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Wal-Mart and Nordstrom are very well known businesses and founded brands outlined on Bundle of money 500 list. Wal-Mart provides almost all requires of the customers via grocery to clothing although Nordstrom operates in fashion retainging industry. This keeps collection of more than five-hundred brands in the store.


Wal-Mart is the most significant retailer in the us. These lower price stores became part of American’s life in 1960s. At the moment it is with 15 countries, it utilizes more than 1 ) 8 , 000, 000 associates globally. The number of retailers is nearly 6th, 500 stores and acts more than 176 million consumers per week.

The “most adored retailer” relating to GOOD FORTUNE magazine just completed one of the best years in its history: Wal-Mart generated more than $312. some billion in global revenue in the money year finished January 23, 2006, building a new record and an increase of 9. 5 percent. The corporation earned practically $11. a couple of billion in net income in fiscal 2005.[1]

Wal-Mart went through considerable changes throughout the year 2003-04. Wal-Mart experienced increased the advertising budget by simply $434 , 000, 000 between 2003 and 2004.

The objective of Wal-Mart has been to provide good careers, good functions, and residents and do very good investments in 2004. The perspective of Wal-Mart has always been to supply customer every product with the lowest price. Wal-Mart focused on expense cutting by its strategy on the products mix and various procedures. It used its data source for buyer and necessity analysis. This kind of helped it to understand the necessity pattern of various products and helped in products on hand management to make products obtainable when customer wanted that most.

The marketing actions revolve around the equation

People+ Price+ Product=Value.

Company’s promotional strategies are generally not limited to a certain source. Business has applied all the classic and modern day channels to achieve its client with its finest offers. Wal-Mart adopts simple price advertising strategy in its strategies. It is website is definitely colorful appealing and exhibits various products and offers in each of its web site. Wal-Mart uses billboards and signboards that happen to be placed on the public places and the places with excessive visibilities. The pamphlets and print materials are used for at side a store promotion and outside the stores.


It is one of the most significant fashion retailers in US. Its total annual revenue is $7, 722. 9 mil. It is rated 8th inside the general merchandiser group of fortune 500 corporations.

“Today, Nordstrom has grown from downtown Seattle shoe store into a across the country fashion specialised chain with renowned solutions, generous size ranges and a selection of the best possible apparel, shoes and equipment for the entire family members. The company’s viewpoint has remained unchanged for more than a century since its institution by John W. Nordstrom in 1901: provide the customer the perfect service, collection, quality and value. 

This claims to provide brand name clothes in the best minimum prizes. It adopts numerous promotional methods for the campaign of their store. These strategies incorporate electronic moderate such as internet and pcs, events and programs and printed supplies. Events just like designer outfits events, on hand beauty incidents, sales incidents and many others. The internet presence from the Nordstrom’s site is beautiful. It also could be a platform pertaining to the marketing strategies.

Currently $ a few shipping plan is going with this website. Its web site has different attractive pictures creating interest about the items as well as self promotion of the company. It has its own e-catalogue which list all it is product and accessories pertaining to the information and shopping goal.

Each of the business uses nearly all kind of advertising tools to get to their goal consumers and also other stake cases. The use of website pages in both the cases has become different with similar goal of getting consumer and selling. Even so the e-catalogue of Nordstrom and images used in the web site is more urban and appealing. Wal-mart tries to attract mass and it is evident from its internet site presentation. Nordstrom conducts numerous events among its most critical promotional strategies.


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