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The Redwoods Group (Redwoods) begun in 1997 and is a privately held extremely social mindful company offering property and casualty insurance underwriting along with risk and claims managing services to charitable companies, camps and others. Redwoods is actually a for-benefit company formed to develop shared benefit for all stakeholders and to appeal to a market underserved by many insurers. You’re able to send business and social quest is to safeguard and enhance the quality of life with the communities this serves and its particular motto is always to ‘serve others’. It has a unusual approach toward reducing the injuries and accidents among the list of children and also covers all of those other aspects which the average insurance providers within the U. S. do cover.

Redwoods Groups (Redwoods) being a for-benefit corporation created to create distributed value for any stakeholders and cater to an industry underserved by most insurance providers looks forward to having a comprehensive marketing plan which will ensure that the items and the companies of the business reach the prospective audience in addition to this particular circumstance, the (Young Men’s Christian Association) YMCA of Grand Rapids (GR), a Human Providers charity, the Jewish Community Centers and the resident camps across the region. The Redwoods therefore wants to introduce a new product that could encourage cautious selection of individuals ferrying kids to the summer time camps and also give a reprieve to the businesses owning the transport vehicles used for transporting children to these camps in case of an crash. The main goals of the marketing campaign will be as follows;

To generate consciousness among the summertime camps for the children branches across the nation regarding the services plus the products of Redwoods as an insurer and in effect collect 5% expansion within the first 6 months of implementation on this sustainable advertising plan.

To obtain at least 75% clients from the summertime holiday camps for children benefit from our cover and solutions within the former year as we look towards getting the sole service provider of the solutions to this country wide respected and recognized charity.

To have the summer sports program branches since the main company ambassador through referrals that Redwoods will probably be getting from summer camps bearing the extensive network that the summertime camps possess across the land and in additional countries.

Generally, the way that this new product will take is usually one that assists both the organization in terms of revenue generation, but most significantly assisting in imstilling virtue of careful and responsible traveling within the community, which is a responsibility that is in line with the philosophy, vision and social mission of Redwoods which is to safeguard and improve the quality of life inside the communities they will serve (Blab, 2014).

Marketing Mix

You will find four major areas that any corporation concentrates on whilst making some significant marketing plan or decisions. Kotler described promoting mix while “controllable variables that the firm can use to influence the buyer’s response” (Owomoyela T. K. ainsi que. al, 2013). The 4 factors which have been considered in marketing blend are usually the product, price, place and promotion. These four aspects will probably be central in the implementation from the sustainable advertising plan for Redwoods as described below.

Product- the product that may form the centre concentration in this marketing prepare is the provision of protection plans to non-profits. There are several other organizations that purport to offer the same assistance, but the Redwood product will be different and peculiar in that apart from the children getting the prime focus on in this effort, the focus are not much in making earnings but forging a cohabitation with the clients through giving at least 10% of the profit returning to the world through corporate and business social duties as method of making the cover against injury and accidents staying sustainable in the society. The particular this product stick out also is the truth that the repayment of the excessive amount will no longer be pinned at $25, 000 for just about any accident that sees the automobile get damaged before one is compensated to get the ruined car. You will see a person to person evaluation of the history and the payment made as will probably be further mentioned below.

Value – the pricing method that is used inside the company at the moment is the normal way of considering the damage, whether it is fatal, permanent total disability, long term partial incapacity or temporary total disability and the expenses are paid for. There is also the calculation the percentage from the sum confident that is expanded to the travel of the dead man remains. It is as of this last little bit that the Redwoods will substantially differ while using rest when it comes to pricing. It truly is our belief that having a fixed percentage given to all the beneficiaries to use in shipping the body could be quite unnerving especially if the add up to be used surpasses the percentage share. Redwoods is going to therefore compensate each relatives on transportation cost in line with the mileage covered by the body and this will be limited to the market benefit of transportation costs as well as the body only. It is also really worth noticing that in cases where the person incurs damage to his car, then United States Liability Insurance (USLI) requires that the person, no matter the previous records will probably be required to shell out $25, 1000 maximum in what is referred to as extra (JE Browns Associates Insurance Services Incorporation., 2014). The marketing campaign is going to introduce the charging in the excess on people to person evaluation due to the fact that this will be reasonable for the careful drivers. If the specific has to earlier charges of reckless driving a car then he may not become charged any excess. If the individual will be identified to have a new single example of reckless driving he will probably have to pay $10,50, 000 while excess and above that in number of reckless driving it will go back to the $25, 000.

Place- at the present time, the organization protects the YMCAs, Jewish Community centers in addition to the resident camps. This means that the targeted populace is already inside the coverage with the insurer, yet there is must have a more extensive interaction with these summer time camps and this can be achieved through introduction of recent products that will be act as brand ambassador to help the coverage to other camping associations. The introduction of the brand new product can help Redwoods include a higher protection as compared to the competitors.

Campaign Plan using AIDA+

The promotional strategy will essentially take the five stages of AIDA+ inside the execution from the promotion with this new product of Redwoods. You will have need to produce Awareness, create Interest, blend the Desire to have it among the camp organizers, produce necessity of Action and assess or take notice of the Satisfaction while the five tenets of AIDA+.


The goals of this stage of the campaign is to catch the understanding of the summer camp organizers within the insurance cover that Redwoods offer and also get them to aware of the modern adjustment for the payment of excess on the personal analysis of the new driver. The message intended is that Redwoods offers the best insurance for summer camp organizers.

Marketing efforts; in order to reach the widest quantity of summer camp for the children organizers, the modern media could be the most suitable. It will have use of the Redwoods internet site to advertise this system, emails will probably be sent out towards the targeted coordinators and also usage of social media will be handy to ensure the parents to the children and the most important the camp coordinators get to know from the product in the shortest period possible. This is certainly a decision come to based on the increasing demand for the social networking and the ease to have the communication propagated by viewers through retweets and sharing of facebook articles as compared to the standard billboard text messages. This channel also provides for visibility round the clock since anyone who visits the site will be able to begin to see the advertisement no matter the time (Mella F., 2013).


This is certainly aimed at lifting the recognition from the basically acquired understanding of the product from Redwoods towards the level which the camp planners see the value or benefits of this product to their organization.

This product is directed at ensuring the protection financially and in addition peace of mind in case of any eventuality throughout the summer camps especially on the road. The product will probably be of interest for the camp planners since it will offer them to be able to pay reduced rates of excess in case of an incident and still get the comprehensive reimbursement like any additional firm.

Promoting efforts; to create interest, it will have brochures, both in soft duplicate and hard form detailing your covers that we have pertaining to the summer camps and also featuring the exceptional treatment of excessive payment incase of an car accident as the children are going to or in the

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