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Virtue and the grandmother

If you were to ask somebody what their particular definition of a cheerful life can be, they would probably give you an answer like, having a good time. This is entirely untrue in Aristotles conditions. According to Aristotle, to get a man to acquire a happy existence he must find out each of the intellectual virtues, and practice all the moral virtues throughout his life. These moral benefits are proper rights, courage, temperance, magnificence, magnanimity, liberality, gentleness, prudence, and wisdom. With the many virtues to frequently abide by, a man cannot know if this individual has led a happy life right up until his a lot more nearly completed.

Inside the story An excellent Man is difficult to Find, simply by Flannery O Connor, fit raised perhaps the grandmother offers achieved a situation of happiness according to Aristotles terms at the time of her death. The answer is no, mainly because she is an individual who is unethical, cowardly, and unwise.

Of all the virtues, integrity is applied the least by the grandmother. Integrity is defined as The capacity or current condition of being genuine, integrity, trustworthiness (Honesty). There are lots of examples of the grandmothers dishonest and untrustworthy actions. At first of the account, The grandmother didnt want to go to Fl (O Connor 1106), thus she made false justifications to try to persuade her family members to take her to Tennessee.

This fellow that calls him self The Misfit is aloose from the Federal government Pen and headed toward Florida. I actually wouldnt consider my children in any way with a criminal like that aloose in that (O Connor 1106). In the direction of Florida, the grandmother notices an old house she stopped at as a child. When ever she really wants to stop and re-visit the home, the grandma tells your children, There was a secret -panel in this property not telling the truth but wishing that the lady were (O Connor 1110), lying again so your woman could have her way. The grandmother as well secretly helped bring the friends and family cat, The girl had her big dark-colored valise and underneath it the lady was concealing a holder with Pitty Sing, the cat, in it (O Connor 1106), even though Her son, Cromwell, didnt like to arrive at a motel using a cat (O Connor 1107). When The Misfit arrives, The grandmother acquired the distinct feeling that the bespectacled gentleman was someone she understood (O Connor 1112), but when she afterwards realizes who the man is usually, she claims, I known you at the same time! (O Connor 1113).

She explains to The Misfit, we flipped over twice! (O Connor 1112), though they equally knew it turned out only once. Lastly, the grandmother lies once again to their self and to The Misfit the moment she says, you shouldnt call up yourself The Misfit because I know youre a good gentleman at heart (O Connor 1113). The only purpose she says this can be in an attempt to conserve her existence.

Another advantage the grandmother lacks is courage. Valor is The state or top quality of mind or soul that enables one to face hazard with self-possession, confidence and resolution (Courage). When The Misfit arrives, the grandmother can be nothing but a coward.

She shows no self-possession, Alone while using Misfit, the grandmother identified that your woman had shed her tone of voice (O Connor 1116), displayed here the moment she cant even speak. She also does not have resolution for the situation but for give The Misfit her money, Ill provide you with all the cash Ive acquired! (O Connor 1116), or lie towards the Misfit and tell him hes a good gentleman.

Of course none of this would have come about whether it werent pertaining to the grandmums lack of knowledge. Wisdom is common sense, sagacity, good wisdom (Wisdom). The grandmother does not use good judgment once she determines to bring the cat along, and the cat ends up triggering their accident. The instant the valise relocated, the magazine top the lady had in the basket below it flower with a snarl and Pitty Sing, the cat, sprang onto Baileys shoulder (O Connor 1111).

Nevertheless the most foolish of decisions the grandmother makes is the moment she identifies The Misfit and decides to phone him on it. The grandmother.

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