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In the eighteenth century there is a period that

In the 18th hundred years, there was an interval that we referred to as Neo classicism. In this period most of all artwork had the same characteristic which can be dark and simple background colours, very manly, stressed heroism, frieze, sharpened edges, even more geometric and flat. Even as seen in Blue jean Ingres paintinga¬The Turkeys Slave, we could observe from the basic background and the sharp edges of her body. Comparing to the traditional period, among the murals that I found throughout the campus.

I decided to use the mural designed by Grant Solid wood which subject is Damaging the Prairie Sod to be an example which have precisely the same characteristic with all the classical period even though it had painted inside the 19th century. This wall painting is find at the primary floor east lobby of Parks Selection. Actually this mural describes the disregarding of Iowas virgin soil in the early on 1840s which has a woman position beside a guy who is consuming out of the jug when his palm rests on the handle of any wooden plow. There are remarkable cloud formations behind them and a view across the field and prairie.

And this mural represented a lot of things that I never thought before for instance , the man inside the picture, presented in children, middle era and maturity, represents Abraham Lincoln, whom signed the Morrill Take action that founded land-grant language schools of which Grand rapids State is usually one. Lincolns presence likewise sends a solid message to students who have view the wall painting, that with hard work, determination, honesty and education, that they can too could grow approximately become guru. I choose this kind of mural become my evaluation because this mural has a wide range of common with the classical period.

The man below represent the masculine manly and type of heroism points, even though the qualifications color is clear and bright but its and so simple background has a large amount of sharp edges and geometric line. Due to it was decorated on the nineteenth century and so its not really classical. Also at the same time together with the Classical period there was an additional artist in whose name is Eugene Delacroix, he was a famous painter who painted The Death of Sardanapalus this period we all called the romantic period.

At this time the characteristic of painting was changing, at this time the piece of art more indicated the emotion of the painter, sublime it implies that the picture makes us flow in the picture, feels like we feel that we are incorporate or experience what was going on in the photo, its also provide 3 main contents, the entire world, water, and sky atmosphere and more natural. For the comparison, I select the wall painting which drawn by Heggen, Richard. It of his mural is Water, Property, and Heavens it was coated on 1984 and the moderate is water-color, water-colour.

In this painting we could view the landscape picture with skies above green fields and a view of lake coastline and lake in front. This kind of mural has a lot of normal with the loving period, 1st it has 3 of the main material which previously shown through the titlea¬water, area, and skies, this portrait represent a relaxed situation, incredibly quite, therefore peaceful. I believe romantic design more shown in the landscape painting, as a landscape art work show us even more about mother nature, peaceful globe, etc . I like romantic design more than the time-honored style, I really like something that extremely peaceful not just a manly issue which the classical style attribute.

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