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Summary of global cities essay

A global metropolis is 1 “that contains a direct and tangible influence on global affairs through socioeconomic, cultural, and/or political means” (Wikipedia, 2006). For a metropolis to go global, it has to outstrip the level of development of other urban centers in the region and achieve global relevance. The producing of a global city is usually associated with high costs. Over the long-term, however , this plan of development has numerous advantages when compared to other feasible options.

A global, or universe city, will probably be at the forefront of the positive effect, being adequately positioned to take pleasure from its rewards.

Because of their crucial position, they may become concentrations of political electric power, centers of “world control and marketing and sales communications, leaders in banking and finance” (Curtis, 1999). All their prominence and fame make them attract several stage events, festivals, different entertainment venues and sporting events. Tourists likewise flood global cities due to their importance and plenty of opportunities for eyesight seeing.

Each one of these activities allow global cities to get economic gain and encourage the development of facilities.

That is why among normal features of a global city certainly are a “major international airport (for case, London Heathrow Airport) that serves as an existing hub for a number of international airlines” and “an advanced transport system that includes several freeways and/or a huge mass transit network offering multiple settings of transportation” (Wikipedia, 2006).

Inevitably, within a global town a system of international resorts and other types of holiday accommodation will develop to support business travelling and travel and leisure. Communication devices including Wi-Fi networks, fiberoptics, and mobile phone services is surely an inalienable characteristic of the global city’s your life. Global metropolitan areas are able to reap the benefits of serving like a seat to major international agencies and organization institutions. For example , New York is usually seat for the United Nations’ headquarters, as well as Wall Street section is home to a number of internationally identified financial institutions.

Global cities will even host significant stock exchanges that make them centers of economic activity. Going global will make metropolis a centre of organization and personal activity through the entire region. Most ambitious individuals will push there to consider better profession prospects, intercontinental venues can concentrate generally there, and a lot of company decision-making will likely take place generally there. It is this kind of role in decision-making that could also assist global cities in posting a larger part of resources than other settlements in the area.

Deposition of economical and politics power within these metropolitan areas will help all their residents enhance their scope of opportunities. Community cities usually rise to the top of the world hierarchy, speedily increasing all their dominance above others. In comparison, less visible urban centers are guaranteed to global towns by associations of dependence that suggest their reliability on global cities. This control over fewer powerful cities also offers global towns opportunities for development.

The dependent spots will depend on their global neighbors available of their goods and services, access to goods and services they need, data, employment opportunities, and so forth (Curtis, 1999). In this way, global cities could also gain access to their resources, using them for their creation. Overall, learning to be a global city opens many opportunities. A great urban centre receives incredible momentum pertaining to the development of their infrastructure and economic basis.

An inflow of people coming from all over the world spearheads cultural advancement and enhances diversity, in its turn leading to the popularity of the town over the world. It is important to use these opportunities to enhance control of the spot and influence this control for the introduction of other urban centers.


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