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Art gallery review essay

Through the visit with the Cultural Disciplines Center by Glen Allen of Va, I discovered a piece of art work that I was fascinated with. This kind of artwork was Immortal Normal water which had been painted by simply Richard Stodart who was just lately residing in Virginia. The main media used by Stodart in portrait the artwork was polymer paints. This piece of art was only one out of four paintings that produced the collection referred to as The 4 Immortals Flames, Air, Normal water, and The planet. Set in the center of the operate was a green turtle while using shell with the reptile facing the audience. The horizon between land and water divided the art into equivalent halves.

Around the shell from the turtle was obviously a geometric design with a number of circles overlapping each other. Below the turtle was obviously a white free aristocrat slots blooming in the midst of a pond painted with all the same shade of green as that of the reptile. Surrounding the lotus flower were numerous large lotus leaves floating on the surface from the water. Stodart painted the backdrop of the artwork with a great ashy and creamy color which in contrast with the dominating color of green. The overall composition of the art was symmetrical and well balanced with the main subject and also the lotus flower placed in the center in the painting.

Major point of the whole painting began together with the turtle as the eye gradually moved downward right up until reaching the white-colored lotus flower which in turn had been identified as the source of light for the piece. Circular shapes were a major component of the artwork beginning with the shell from the turtle plus the geometric groups on the layer. The free aristocrat slots leaves were also painted with oval shapes. In order to be contributory with the idea of the circles, Rich Stodart colored the ashy background from the artwork with circular comb strokes that have been apparent towards the eyes.

The painting generally conveyed a sense of unity with all the green color scheme I addition with the trusted circular shapes. Richard Stodart explored the idea of immortality in the painting of Immortal Water. He was in a position to portray the idea of immortality using the representational image of the turtle which has been a kind of creature that got commonly been associated with living an underworld life. The motif from the lotus flower on the other hand was a manifestation of enlightenment and a harmonious relationship. In the religion of Yoga, a lotus flower could indicate the attainment of knowledge as one come to the state of total enlightenment.

This combined with the notion of immortality, Stodart suggested the view outside the window that knowledge and enlightenment led to the formation of kinds immortal soul as his spirit became eternal with him getting enlightened. The motif of water also amplified the concept as normal water was typically perceived in mythical stories to be the resource that gave rise to immortality just like the story associated with the Fountain of Youth. Although I am generally working with the fundamental media or perhaps paper, My spouse and i find the artwork of Immortal Normal water to be amazingly engrossing.

The aspect of the whole painting that appeals to me personally the most is definitely the symbolic meaning behind the turtle, the lotus flower, as well as as the element of drinking water. I have been aiming to apply several symbolic themes in my very own artworks the common feature that I present to Richard Stodart. Although I think the art is a effective piece of art, I find the green color palette to get overly recurring, and the entire work might be enhanced by simply varying the shades of green or perhaps blending the green with other analogous hues.

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