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1 . External economies of scale arise when the cost per unit A. rises as the industry grows larger. B. falls as the industry grows larger rises as the average firm grows larger. C. falls as the average firm grows larger. D. remains constant. E. None of the above. Answer:  B 2 . Internal economies of scale arise when the cost per unit A. rises as the industry grows larger. B. falls as the industry grows larger. C. rises as the average firm grows larger. D. falls as the average firm grows larger. E. None of the above. Answer:  D 3. External economies of scale A. ay be associated with a perfectly competitive industry. B. cannot be associated with a perfectly competitive industry. C. tends to result in one huge monopoly. D. tends to result in large profits for each firm. E. None of the above. Answer:  A 4. Internal economies of scale A. may be associated with a perfectly competitive industry. B. cannot be associated with a perfectly competitive industry. ...

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Development, Effects Economic progress can be viewed via two perspectives. For many years, economists had put primary importance in factor endowments, good economical policies, and democratic establishments, as the main determinants of economic advancement. Some those who claim to know the most about finance though declined to accept the hypothesis ...

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Worldwide Trade and Trade Limitations International Transact and Control Restrictions International trade enhances the number of goods that household consumers can consider, decreases the price of those products through increased competition, and allows domestic industries to ship goods abroad. When all of these appear beneficial, free of charge trade is ...

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Comparative benefits labor efficiency essay

Comparative, Evaluation, Comparative Examination, International Trade Excerpt coming from Essay: Ricardian Model As the earth has been significantly globalizing, worldwide trade as well as the different factors that facilitate trade have become of critical importance. Many countries and work markets receive many benefits from trade and specialization. Even so the ...

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