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This portrait is a self portrait of Frida Kahlo, in two split personas. The Two Fridas was made in 1939. It is oil on canvas, position at a height of 581/2 square. It is suspending in the Pinacoteca de Arte, in South america City. There are two Fridas, sitting in adjacent chairs and holding hands, staring backside at the viewer. The two Fridas are resting on a green weaved counter on a brownish smooth ground, and to their rear is a portrait of blue and gray skies on a wall membrane.

One particular Frida has on a native Indian personalized (a tehuana skirt) and a shirt. The jumper is blue with a precious metal trim, and the skirt can be green with a white teach. This Frida is keeping a little portrait of a man. At first glance the small portrait appears like a pin number or a big button, right up until one gets a closer view it. The different Frida is definitely dressed in a white European long, design dress, with flower adornments at the end in the skirt.

The two Fridas are connected to each other by a joint circulatory system using their hearts exposed. The cardiovascular of the Frida in white-colored is slice and split open. The artery that connects both the Fridas can be severed. The Frida in the white Euro Victorian dress holds a surgical clamp and appears to have snipped the blood stream to her, hence one can discover blood dripping over her lap developing a pool of bloodstream. The cardiovascular of the Philippine Frida is definitely fully unchanged and appears to be feeding away blood in the Victorian Frida. Both Fridas have their locks braided and pulled upwards, this hairstyle typifying a true Frida hairstyle. They have red positive cheeks as well as the long thicker eyebrows that can come together within a concave kind.


Frida uses different colors to convey the communication she is aiming to put across to her audiences. There is a use of earthly shades in the apparel of the Philippine Frida to convey her cultural background. The other Fridas dress is all white, with reddish flower flowers upon it. There is a repeating of light strokes of green in the thrashing sky, and as you arrive closer to the chair this gets less heavy and more obvious, and then it changes to goldish green color on the blouse of the Philippine Frida. Whenever you view the painting at first, you get more focused in for the European Frida, because the utilization of light is targeted in onto her, I guess to exhibit that the girl with of European heritage. The Mexican Frida, has a deeper complexion, because there is no lumination hitting her, thus offerring her Mexican roots. The girl uses red colorization for the heart, vein, and the pool area of blood, to reveal the inflammation of them. There is a use of unanimity in this piece of art. All the objects in this portrait come together to share a specific communication being put forth by Frida. By looking at this painting, a single might consider it being well balanced, but in actual form it truly is asymmetrically well-balanced. The wall structure in the again is accented by the heads of the two Fridas. This provides the focus in the painting, the visible hearts.


The artists interpretation of her work reflects a tragic time in her life, once she was separated coming from her husband Diego. The 2 women indicate her two backgrounds, the European and Mexican history. The Philippine Frida nourishing off the bloodstream from the Victorian Frida, is a symbol of how Frida Khalo was really proud of her Mexican background and wanted to retain hold on this, thus it had to destroy off the Euro side away her.

My comprehension of what I comes from this art work is that, Frida was torn between her two history, but at the same time both helped her get through the challenging times in her lifestyle. But In my opinion from the painting, she acquired more pleasure from being the Philippine Frida, compared to the European Frida. The Mexican Frida in the green blouse represents the part of Frida which was unable to possess children since she was only a (Mexican) young girl, although the green signifies fertility. The European Frida in light symbolizes what she wanted to have, (the life, the enjoyment of having children, and joy with Diego), but couldnt get. For this reason , this Frida is bleeding to loss of life.

The turbulent heavens in the again represents the dark little secrets, her hopes, and everything her dreams, which are concealed the absence of light, which will represents satisfaction. The medical tool, the white Frida is possessing represents the doctors who had been unable to support her include children, or perhaps her desire maybe learning to be a doctor. The pool on her behalf lap, particularly her tummy, represents her inability to acquire children, because her womb has been fractured. And the Mexican Frida holding a picture of Diego, represents the unhappiness she feels from losing him, so the girl holds his picture to remind her of the actual had collectively and the desire of getting him back.


This painting is actually good, and it displays a true Frida Khalo art work. I have viewed a lot of her works of art, and I love her work, but this one caught my eye. This painting was raved among Fridas ideal, and I can easily see why. It has a lot of images and meaning, all related to an episode or event that occurred or was happening at that time the art work was done. Frida was a true splendor, she was never embarrassed to show her extended thick the eyelashes and the darker hairline or upper lip. Either you cherished her or you hated her, and that was who Frida was. Her paintings will certainly continue to live on for centuries to come, and can continue to trigger awe in anyone who views them. Yet , no matter ones perception of her works of art, they cannot fail to captivate every viewers. That was Kahlo.

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