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Belfast confetti essay

The composition ‘Belfast Confetti illustrates the aftermath of a bomb during the troubles that people in Belfast experienced. It ‘Belfast Confetti’ is a heading that has a dual meaning. On a single had the homemade bombs that the IRA used are referred to as Belfast confetti because of the nuts and bolts installed in the shrapnel. The second is more complicated. Confetti is generally used in times during the celebration such as weddings, which can be strange because the composition is about something completely different to a celebration.

Most commonly it is thrown within the heads in the bride and the groom, so that it rains down on them. Carson may be using that title to create a metaphor; the peanuts and bolts flew over the head of people just like confetti does. Carson presents the poem with widespread referrals to punctuation marks employing words including ‘Exclamation Marks’ and ‘Sentence’. “It was raining exclamation marks this is certainly trying to stand for the sounds made by slipping shrapnel.

Generally, exclamation signifies are used when someone is shouting or when terms need to be emphasised. As you can imagine, the noise with the bombs and chaos that caused should have had a big effect on the noises that had been being noticed, people shouting, sirens sounding and huge fires blazing. To comprehend the poem you have to get deeper in to the meaning of the way in which it of the poem is penned. This poem is very topsy-turvy which suits this experience. The poet person also would not present any type of metre or rhythm, this may be because he needed the composition to be seen and read with all the confusion which the people sensed after the bomb was detonated. This gives the poem more reality than it would do if there were a clear structure to that. Analysing the lines in the poem, I can see a trend of contradictions and dual meanings. One example is “All the alleyways and side pavements blocked with stops and colons on the outside this range tells us the escape what blocked and there was absolutely no way out of the mayhem.

Although taking a look at the line with increased depth, that what is discoverable is that what is trying to always be said is that there is no get away because of the physical violence in general. Using the word “stops and “colons could label the freelance writers own values. Carson can be trying to get a note across that every is being completed try and quit the disorders is through the Governments utilization of meetings and laws. As luck would have it, I think the author is trying to express we need to urgently tackle this violence withactions rather than letters and meetings, hence the quote “Alleyways and part streets obstructed by halts and colons meaning simply by lack of actions there is no break free.

Furthermore, one more example of these contradictions is a line “I know this kind of labyrinth perfectly ” Balaklava, Raglan, Inkerman, Odessa Street This quote tells us the author has a connection with these streets and knows his way round them. Carson compares the streets to a labyrinth, that means the place where a man eating Minotaur lived and was considered built such as a maze, produced from Greek Mythology. This tells us that the roads were like a maze, probably due to the turmoil and that there was dead people around. A bomb could be associated with the Minotaur as it was the main cause of the fatalities and roadways to be the home since it is the place he kills.

The entire message with the poem is always to educate readers of what it was like to get involved in a bombing. I also assume that the poem is trying to portray some text of breach. His hometown was getting destroyed looking at him as well as the only approach he believed he may teach persons about this was through poetry. The fact that he chose to express his emotions through poetry is actually a really interesting way of getting his point across. The complete poem can be an extended metaphor which displays the discord and how topsy-turvy the composition is.


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