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The acceptibility of coconut shell because an art

The Acceptability of pulverized coconut shell (Cocos Nucifera) since an art daily news BACKGROUND IN THE STUDY The world today is faced with a large number of problems. One major problem is definitely the depletion of natural assets. Trees, for example , are cut out because they are used in producing different products such as documents. This will branch out to a large number of problems like global warming. From this research, coconut shell (Cocos nucifera) will probably be tested to verify if it can be used as a substitute in making fine art paper. All of us chose to make a research about paper as its demand is usually high.

Paperwork are trusted everyday. This research will probably be conducted within the campus of BHC. Through this research project, research workers will make various proportions of pulverized covers. Researchers uses starch with 20 ml water to put the supplies together. This kind of liquid focus will be the dependent changing. Researchers is likely to make their independent variable in three diverse proportions. 75g powdered coconut shell and 25 g shredded aged newspaper, 50g powdered coconut shell and 50g shredded old paper, 25g powdered coconut shell and 75g shredded old newspaper.

This will help us to check the strength of the art paper especially art paperwork used since corkboards. All of us chose to use coconut cover because of its large durability and because it is the most versatile part of the part of the coconut. This will help all of us in guarding our nature and at the same time, the product will be more affordable since the materials used happen to be cheaper. Coconut shell (Cocos nucifera) is the most versatile section of the coconut. The shell is inorganic in nature, this will help make the product eco-friendly. STATEMENT WITH THE PROBLEM

The researcher should study on the acceptability from the pulverized coconut shell because an art daily news. Specifically, that aims to answer the following concerns: 1 . How will the use of pulverized coconut cover affect the a. Durability of the paper? b. Color of the paper? c. Texture with the paper? deb. Thickness of the paper? 2 . What will always be the effect of the pulverized coconut shell around the art documents in terms of: a. Durability of the paper? b. Color of the paper? c. Texture in the paper? m. Thickness of the paper? 3. Are there significant differences involving the product and any business art newspaper in terms of: a.

Durability of the paper? w. Color of the paper? c. Texture in the paper? d. Thickness with the paper? SPECULATION 1 . The use of pulverized coconut shell as an alternative material in making art daily news will not impact the color, strength and consistency of the art paper. installment payments on your There is no effect on the color, toughness and feel of the skill paper once pulverized coconut shell is used. 3. You cannot find any significant difference between your product and any commercial art paper. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION The research focuses on making art conventional paper form pulverized coconut covering.

The study should look for substitute material in making art conventional paper to decrease the cutting of trees wherever papers originate from. The study will probably be conducted within the campus of BHC. The selection of respondents are just limited to kids, specifically, pupils who are wide users of fine art paper. This study will be conducted via June 2010 until March 2011. The study will not offer a answer for the excessive trimming of trees and shrubs. It will just help decrease the chance of such activities. This study is merely an try things out to test in the event that pulverized coconut shell can be use as an alternative material for making art conventional paper.

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