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John Locke believed that every object offers primary and secondary characteristics. In other words, he maintained that each object contains primary and secondary features, which are important to develop the ultimate idea of the thing. Primary qualities to him were attributes such as shape, seize, movement etc . Of the object, which will remains stationary, regardless of who the perceiver is and just how good or bad conditions or circumstances are. Put simply, primary features are in addition to the perceiver great way of perceiving the object plus they remain similar for every observer. On the other hand supplementary qualities were attributes including color, and the ones things that individuals get from the item including the emotions we get etc .

Primary qualities will be thus “Those qualities associated with an object inside the external universe which are regarded as characteristic with the object since it is in itself, and so whether anyone is aware of the item or not. Locke prospect lists extension [an object’s occupying space or three-dimensionality, hence the size], form, motion or perhaps rest, solid design or impenetrability, and number as primary qualities of your object. Main qualities of an object will be said to be these, which are measurable. Thus, we can measure the span, width, and height, of your desk, and can also measure how much that weighs. ” (Strayer)

Second qualities on the other hand are understood to be “All practical qualities, which can be not main, such as hues, sounds, likes, odors, and felt textures. Secondary features are thought to be mind-dependent in that physics does not tell us that the target has a color, but says that it consists of atoms, which lack color. Color is due to matter interacting with minds. inches (Strayer)

This is simply not an easy idea to understand simply because there exist a number of ambiguities in his argument or perhaps theory. For one, we simply cannot say that size, shape and movement will be independent of perceiver and is termed major qualities. This is due to a lot depends on the perceiver regarding this too. By way of example a person viewing the thing from s short range would get a different sort of idea of its shape and size compared to someone stand far away. Similarly, it is not entirely correct to assume that color of an object can be described as secondary quality. A thing, which can be red in color, will remain reddish colored no matter when you see it except if it is a thing that is susceptible to changing colors. ‘To Locke, primary features are absolutely inseparable coming from… [a] body’, while extra

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