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Analysis from the poem shows from my own aunts in

Presents by my Aunts in Pakistan is a composition about a youthful girl of mixed competition and the difficulty she discovers with appropriate in, or perhaps feeling an integral part of either, the Pakistani and also the English culture. The small girl inside the poem can be describing gifts that were brought to her in britain from Pakistan. The reveals from Pakistan are fabulous but the young lady feels awkward wearing them, feeling that jeans and corduroy would be more suitable. In contrast the relatives in Pakistan would really like the conventional English cardigans via Marks and Spencer.

The poem can be described as sequence of personal memories. This is certainly shown since the poem is usually written inside the first person. The poem is written during the past as the poet is usually remembering the memories. When folks are knowing how things their brains often go from one photo to another in the manner that the poem does. As a audience you have to possible until towards the end of the poem to discover the important message in this poem. The phrase simply no fixed nationality sums in the feelings in the poet, becoming half-English she struggles to feel comfortable with possibly culture. The poem is exploring this have difficulties.

The shows referred to in the title happen to be described in great depth in the opening sixteen lines. The variety of clothes and their colours and bumpy are recalled quite passionately. Instead of becoming critical with the clothes, the poet values her aunts attempt at checking up on fashions of times: the salwar bottoms are appropriately slim. The shalwar kameez suggests familiar notion of exotic clothing worn by simply Asian women. But cup bangle, which will draws blood vessels, is mark of how tradition harms the poet because it is not practical for the active life of a young woman in the west.

That’s where the girls two cultures set out to clash inside the poem. Since the girl endeavors on stain-silken top at your home, she notices how the Pakistani style of the clothes appears out of place in her English resting room. The girl uses the word alien to emphasise how peculiar the outfits look and feel in these surroundings. In addition, she feels slightly intimidated by the gorgeous outfits saying the girl: could by no means be as lovely /as those clothes, the clothes also appear the associated with girl humiliated so that she blushes: my own costume clung to me /and I was a flame, / I couldnt rise up out of their fire. This is certainly a powerful metaphor, which could demonstrate young girls distress.

Also the poet says that wherever her Pakistani Aunt Jamila can rise up out of its flames (look lovely in the bright colours) your woman felt struggling to do so, because she was half English. The word halloween costume sounds like a thing you put on for a present. This impression of being between two nationalities is shown when the school friend requires to see Moniza Alvis weekend clothes and it is not impressed. The school good friends reaction likewise suggests that she gets little idea of what her friend, a new Pakistani girl is, which is not, allowed to do in weekends, irrespective of living in The uk.

The strange nature of the items by her residence culture, the camel-skin light fixture and the jewellery again comparison sharply with what she feels is definitely her English culture. The lady wants the camel epidermis lamp, although also seems that it was cruel. This shows that she is both equally attracted and repelled by aspects of Pakistani culture. There is certainly both the misery and the beauty, and the girl does find out which influences her even more powerfully.

The last third of the poem explores how she came to England from Pakistan, how the lady ended up with her English granny. The poem ends with all the poet feeling just as uncomfortable and out of place in Pakistan as she truly does in her sitting room at home. The truth that this lady has no fixed nationality made her feel as if she is certainly not fully a part of either tradition. The poem uses a large amount of visual detail to make all of us see the illumination and color of Pakistan. This make use of visual depth is appropriate in a poem about how exactly someone sees them home.

The structure of the poem is infrequent, with lines starting by different areas, and staying of different lengths which also links in the sense of her insufficient a nationality, the idea of not being aware of where she is going and just how long the lady may be there. This produces a slightly unsettled, fluid experience to the composition, reflecting the poets emotions about her identity. The use of the free passage effect in this poem helps you to portray her sincerity in her words, she tells it just how it is and so on is the structure of the composition. The lack of any particular tempo or rhyming scheme in the poem really helps to show the concept that there is no established course in her life, no specific direction the girl with going, it truly is unpredictable.

In conclusion it would seem the poet has great problems finding a niche between both of the cultures in which she could feel comfortable. Living within the British culture even though having so much of her Pakistani traditions as part of her history and main nationality, the presents via her aunts acting as reminders and complications, your woman finds those to be amazing and extravagant yet awkward and uncomfortable. This kind of proves to be a major complications for her, she actually is upset the lady cannot fit-in with the regular life style of somebody living in England.

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