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Gaudis structures essay

I decided to look at the aspects surrounding the predominately Spanish dish, paella. Obviously some of the dish as well as the ingredients that make up the dish are definitely the most important pieces surrounding the meal. Therefore to begin with Choice to pull sliced green and reddish colored peppers. Through completing this piece of work I was able to get the texture plus the colours in the peppers and use them to good impact. I then went on to draw a garlic clove. As the clove is principally white I had formed to emphasise this by making a somewhat good shadow that consisted of a large number of built up shades. Continuing while using theme of substances I continued to draw a chopped up tomato, which I completed in pastels.

I done by portrait some peas and an olive oil jar from observation. As paella is Spanish I decided to add a Spanish theme in my task. I did this kind of by watching Gaudis architecture, which can mainly be found in the Spanish capital, Barcelona. His work is said to be organic architecture. This was a good aspect of his work as it meant I possibly could tie in the foodstuff I had examined, into Guadis architecture. As well as looking at the culture I actually also chosen to look at the office that such a dish may be prepared in. I really drew my own kitchen sink as well as its surroundings. I actually also looked at aspects of the table setting, by drawing a wines glass in white pastels on dark paper. In order to complete my preparatory work We looked at various kinds of lettering that had been used in several different formula books.

To develop my finished piece, We tried to match all of my preparatory research into one piece of work. I developed two designs which I sensed were equally good, therefore I decided to perform two final pieces. The first part I did is at batik, the second was created by a use of mixed multimedia, including pad and pale work. Inside the batik piece, I attempted to tie in guadis work with my personal studies of the ingredients, to do so most of the piece can be pattern function, however particular aspects could be picked out with the work.

The batik operate also creates vibrant shades, which add to the overall effect of the work. The 2nd piece likewise linked in Gaudis organic and natural architecture. This time I emphasised this much more by making the roof tiles seem as if they were segments of garlic. That stuff seriously my final pieces fit the criteria set and evidently show the different facets that encircle the The spanish language dish paella. This includes the dish by itself, the lifestyle behind the dish as well as the cooking items and accessories that are necessary to create and enjoy this type of meals.

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