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Comparing no name woman and woman hollering creek

Short Story, Examine, Texas

Both equally stories are very similar because they explore the theme of personal identity. Kingston’s “No Name Woman” is exploring the narrator’s struggles to connect her American identity while using Chinese Identity. Similarly, Cisneros’ “Woman Hollering Creek” is exploring how Cleófilas’ Chicano personality affects her marriage and relationship. Consequently , the protagonists in the two stories will be women and they are really struggling to reconcile two diverse cultures.

In “No Name Woman, inches Maxine Hong Kingston pursuit of personal personality by checking out a narrative of her aunt who also also the actual title in the first phase. Kingston’s mother warns her that “You must not tell anyone…she acquired never been born” (Kingston1507). However , Kingston ignores her mother warning and is exploring her Oriental cultural backdrop which the lady intends to reconcile with her current American identity.

Through listening and altering the tales distributed by her mother regarding the link between her as well as Chinese lifestyle, Kingston succeeds to uncover the value of the Chinese language cultural history. Kingston identifies the famous narrative as “talk-stories” which were primarily anchored on tradition and they also offered as common tales in whose primarily purpose is quite didactic (Kingston 1507). We after learn that Kingston mother is called Fearless Orchid. “No Name Woman” provides Kingston with a useful opportunity to check out her social history in in-depth.

Sandra Cisneros’ “Woman Hollering Creek” examines themes of American-Mexican or perhaps Chicana identification, gender politics and migrants. Therefore , the storyline is carefully related to “No Name Female. ” A woman, Cleófilas Enrqueta DeLeón Hernández, is usually struggling to flee an harassing marriage. Her father gives Juan Pedro permission to marry Cleófilas and get across the border to America with her. The young woman leaves all her life looking for passion: “But what Cleófilas has been waiting for, has been whispering and sighing and giggling…” (Cisneros 1588).

Cleófilass background demonstrates she experienced little to perform in her native town and the girl was mostly entertained simply by “telenovelas” and aspired to take after the females superstars showcased in the series. The young woman copied the cosmetic, hair and modified her wedding dress to resemble the superstars she had been viewing in her hometown (Cisneros 1589). Cisneros has extensively explored Chicana women who have already been candid enough to withstand unacceptable behaviors both in their cultures and also other cultures. In a nutshell, both girls in the two narratives are attempting to reconcile their particular current American identity with the ancestral details.

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