooling beginners to associate albhabets with their sound values. Simply by learning phonics students will be able to read and pronounce effectively. Recently in primary colleges in hk, phonics has turned into a major component of the British language programs. But there still appears to be a lot of limitation with regards to this. The most pressing difficulty regarding this issue, is that the expertise base for teaching phonics is not really established. Hence the teachers will need to work on finding a clear strategy for educating phonics in secondary language contexts.

For instance , in a analyze the investigator suggested implementing awareness increasing activities to get phonics learning. (paul, 2008) This means raising student’s recognition to the basic sensitivity to sound-spelling correspondence. This will enhance their ability to recognize and assume, speculate suppose, imagine the specific human relationships themselves. This will likely lead to improved productivity of college students in appearing out a brand new word via it’s punctuational or spelling a word from it’s pronunciation. Also, professors should utilize today’s technology.

For example , there are so many great computer system for improving proficiency in english pronunciation today. The talent of employing computer software is the fact it permits student to repeatedly tune in to what they want, that help them to learn at anytime, everywhere. And by motivating them to work with these devices in their daily lives, they can help pupils develop independency in learning pronunciation. Pronunciations in English is important, in peoples’ daily lives and also in operation society. Poor pronunciation may have a negative impression and also create prejudice up against the person. saylor) So , so as to have a good connection skills in the industry world, having an ‘acceptable’ pronunciation is known as a necessity. The main cause for pronunciation problems in hongkong can be obtained from the huge big difference between all their mother tounge and English language. But by making use of an effective British education program it is not a problem that could certainly not be get over.. As foreign business in increasing in hong kong, defeating this weak point will have wonderful effect on the nation’s competitiveness as the center pertaining to global businesses.

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