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For which characters in of mice and men do you

Refer tightly to the new in your response.

I felt some sympathy for Curley’s wife since she was the loneliest of all of them. She had a husband who have didn’t appreciate or respect her when he went to brothels. As well as Curley’s wife We pitied Slim. He contains a lot of responsibility and calms everything inside a tense condition. He was the sole person who understood that George shot Lennie after the loss of life of Curley’s wife, which in turn shows the quantity of responsibility that is certainly on his shoulder muscles.

I have some for Thieves as he reaches a disadvantage when he is dark-colored so may have a lot of prejudice toward him. He can not allowed inside the bunkhouse therefore he would end up being very lonely. He even offers the disability of having a crooked backside.

In the end I felt pity for Candies as the outlook of running a farm is usually shattered. This individual could have were living the rest of his years in comparable comfort.

Steinbeck uses effective solennité after the loss of life of Curley’s wife.

‘ His sight blinded with tears and he flipped and

Gone weakly from the barn’

Now that he is aware of the wish is over he has nothing to look ahead to which can be saddening. As a result of his era he will not able to get a job. You also shame him as a result of his disability, which will not help him find a job.

‘I wont have no place to go, an’ I

aren’t get no longer jobs. ‘

Also once Carlson taken his doggie to put it out of his misery My spouse and i felt several sympathy. He previously the dog for along time and had produced attached to it. Without his dog he would be depressed. This concept of the loneliness runs throughtout the book. He then shows feel dissapointed about that somebody other than himself shot his dog. ‘I shouldn’t must have allow no new person shoot my dog. ‘

I have compassion for Lennie as when he had wiped out Curley’s wife he had wrecked the wish for everyone. He would have sensed bad relating to this and the reality he didn’t be able to have a tendency the rabbits which was certainly one of his concerns. The different being Ggeorge leaving him, which means that he would be lonesome. His fear run’s loose as he listens to a talking rabbit:

‘If you

believe George, likely to let you are likely the bunny, your possibly

crazier’n common. ‘

Lennie always has George telling him what to do as they keeps about doing foolish things. In ways Lennie must be pleased about someone keeping a be aware of him nevertheless because Lennie is so gradual he is upset by it and often Lennie seems to lose his outburst.

I felt sorry pertaining to him most when Curley started a fight with.

‘Lennie’s hands remained at his side; he

was as well frightened to defend himself.

This is because people usually feel sorry to get things which might be defenceless. Yet even after Curley experienced repeatedly smacked him Lennie still displays remorse intended for breaking his hand, which will shows he’s a ‘nice fella’. Someone who you wouldn’t wish something like this to take place to. ‘I didn’t wanta hurt him. ‘

The reason I no longer feel sorry to get Lennie is really because he provides a companion like George to maintain him also because he is so stupid he doesn’t realise what how poor his lifestyle is usually.

‘But having been too stupid even to be aware of he had a

joke performed on him’

I feel compassion for George as he is usually lumbered with Lennie. ‘Lennie for the lord’s sake don’t drink so much. ‘ It can as if George is looking after Lennie just like they have a parent/child relationship. A similar thing occurs when ever George threw away the dead mouse button Lennie stored in his bank

I feel shame for George as he contains a lot of suppressed aggression when he uses terms like ‘son of a bitch’ and ‘crazy bastard’. This might be caused by the situation he is in. He does not have any security and his only friend is Lennie who is often getting into trouble. I feel empathy for George, as he is very lonely. This can be the same with all of those other characters.

‘Guys like us that work upon ranches will be

the loneliest guys in the world’.

In order George may escape this position is through his and Lennies’s fantasy, of running a farm. George and Lennie ‘aint acquired nothing to look ahead to’ but the desire sets all of them a goal. After that George has to do a horrible thing simply by killing his only good friend. He don’t even apparently think about additional alternatives yet he preserved Lennie from being tortured. Steinbeck builds this up from when ever Candy’s dog was shot to save it from the pain of living up until George saving Lennie from the discomfort of being tormented

The reason We don’t feel sorry for George is that he has a partner like Lennie. Someone he can trust. If perhaps Lennie was at the same situation he wouldn’t survive like George, when he doesn’t have the brain. So George can be thankful that it had not been vice versa.

‘Lennie who had been watching

imitated George exactly’

This kind of shows that Lennie adores George and is a form of role style. It also demonstrates Lennie enjoys him thus he won’t double cross him. He is also stupid to do that anyway.

I’ve little sympathy to with Curley, when he is lonelier than ever with no his better half. He is constantly getting into fights, which could mean that he is looking for attention. I have sympathy for is the Supervisor, as he has the place. He can most probably wealthy and has a lot of luxuries compared to the workers. I do have some empathy towards boss. This individual also has a whole lot of responsibility as he must run the ranch and has a kid like Curley who is constantly causing trouble.

Through this book Steinbeck tried to portray what the poor people experienced at the time. It shows us that the ‘American’ dream does not always come true and that the fight between the ‘good guy’ as well as the ‘bad guy’ doesn’t constantly go in the ‘good guy’s’ favour.


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