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Fairytale long ago and far apart there imaginative

Excerpt from Creative Writing:


Sometime ago and far away there lived a girl known as Victoria. She and her poor parents lived in a cottage, within a beautiful area. Close to all of them there was a great enchanted forest. The girl could wake up early on in the morning and go into the forest to fetch the real wood for the fire. She would gather mushrooms and pick plants and sing, both since she loved to sing but as well because she was scared of those forest. She got heard of the mean ogres who were living deep inside the forest and she expected she would not have to face them.

One day, her mother offered her a bag with a few beautiful fabric she got woven in the finest constructed from wool thread the lady could find to get to the california king and princess or queen who were living at the fort, on the other side with the forest. Your woman knew she would have to get across the forest to get to the castle, nevertheless she collected all her courage and started vocal louder than ever while advancing through the thicker ancient timber. The superior sky little by little disappeared hidden from view by the substantial trees. The birds were singing along, the aroma of moss and outrageous flowers built Victoria neglect she was afraid as well as the wind was slowly blowing. Squirrels, rabbits, foxes and all sorts of innocent animals living in the forest were crossing pathways with the girl. As the girl was hoping along the course, thinking about the fabulous deep dark eyes in the boy who have groomed the horses on the royal stalls, Victoria suddenly realized that the small creatures had disappeared, the birds stopped singing as well as the wind got started to hit much harder than usual. She started to operate, hoping to get out of the forest soon, but she stumbled across a woods root and fell for the ground. 3 ogres clogged her method. Their stinking breath built her unwell. She exposed her sight and found their starving mouths and rotten pearly whites looking out. They reached their hands and grabbed her.

They required her for their den, wherever no person had have you ever been before and threw her on a pile of hay. They left her there and leaved to get wood to create a big flames. They were completely happy thinking about the party that night: a beautiful, innocent young girl, all set to be served. She was terrified, yet she knew her good friend, the little white-colored pony in the royal stalls would notice her lack. He was more a pony, he had magic powers that allowed him to talk and he had wings he only showed those who proved worth his trust. He had a lovely golden mane where his power was hidden. Call him by his name was Untidy Hair.

Untidy Hair started to worry about the small girl’s deficiency and started to grow restless. He instantly realized there was something wrong, distributed his wings and flew over the forest. He observed the

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