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American and nigerian traditions essay

American and Nigerian Culture

American and Nigerian cultures will be alike in certain aspects of life, while

becoming dissimilar consist of aspects. This kind of idea is clearly exemplified when 1

compares their particular experience and knowledge of culture in America to this

description and portrayal of Nigerian traditions as noticed through Buchi Emechetas

book, The Struggling Match.

Both of our societies can be looked at as parallel in how teens are

typically stereotyped, rivalry among towns/villages, and the achievement of

member or maturity through encounters or accomplishments.

Contrary to the likeness of the ethnicities, there are also some basic

differences. One of many distinctions is the fact we reside in a scientifically

advanced empire while Emecheta shows us that Nigerians are more commonly a

old fashioned nation.

Regardless of in what tradition you find young adults, they will probably be

stereotyped. This is certainly evident in the story as well as in our personal culture. Intended for

example, the Akpei persons (neighbors to the nearby Igbuno village) have got

found that someone offers fished and trampled inside their stream. ( This is a really

bad thing because the plants and fish are now not anymore available) The blame

immediately gets upon the Uma aya Biafra, or teenagers of Igbuno. You cannot find any

question, it really is assumed that teenagers had been involved. (Unfortunately, Uche

a youngster from Igbuno, has fully commited this heinous crime). Also, when the people

of Akpei find that someone is thieving from their huts, again without the

evidence, they surmise that teenagers should be blame. Last but not least, Okeis ( Okei can be described as

teen who also lives in Igbuno and is the novels primary character) Granddad Obi Agiliga is

convinced that the teenagers of Igbuno are placing an awful immoral example

for the upcoming generation.

How many teenagers in our society have never had an quick finger of

blame directed at all of them when a thing happens or perhaps goes wrong? Just how many of us have

not been told what a terrible case we are placing for our younger brothers and sisters?

Teenagers seem to be synonymous with rude, obnoxious, and difficult, stubborn

etc .

One more similarity of cultures learned from Emechetas writing is

reaction to rivalry. An essential event to the villages in the novel was

the wrestling match which will pits the Akpei Uma aya Biafra against the Igbuno Uma

aya Baifra. There exists much planning of the players and many persons attend.

Additionally , at the industry, the Akpei people will not purchase generate from

Josephine Kwutelu and other girls likewise from Igbuno since they are from your

competitors aspect.

A similar celebration we have the following in the Pennridge Community may be the

annual Pennridge -Quakertown Soccer game. It generates a large rivalry, much

time is spent in preparation and a lot of many persons attend.

Finally, in the two Nigerian and American nationalities, it is perceived that

male organ is dependent upon particular achievements. The wrestling match symbolizes

the coming into manhood of the Nigerian teenager. As well, working on the farm with

your dad in Nigeria is another stage toward member.

In America, work, the right to political election, graduation by high school, and

even buying or driving a vehicle seem to be thought of as indications of manhood or perhaps


Nevertheless our civilizations seem equally in the over ways, they are really very

diverse in their technical status. We all in America enjoy computers, modems

faxes, online video equipment, cell phones, huge grocery stores, and price cut stores

and so forth These are not restricted just to city dwellers or perhaps the upper class, a lot of

these things happen to be commonplace. In Nigeria yet , the bulk of the people

lives a much more primitive lifestyle without the advantages, privileges, and

benefits the particular modern advantages provide. ( Of course , additionally, they do not

have problems produced by these types of modern wonders).

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