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American people essay

American people

Coming to the usa has been the biggest step in living. This decision is to end my studies, become a dental practitioner. And offer support for people in my country.

Because I had been afraid to come here, I asked everyone about life in the usa. For me it was a puzzle. I did not know very well what to expect just how do American people live? How do they treat foreign persons? All of these concerns were in my mind when I asked my friends who had been living in the United States. They and everything other sources which i listened to, offered me great photo about the US.

Nevertheless after I came up here I discovered out the fact that information I obtained before as well as the information I came across after I came up here nevertheless shared a whole lot of similarities, there were also a lot of variations.

Firstly, the information which i had just before I come to the Usa made me secure. It produced in my mind ideal land referred to as America. I acquired my details from TV SET movies, papers, and by my friends.

The first thing My spouse and i heard about was from my pal who had lived here for years. He told me that the United states of america is amazing life. Time here should go so fast and you will delight in your life with no feeling homesick and this individual give me a fantastic impression of American people and how they are helpful and always friendly. Also he tells me about the safety in his state and how you can have entertaining any time you want out part you residence.

In addition there was anything I discovered that makes me personally very happy to come here is that there is no elegance between persons, because Plus in many negative situations in eurpe, which in turn people handle us very bad and I was wooried about that. It was one of the things that make myself comfort pertaining to coming below. And the American movies give me the feeling of the strong relationship among the members of the American family. And I feel when I saw these films that the American family is the same as the kuwait relatives.

A family with appreciate and good relationship among them, a family the fact that son or daughter will not ever forget the parents until they will die.

Now, When i lived here for two years, I see a different picture of the ALL OF US. Every second I live here My spouse and i learn something totally new about this nation. Every day My spouse and i live below I see the great picture in the US is usually become deeper day after day.

When I spend the first six months here Specialists myself 1 question, Wherever are the real Americans i heard about? I dont understand.. I was shocked with every thing I have found here together with the information I obtained before We came. For instance , The time in this article was the most difficult part in my life and I cannot imagine just how American persons live not having thought about the time.

People here are working as a machines without body care what going on around him. Ive seen people who have no trust to each other, everybody are afraid from each other, many people here are making a lot of geoups depend on skin color plus they hate different groups however, forigners. For instance , I stay in a place call Richmond and i also heard that you cant venture out from your home after 8: 00 pm mainly because you will get taken especially in the Down Town.

In addition there are something helped me more baffled when I asked myself wherever are the good relation dispatch in the American family.

I see every single day how the children forget generally there parents as soon as they reach 18 years old. And just how they seperate from the along with may be about of the father and mother die with no body about him.

After all this kind of, I can discover now how Amerecan people are several when you learn about them and once you live with them. Though I can not forget that there are nonetheless alot of wonderful American persons and I can call them th genuine Americans nevertheless we should point out whats incorrect before

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