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Abuse of medication and alcohol essay

Will need to alcohol development, sale, and consumption end up being prohibited? I think not. Pertaining to hundreds of years, gentleman has had selections choices relevant their diet, their living quarters, and their lifestyle mates. Whether or not to consume alcoholic beverages has been a choice that person has had through recent history and is also a choice that we believe will need to remain that a choice.

There is only one length of history in which alcohol obtain and consumption was limited. During the 1920s, specifically 1920 to 1933 (and 1917 to 1919 in Canada) beverages just like beer, gin, rum, tequila, and wine beverages were forbidden to produce, sell, or perhaps transport. Proponents of prohibition believed alcohol based drinks endangered mental and physical health (World Book Encyclopedia).

Results from the Volstead Act, passed by simply Congress that enforced prohibition, were catastrophic. Underworld gangs controlled someone buy of alcohol in neighborhoods. Was this a sign great mental or physical health?

During prohibition, the cost of this illegal alcohol skyrocketed costing persons hundreds of dollars. I know what is causing unsatisfactory mental health to me and that is having less money within my pocket. In the event this was such a good idea, for what reason did Our elected representatives reverse that?

Sure there will be irresponsible persons. And completely the irresponsible use of alcoholic beverages has made disastrous effects. But look at me. Internet marketing a responsible person. When I drink I always make sure that I have a chosen driver. So why should I be punished by few who have cant deal with that responsibility? How about my grandparents? Consider in having a glass of wine with the dinner. The an old relatives custom that has maintained by my era. Should I be told what I can and cant drink?

I used to be reading Time Magazine lately and a recent study continues to be released which will states a glass of wine a day has been shown to improve liver function, lower cholesterol and lessen the opportunity of cardiovascular disease (Time Summer 1999). At this point if liquor sale or production was abolished, how can have that study recently been done. Specially in this 10 years when heart issues are at an all-time large due to the high availability of heart problems foods, I say you do anything you can do to help. The twenty-first 100 years is right fever currently brewing and who knows what studies will see? Could alcohol be a remedy for cancers? How about HELPS? Who is aware of what the long term holds.

I actually sure expect that when My spouse and i get married my own future husband and i also will be able to enjoy and my children can raise their spectacles and toasted bread my marital life? It would be a shame merely wouldnt always be legally permitted to do that.

Patrick Henry once stated, Give me freedom or produce death. I actually respond, Give me alcohol or give me dazzling cider!

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