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Current paperwork on art sales dissertation

The sale in the art assortment of the Baronne de Gargon took place, lately in the Balkon Georges Éphémère, and resulted in a total of 230, 990f. ($46, I98). A picture simply by De Neuville, entitled La Passerelle sobre Styring Vendel, a stir scene through the Franco Prussian War, come to the substantial figure of 35, 000f. ($7, 000). Le Sault aux Blesses, by Meters. Edouard Detaille, was bought by Meters. Foinard at the very low value of a few, 1oof. ($1. 02o). The largest price through the day was ninety five, ooof. ($19, 000), which M. Georges Noenschell durch tained a number of five Sweetheart vais tapestries of the Louis XIV. epoch, and tapestries not inside the best state at that. Flemish tapestry with the sixteenth 100 years, re offering Davids success, went to M. Bernheim pertaining to I9, 500f. ($3, 900).. $ In the sale of Queen Mathildes skill collection, the extraordinary price of $22, 000 was paid out by Comte de Camondo for the portrait of your unknown nobleman by a mystery painter from the French school of the eighteenth century.

The painting is a masterpiece, and is also said to have been completely bought years back by the little princess for simply $25. Two paintings by Liepolo, representing the carnival at Venice, were pur chased pertaining to 68, ooof. by Meters. Leroux para Villiers. An additional painting, St Marks Sq in Venice, by Guardi. was bought for 41, ooof. by simply Fran? ois Flameng. The other picture, The Grand Channel at Venice, by the same painter, helped bring 25, ooof. from the Baron Henry sobre Rothschild. A portrait simply by Jean Verspronck brought 3i, ooof. A-tiny portrait of the man with the German institution of the 16th century brought 20, ooof. A family portrait by Vehicle Dyck, The Wife of Snyders, brought 15, o00f.

A picture sale which came about in Christies rooms last week was fruitful of some prices which can be really helpful. They should, moreover, be of unique interest to Americans, for this is norm ally toward the American market which the corresponding photos, or anyway pictures of the kind, ultimately travel. These particular nictures originate from the collection from the late Proper Hon. Charles Seale Hayne, who was a part of Legislative house, a every sonal friend of Mister. Gladstone, and paymaster-general in his administra tion. Raphael, Titian, Velasquez, Veronese, Correg gio, Da Vinci these were a number of the grand oldnames that taken to gether a large group of English language and overseas dealers. The Da Vinci brought X6 1, ’07 1 . To r u e, this could be no selling price for a real Leonardo de uma Vinci, however it was a good enough sum to get a Bernardino Luini. By Primary Fesch through Davenport Bromlev. who pur PORTRAIT OF DAHL By simply Perow chased this operate from the Cardinal, it was considered a Luini. It was Waagen, the author of Art Pieces in Great Britain, who have first believed it a Da Vinci, and later owners have happily agreed with him. Had the large firm assembled at Christies been of the same thoughts and opinions this Virgin and Child would doubtless have brought? io, ooo or more. The last time this appeared by public market the price was f420.

It was at the Elizabeth. H. Lawrence sale, in I892. Raphael, another Virgin and Child, brought via Italy by Mr. Sainford, sold to Mister. Wright of Upton, and bought of him by J. G. Anderton, recognized in the sale of Andertons collection in 1857, the quantity of 1152 5s. Today it has fallen to? 79 i5s. The Titian, a sizable full period of Philip II. of Italy from the assortment of Louis Philippe brought 173 5f. AVeronese of almost precisely the same size, the Death of Procris, was on the level of being bumped down for? 30, but suddenly spurted up to 1315. It w-s painted intended for the Chief Rudolph, shown by him to the Ruler of Spain, and helped bring from This town by Paul Bortaparte. The Correggio, a Reprobate Tormented, went for? 52 iOs. -a third of its last auction price-and the Velasquez, a Ganymede, struggled about 21. Among the Dutch photos everybody was surprised to get a fruit but still life subject matter by De Heem run up to 1630. It was bought by a German dealer. Alternatively, a large Snyders, Dogs Quarreling Over Beef, which twelve years ago helped bring 1o5 in the Earl of Clancartys deal, was right now kniocked straight down at? 62 2s. A set of Hogarths, numbering six, and representing the Harlots Improvement, is also worth note.

The catalogue stated that this is a first series of these themes that Hogarth painted, and they are probably his earliest works. They were bought by Representative Beckford and given by him to a around relation in the purchasing at Hogarths sales the second collection, five that were unfor tunately destroyed by fire at Fonthill. This series helped bring only? 33 I2S.. to At Christies recently a sum of more than? 125, 000 ($625, 000) was understood at a photo sale. A Portrait of the Lady, by simply J. Meters. Nattier, fixed and dated I745, helped bring the best price, Messrs. Colnaghi being the purchasers, in 3, 100 guineas ($i6, 275). For a young lady sitting down reading a letter, by simply G. Lerburg, Messrs. Agnew paid I, 300 guineas ($6, 825). The family portrait of Female Comte, simply by J. Hoppner, R. A., was bought by Mister. Wertheimer to get 520 guineas ($2, 730). The face of Master Hay, later Captain Hay, by Sir H. Raeburn, R. A., went to Mister. Lawrie pertaining to 700 guineas ($3, I7. 5). As well as the Head of a Girl, a great oval, by simply Watteau, helped bring 500 guineas ($2, 625), the buyer being Meters. Coureau.

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