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Under armour case analysis essay

Under Shield, Inc. can be described as well-known sportswear manufacturing business in the United States that competes with a number of different brands, such as Nike and Adidas, Converse and Puma, New Balance and Lululemon Athletica, that are recognized throughout the world.

Even though a given business organization is one of the leading manufacturers of sports clothing that get ground and revel in a great success across the complete globe, there are several challenges that they face as a result of the substantial, intense, and in many cases aggressive rivalry among the opponents in the current sportswear market. So as to have a thorough understanding of company’s part in the current athletics apparel sector, as well as to determine its’ business, first of all, you need to have great background know-how about Under Shield.

Additionally , a listing of important conditions includes the difficulties of strategic planning, proper management, and key elements for business success. In an attempt to evaluate the latest economic performance with the company, it could be advantageous to produce the SWOT analysis and take into consideration the value-added string of this particular brand. All the information that can be found in both types of organization analysis assists the company’s stakeholders identify the weaknesses with their corporation, and thus, implement specific innovations to possess a remarkable competitive advantage within the current market. Obviously, it is very important as every leading sportswear developing corporation requires significant work to stay ahead of the companies growing the same item ” a high-quality items for sports athletes across the world. In cases like this, Under Shield, Inc. exerts the intensive efforts to become ‘one hop ahead’ of your variety of comparable business companies that own the most popular athletics apparel brands such as Nike and Nike.

Background Information

25th September 1996 is the standard date of setting-up of any well-known American company that deals with making high-quality sportswear. The creator of Beneath Armour, Inc. is a past football person who is generally known as Kevin Plank. Being a 23-years-old student on the University of Maryland, the athlete was the captain of its football team throughout a long period of time. Despite the fact that this prominent determine was interested in American soccer, he had the makings of developing in the entrepreneurship actions. During the initially year, a small business owner was able to earn $17, 000 although he hadn’t a suitable workplace and spent long hours inside the basement of his grandmother. Since Plank was a past footballer, he previously a thorough understanding of the athletes’ basic demands, one of the good examples is the creating of a new product on the sportswear market ” a Jacket made of a synthetic fabric that may be known as superb water-wicking materials.

Even though the model of the Jacket invented simply by Plank was considerably good, the head from the company continued to develop his product. Within a few years, he began to manufacture the ‘football jersey’ using the small fibers, this particular textile material was obviously a real catch for the athletes simply because stayed dried and amazing during sports matches. The interesting factor is that this technology, which was released by the past captain from the students’ basketball team, utilized by many businesses owning one of the most valuable brands in the world. The first and foremost business deal that resulted in fast growth of Beneath Armour in popularity was the sale of twelve T-shirts ordered by the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). After that, Plank received an opportunity to make use of a variety of establishments and companies related to the location of specialist football. One of them, one can find Az State, NC State, as well as National Collegiate Athletic Relationship.

Company’s Current State of Market

Considering the intense competition in the current sports apparel industry, it should be noted that Under Armour, Inc. led by a prolific American businessman takes significant efforts in order to remain competitive in this particular apparel manufacturing industry. Though modern those who claim to know the most about finance make a point that Under Armour, Inc. experienced a remarkable sales decline over the last few years, the recent news report an excellent increase in you can actually capital share. Currently, this corporation is generally regarded as an exceptional upstart in the Sports Apparel Industry, although Under Shield, Inc. was already existing available for three years, its market share still is not enough to sidestep the two leading athletic brands ” Nike and Adidas. Despite this simple fact, Plank positions his firm as one of the best apparel manufacturing companies that own the top quality brands.

Based on the recent financial reports, Beneath Armour, Incorporation. followed a great upward craze since its market shares include increased by 30 % during the last year. The rapid creation in this particular industry is almost impossible because the rest of top of the line manufacturers will not forge ahead as well. For example, some shoe retailers ” like Amazon and Walmart ” usually develop an ever more diversified product in order to travel extra organization and protect against the existing competition. To minimize the adverse effects from the fast-growing selling sporting goods business, Under Shield, Inc. offers implemented a number of strategic innovations through the complete organization restructure. During the recent interview, David Bergman, the Chief Economical Officer of Under Armour, Inc. mentioned that they arranged some new targets in the provider’s business plan. Included in this, one can find the issues of clever functioning, quickly manufacturing, global shifting coming from ‘traditional’ recruiting model, and efficient search engine optimization of the further costs required to achieve the pricing efficiency. In his statement, Bergman offers admitted that he is without doubts about the full potential of Beneath Armour, Inc. that can be achieved as a result of the recent execution of specific internal firm policies and procedures.

Fundamentals of Strategic Planning and Strategic Management

Despite the fact that the idea of ‘strategic planning’ can be described as considerably wide term that may refer to numerous functional parts of the business company, it lies the foundation of the company’s ability to generate cash. The most important adjustments implemented by stakeholders of Under Shield, Inc. is available below.

  1. Development of an exceptional Product that might Grab Community Attention

It is common reassurance that the modern youngsters evince great interest in the different types of athletic sports. As a result of these kinds of a growing propensity, the majority of specialists forecast the higher demand for running shoes, apparel, and equipment. Since Under Shield, Inc has taken a different sort of turn in the latest world garments industry, an all sety market is a suitable condition to get the enhanced performance of a organization as well as for the rapid growth of the brand’s market share.

  1. Improve Organization Image and Increase Brand Awareness

Business picture is one of the essential factors that influence the company’s popularity on the market. Therefore , it can be required to develop a set of marketing plans since the accomplishment of every business corporation depend upon which promotional efforts taken by the stakeholders.

  1. Use the The latest Advances that manufactures Technologies

In this case, all of the technological innovations utilized in the production process not simply contribute to the marketing of the staff but also play a key role in enhancing the financial functionality of the organization corporation. Lately, the HOURS managers of Under Armour, Inc. have discharged 3 % in the company’s employees due to the concern of scientific restructuring. Currently, the major a part of advanced manufacturing equipment gives business corporations with the numerous smart technological devices which can be capable of replacing the employees and creating better results.

  1. Focus on Expanding Women’s Athletic Apparel to keep fit

In respect to Frank Carroll, the former head of the marketing section of Underneath Armour, Incorporation., women who like buying sports activities apparel signify the key pillar needed for the future growth of their corporation. Having applied this kind of marketing strategy, Underneath Armour launched a few women-focused commercials presenting GiseleBündchen and Misty Copeland. Since females are more likely to spend the enormous sum of money on clothing, shoes, and accessories, it can be evident that creating the ladies clothing range may take Under Armour, Inc. a substantial market share in the current sportswear clothing industry.

  1. Concentrate on Current Footwear Market

Even though Under Shield, Inc. did not design specific athletic footwear in the past, this kind of business corporation has made an attempt to create a exclusive model of sports footwear using a lot of innovative technology. Being dedicated to the athletes’ needs, just like comfort and motivation, one of the leading American manufacturers made a decision to apply the footwear extra padding technology. The recent progress Under Shield, Inc. is the pair of ‘super-soft’ sports shoes that may ensure the master a great impact absorbing system.

Set of Key Factors Leading to Organization Success

  • Firstly, Under Armour, Incorporation. is acknowledged to be a trustworthy sports clothing manufacturer that creates a superior quality product on the current market.
  • Second of all, the stakeholders of this particular business corporation are capable of rewarding the needs of their buyers even though a substantial part of their clients’ requirements meeting the best standard of quality.
  • Finally, the use of technologically advanced devices in the manufacturing process plays a fantastic role inside the rapid development of Under Shield, Inc.
  • Finally, stakeholders of Under Armour, Inc. concentrate their attention on the area of sports marketing, in this case, they could attract a greater number of potential customers through various marketing campaigns.

SWOT Analysis of Under Shield

The detailed SWOT research is a great instrument that allows evaluating the efficiency of a organization corporation and also identifies its potential challenges and risks.


It is just a well-known reality Under Shield, Inc. lies as a top quality brand that could be positioned since the ground breaking one. Futhermore important, this kind of brand was found due to the great development idea. Examining the current business industry, you can note that the usage of innovative technology is always associated with numerous benefits, which include the diversity of product and services, a variety of customer section, and the continuous product offerings.


Although Under Shield is a effective brand in the current sports clothing market, continue to, this particular organization corporation offers three primary ‘soft places. ‘ One of them, one can find the issues of outsourcing, geographical range, and athletic endorsement to the present market.


At present, the rapid progress the technology results in the adverse consequences for many businesses and business, Even though many business corporations have experienced the decline in sales just lately, the field of sports apparel can be not affected. Furthermore, the individuals’ affinity for sports is a superb opportunity for such businesses to advance their product and services. For instance, the introduction of different technology-based fitness gadgets will certainly possess a resonance in society.


First of all, high labor cost is probably the most important dangers for Under Armour, Inc. As well, this particular business corporation deals with manufacturing sports activities apparel, therefore, it has a large number of opponents, such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Harmony, and many others.

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