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The new epoch of the globe s history the

Environmental Issues Relating to many experts, the Earth has entered a fresh epoch, the Anthropocene. While it is still on with debate regarding whether or not we ought to consider the era we live in now as a new epoch, scientists have recommended that we have officially moved out from ...

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Solar power Technologies Solar powered energy has been employed for centuries to get drying crops, clothes, wood, and plants residues, and heating complexes. But now strategies have been produced to make these types of activities more effective, and to work with solar energy in several ways. You will discover two ...

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Maximum electrical power point checking techniques

Energy, Electrical power Increasing energy needs and decreasing regular energy sources put more give attention to the renewable energy sources in general and solar energy in particular. Generation of electrical energy coming from solar energy needs the application of photo voltaic (PV) concepts. Hence, PHOTO VOLTAIC cells have grown to ...

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