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The victorian internet by tom standage

In our world today, the world wide web is a technology that is essential in human being life. With an estimate of about 1 . 5 billion people using the technology, the internet has come to establish by itself as an important part of our day to day life. Besides it ease communication, it is just a world stuffed with endless choices and matchless fun. Although technically, the web has been in procedure since the early 1960s, the commercialization had not been until inside the 1980s. Today, to imagine a new without the internet is almost to assume living in the primitive period.

One thing we should all agree on is this – the internet has made things less difficult, faster and better.

However , the question that is a cause of controversy is if this technology is completely new or has generally there been a similar technology? In this essay, comparism will be built between the internet and other technical development which has been in us in the past. Could they be similar or perhaps different? Do we say that these technologies is what led to the introduction of the internet or is it an entirely new technology? If they happen to be similar, what proofs do we have? In the event not, how could we in that case explain the growth of the net? Perhaps, the book that captures this kind of topic is “The Victorian Internet” authored by Tom Standage.

In the book, Ben Standage argues that Internet of these days and nights and Telegraph in 19th century can be on the same parallel. And this individual explains lots of commons and problems which usually both have with histories and examples. Speaking on the Internet, Standage taken care of that the internet serves similar role in this age the telegraph performed in communication in its grow older. In part one within the book, Tom referred to the telegraph as the mother of all systems. In page 9, this individual introduces the similarity between the telegraph as well as the internet in the name that every of the possess. According to him, Chappe wanted to identity his new-technology “the tachygraphe” which means “fast writer” but was advised against it by his friend.

He after called it telegraph meaning “far writer”. Considering the net, one of the major points attributed to it is its rate and its reach in terms of syndication. Tom as well argued that if it had been possible for a 19th100 years citizen to be transported to the present world, he might be wowed by transportation by air yet certainly not by internet. The reason behind this is because he has already been right now there and done that and therefore there is not much of a difference between the two systems. He remarked that they both equally sort of talk about the same chronicles, uses and face precisely the same problems.

For example, they the two used Multiprotocol routers. This individual maintained that even back in time, translations among Morse code and scraps of conventional paper in bins shot had been done by the utilization of pneumatic tubes. Apart from this, they are all have problems with bugs, hackers and frauds. Like we have today, there was problems with scams and security of the technology as Stock exchange feeds were being traced and broken in the 1830s. He also aimed that the initially online matrimony was a telegraph marriage.

Hence, we can declare online romantic endeavors is not a new thing as it is a huge practice before. Furthermore, you can this rather continuous partial attention that both of them reveal. One feature of internet users is that they will be partially hooked on the network. Interestingly, this kind of also was your case of serious telegraph users. For instance, in 1948, it was said of recent York Businessman, W. Electronic Dodge any time returning later from operate, trying to consider his head off the paperwork and organization, he was cut off by a telegraph from Birmingham.

Personally, I believe that few things are entirely new, what we have got are just adjustment on the already existing technologies. One particular technological technology is crafted from a previous one particular. In the case of the telegraph plus the internet, My spouse and i subscribe to the position of Ben Standage due to incredible similarities that exists between the two technologies. Yet , I am of the opinion that in this way, Tom overstretched some items and was always trying to find was of amalgamating both technologies. Therefore, I consider some of the factors he gave in support of his position irrelevant. Although generally speaking, I will say thumbs up for Tom Standage!


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