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Boogie analysis article

As the lights travelled o?, the audience went muted, curiously waiting to see the thing that was going to happen next. All we realized was the overall performance name, Agwa, the Costa da prata term intended for water. Even if I had not been given it of the overall performance, I could have guessed this after seeing the dancers carry out. The functionality Agwa pictured the many sizes of drinking water through boogie. The importance of water was evidently painted for the stage by bodies from the dancers through “uid moves, powerful however graceful acrobatics, and tranquil music.

The spot light glistened o? the muscles tone of 1 dancer the main stage, as he remained crouched low to the floor. As the beat of the music started to pick-up, and jungle sounds echoed in the background. This individual begun to contort his body, beginning with his still left %ngers, the wave of energy slowly crept up his arm to his arm, up to his shoulder, and across his body, in that case down his right provide.

This individual passed the wave to his core, and soon I could not keep track the place that the wave was coming from and going to. It absolutely was like an electric current passed through his body, like lightening in water. Two more dancers crept to the level, each individual human body “owed towards the music in perfect synchrony.

Each movements was remote, muscle by simply muscle, yet there was zero jerking or abrupt motions. Their physiques “owed, much like water. Although most of the functionality focused on the bodies and movements in the dancers, they used selected props just like cups as being a tool to measure all their talent. Initially the mugs were everywhere over the stage. The dancers could perform a piece, and as the lights turned down, re-arrange the cups to portray a di? erent feeling. On this occasion, the lamps turned on and the cups had been in your five single %le rows.

A few dancers had been at the back of the stage situated in a collection slowlymoving their particular bodies to the beat. All the sudden, my focus was taken by a dancer left of the stage, he curved his knees, eyes forward and decided and required a big jump and leapt into a double handspring across the stage. Every time his hands or foot hit the land, it was accurately in the middle of the row. He did not topple, or trouble any glass out of it’s place. These cups were not the focus of the move, but an instrument to show the precision and skill with the dancer. It requires power, and style to accomplish that accuracy.

To my opinion, this was an embodiment of water. Water is effective, in waterfalls and hurricanes, but it is usually graceful because it trickles down a stream, or moves down the cheeks. Without these powerful moves, not all of waters characteristics would be portrayed. It shows the many attributes of drinking water and the power it quietly contains within just its do it yourself. The music decision was relaxed, cool yet upbeat for the ballet dancers to party to. Every single piece commenced with a tune with 1 beat of a drum playing by itself. Then simply begun to incorporate more measurements of properly textures through each part. The %rst drum will be low and steady, the next to enter the music would be hopeful and larger pitch.

There are also deep and abundant “ute remarks that placed the tune of the track. Their was your essence with the Brazil in the music, I possibly could hear the forrest and the city the two at once. This music acquired the tranquil sound of water, inside the melody as well as the beat. It didn’t appear just like any kind of water, this sounded like Brazilian water. Water can be seen everywhere in this performance with this music and sound in couple with the dancers movements. Agwa painted the dimension of water throughout the “uid motions, graceful stall and peaceful and amazing music. The dancers got on the position of water, as any celebrity would accept a character to bring the audience to a magni%ed reality.

The ballet dancers movements through the entire piece symbolizes the spirit water, through muscle isolations, and undulations. They danced beautifully to water and for water, want it was some thing they much-loved deeply and wanted to say thanks to. The way they dealt with the water thus carefully throughout the performance and shaped their very own bodies to look like water, held a comprehending that is lacked by the west and many others. It can be in fact a limited source, yet completely vital source for all life with this planet. It truly is mostly what we are made of, and what we take for granted the most.


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