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Aids 1426 words dissertation

AidsAids by simply sean ross

How is definitely HIV Clinically diagnosed?

You can get examined for HIV in a number of places including open public clinics, ASSISTS organizations, physicians offices, and hospitals. Various locations provide the test free of charge. You can select from anonymous testing, in which you will not give your name to the HealthCare provider, or private tests, in which you do give your name. Evaluation sites ought to provide educated counselors who are able to offer you support and advice, no matter what the evaluation result. (Balch-97)

An HIV test looks for the antibodies your disease fighting capability creates in answer to the virus. These antibodies may not appear in your bloodstream until three to half a year after HIV infection. Consequently , a negative evaluation for HIV does not necessarily mean you arent infected. That’s why for anyone who is at risk to get HIV illness you should get tested periodically additionally to exercising safer sex at all times.

T-cell counts

In case you test HIV-positive, you should have regular blood checks to determine the levels of healthy T cells. These kinds of cell counts help indicate how quickly the problem is moving on and which will course of treatment is most beneficial. Normal T-cell count is usually 800 to at least one, 300 cellular material per cubic millimeter of blood. In the first

several months after HIV infection, T-cells may decrease to 500 to 600. As illness progresses, Big t cells drop to a second level of 200 to 499. At this stage you can expect to have overdue symptoms, although this too is adjustable. The most deadly AIDS ailments happen when T-cell levels fall under 200. (Berkow-97)

Early Symptoms

Once HIV enters your system through semen, vaginal secretions, blood, or perhaps human breast milk this generally takes monthly or two prior to creating symptoms, if any kind of (not all of us have symptoms with this stage). These kinds of initial symptoms are similar to the flu and will last three to fourteen days:



-Night sweats

-Skin rashes



-Swollen lymph nodes (immune system internal organs

easily felt in the neck and groin)

-General discomfort(Hurst-96)

Within the a while following HIV infection, you could have repeated symptoms of these flu-like symptoms. After that, an average length of five to seven years will move without one other sign of HIV contamination though that delay can vary from a few months to more than ten years. However , even when you dont have symptoms, the malware is still growing in your body, and you can spread this to others. (Tierny-98)

After symptoms (months to years before start AIDS)

Symptoms may include:


-Mild weight loss

-Frequent fevers and sweats

-Swollen lymph glands

-Persistent yeast

-Persistent skin rashes

-Pelvic inflammatory disease that does not

-respond to treatment

-Short term memory loss

-Frequent and severe herpes infections

causing mouth, genital or anal sores

-Painful nerve disease (shingles)

At this point, you may have additional disorders caused by HIV illness: severe dermatitis, personality changes, intellectual disability, peripheral neuritis (inflammation of one or more peripheral nerves), pneumonia, myocarditis (inflammation of the middle section muscular level of the cardiovascular system wall), nierenentzündung (kidney inflammation), and rheumatoid arthritis. (Taylor-98)


As serious HIV advances, the immune system expands weaker and weaker until it finally can no longer stop diseases and/or opportunistic attacks those that will not usually happen in a person with a normal immune system). These include: Pneumonia caused by Pneumocystis carinii HIV infection from the brain (encephalitis with dementia) Toxoplasmosis from the brain (a protozoan infection) Cryptococcosis illness (a fungal infection) HIV wasting affliction (chronically lively HIV infection) Candida (yeast infections of the vagina, oral cavity, esophagus, trachea, bronchial tubes, or lungs) Kaposis sarcoma (a kind of skin cancer) Tuberculosis and related attacks Cryptosporidiosis contamination of the intestine (a protozoan infection) Herpes virus infections of mouth, esophagus, and lung area Lymphoma (a cancer with the immune system) Cytomegalovirus attacks of the retina and other organs(HIV positive. com)

Conditions Which may be Mistaken pertaining to HIV and AIDS

HIV and ASSISTS may entail virtually every organ in the body. Therefore , many circumstances can be wrongly diagnosed for HIV/AIDS, including: Cancers, especially lymphoma (causing malnutrition or weight loss) Senile dementia Stomach infection (especially parasitic) Colitis Inflammatory bowel disease Despression symptoms.


The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes HELPS. HIV not simply attacks and destroys the white bloodstream cells which have been key to struggling with infection (T4 or tool T cells), it in fact uses the T cellular material genetic material to increase itself. At some point, HIV cripples the immune system, producing the infected person vulnerable to multiple infections, diseases, and nervous system problems. One of the reasons AIDS is such a fatal disease is that HIV is an extremely resistant virus, mutating constantly to outlive the immune systems attacks. (San Fransisco Aids found. )

Assumptive Causes

There are very rare circumstances of tranny among family living as well as no well-known source of indication. No one is aware of the cause of tranny in these handful of rare instances. (Gay men’s health problems center)

How is HIV Transmitted?

Unshielded, at risk sex, Posting of hypodermic needles to get injection, medication use

From an HIV-infected mother to her baby, especially as the infant passes throughout the birth cacera (the baby has a 25-30% chance of becoming HIV positive if not treated duringpregnancy), Human breasts milk

Random needle supports, which are a risk between HealthCare personnel (about a one in three hundred chance), Blood transfusion and coagulation products (although this is very rare, with the modern blood-screening systems used since 1985)(Bennet-96)


No one knows how to cure HIV or HELPS. However , there are numerous therapies, both conventional and alternative, that effectively lengthen and boost the quality in the lives of men and women with HIV and HELPS. The goals of treatment are to: Slower the replication rate of HIV Stop and deal with opportunistic infections Relieve symptoms and generally improve quality of life. (Noble-96)

Treatment guide

If you have HIV/AIDS, the standard of care in the usa is to provide you conventional medication therapies, particularly if your T-cell count provides fallen beneath 500. You are going to take the majority of HIV/AIDS prescription drugs in combination, to most effectively decrease viral bloodstream levels, increase helper T-cell counts, and minimize the AIDS death price. Because combos of HIV/AIDS drugs are as important as the individual drugs themselves, it is extremely important that you stick to your medicine regimen:

Take prescription drugs at exactly the prescribed times during the day

By no means skip doses

Never skip drugs

For surveillance and routine administration, you will not need to remain in the hospital. Some more severe problems will require a hospital stay.

Medication Therapy

Anti-HIV drug remedy attacks HIV at numerous stages of its lifestyle cycle. Although the drugs possess improved the medial side effects, which include nausea, belly cramps, diarrhea and irregular body fat redistribution. (Hardman-96)


American Foundation for ASSISTS Research

120 Wall Street, 13th Floor

Nyc, NY 10005

Phone: 212-806-1600

Fax: 212-806-1601

The Body An ASSISTS and HIV Information Reference

Centers pertaining to Disease Control

National Prevention Information Network

P. U. Box 6003

Rockville, MARYLAND 20849

Mobile phone: 800-458-5231

Foreign: 301-562-1098

TTY: 800-243-7012

Elizabeth Glaser The chidhood AIDS Groundwork

2950 thirty first Street, Suite 125

Santa Monica, FLORIDA 90405

Mobile phone: 310-314-1459

Fax: 31-314-1469


Gay Guys Health Problems

119 Western world 24th Street, 6th Floors

New york city, NY 10011

Cellphone: 212-807-6655

TTY: 212-645-7470

Fax: 212-337-3656

HIV Private Testing & Counseling

Howard Brown Well being Center

4025 In. Sheridan Road

Chicago, IL 60613

Phone: 773-388-1600

HIV Insite Gateway to AIDS Understanding

University of California, Bay area

HIV Positive. com

Centers for Disease Control Nationwide HIV/AIDS


800-342-AIDS (2437)

San Francisco AIDS Foundation

S. O. Box 426182

San Francisco, LOS ANGELES 94142-6182

AIDS Hotline: 800-367-AIDS (2437) (toll-free in Calif. )

Phone: (415) 487-3000



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