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Safeguarding vulnerable adults essay

For this job I will be analyzing the position of multi-agency working in reducing the risk of mistreatment to adults. Multi-agency operating is the care planning procedure and single assessment procedure which motivates greater inter-agency working together, with all the service wearer’s needs becoming central to the process. This is when professionals by different organizations combine their particular skills and expertise to fulfill the healthy needs of the service end user. (Billingham, Stretch out and Whitehouse, 2007) Along with everything, there are many benefits and drawbacks with the multi-agency working.

McCoy believed that Multi-agency functioning is a more responsive strategy, as customers may be able to approach quicker among services as and when their needs change. Also with Multi-agency working the obligation is shared as the machine clarifies pertaining to whom it really is prepared to provide care and styles services accordingly.

Quinney also believes those working together inside the multi-agency working have an increased job fulfillment. He says that as long as the start-up phase of the collaboration is very well managed it stimulates in order to share learning and abilities.

Multi-agency working is a superb opportunity to have a more holistic approach to conference a service users’ needs and also to provide precautionary social and health job. It enables a more complete and earlier intervention. Leathard says that Multi-agency working means that everyone’s values are shared, everybody in the group is important and necessary to be successful. People are more prepared to make bolder decisions as the obligation and liability are shared. Multi-agency operating is believed to be more efficient, that service users will get a heightened quality of service. There is more constructive cooperation, everybody shares their knowledge, abilities and competence. This means that someone may have got a better procedure due to better knowledge of the subject, it is not to state that the approach is definitely wrong, yet , just how for making your procedure better to get the services user.

Such as; a medicine counsellor might have better expertise on how to handle a person’s medication problem much better than a social worker. Yet , when working in a multi-agency team the greater professional group can often take over the team, what they says moves because that they feel that they are more outstanding. Also a Multi-agency meeting could be time consuming. It can often always be difficult to have got allprofessions which have been working in they together simultaneously. What matches one part of the team, may not suit another team member. When working together as part of a multi-agency crew, information sharing is essential. Information about a service user has to be shared with everyone on the staff. However , not everyone will abide by this, a lot of may believe that only certain we all need to know selected things. By way of example; a social worker may well feel that the service user’s teacher does not need to know that they have been abused when they were a child.

Although all information should be shared in order that everyone within the team can see the bigger picture of the individual in order for them to know how to make them. Also presently there can sometimes be way too many professionals in the team, since the saying will go ‘too a large number of cooks ruin the broth’. To work well, teams will need an increased understanding and value of each various other. They must also provide an increased dedication to work together with each other, they have to be happy to work together in order for it all to succeed as well as a greater awareness pertaining to the shared values and goals. They have to also have a increased awareness of the advantages of agreed collection standards. In the event these elements are not apparent, then it will cause negative outcomes and will show that it is simply no better than an individual intervention. One of when Multi-agency working would not work well was the Case of Baby Peter who passed away On August 3 following being bodily abused for months. Baby Peter’s mother acquired disclosed to authorities that her sweetheart was right now living with all of them; however no person ever looked at into his background. (Mail Online, 2010).

Multi Firm should have enter into play below, the organizations who were associated with this case really should have done more investigating in to those who had been living with the kid, backgrounds. This could have averted the fatality of Baby P. ‘The mother’s man had previously been inhibited by authorities on mistrust of torturing his grandmother’ (Mail On-line, 2010). In case the correct procedures had been followed then this could have given authorities an instance for matter, and perhaps averted any further mistreatment happening to Baby Philip. This information must have been distributed between each member of the multi-agency team, and he really should have been looked into. The multi-agency team that was working together with Baby Peter did not communicate as a team, which often gave a poor outcome since a child lost his life. One more case in which multi-agency operate did not job was in Winterbourne View. ‘BBC’s programme Intelligence showedthe prone residents becoming pinned straight down, slapped, doused in drinking water and taunted. ‘ (BBC News, 2011)

The Treatment Quality Commission (CQC) was contacted with a former registered nurse of Winterbourne View, even so their worries were overlooked. The CQC have as said that it absolutely was a ‘misjudgement’ that the former nurse’s concerns were not looked into. (BBC Media, 2012) Once this matter was raised, a study should have taken place to see if the accusations exactly where true. Law enforcement should then simply have been informed, along with social companies and a Health firm. Together they need to have worked jointly to work out their best options how they were going to deal with the case. A third case in point would be with the famous McElhill case.

‘Convicted sex arrest Arthur McElhill killed him self and his family members in a home fire in Omagh, Region Tyrone’ (News. bbc. co. uk, 2014). McElhill experienced had prior suicide tries and utilized Bebo a social-networking consideration in his boy’s name to groom adolescent girls for sexual intercourse. He as well had two previous convictions for afeitado. (News. bbc. co. uk, 2014). Because of his earlier history police should have informed social services of the dad’s previous vérité and the university should have knowledgeable social companies and the authorities along with the education board from the fears that they can had intended for the kid’s safety. Nevertheless , these several agencies did not work together, and if a multi-agency team was created then this might have ended the horrific incident by occurring.


After taking a look at multi-agency working I have realized that there are advantages as well as cons. As long as data is distributed and everyone functions effectively jointly then you cannot find any reason that it can’t operate. Everyone who will be working together need to put the support users’ requirements first and it must be what is best for all of them and not precisely what is easiest.


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