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A leader is a individual that has the ability to business lead or command word an entire group of people, a leader is definitely someone who is usually followed by other people. Being a head is a wonderful advantage, it is something which is certainly not handed to a individual nor is it something which can be bought, command is something that is earned. This entire course we have been learning about and discussing various characteristics of effective leaders. Some of those features included self confidence, charisma, bravery, heart, perseverance, and among many others.

This daily news will target primarily using one individual who displays these attributes and many other features which contributes greatly to his achievement as a innovator. The person that has been selected to get the basis of this paper is usually Ray Lewis, a twelve year pro-bowl selection linebacker from the Baltimore Ravens.

The key reason why I have chosen Lewis with this paper is because of the qualities he features as a head not only on the playing field, but off from it as well.

He could be what I believe to be the ideal and most mindset and inspirational player in the National Football League today, maybe even all sports activities. The object of this paper should be to elaborate on Lewis’ characteristics and supply an explanation of his leadership style and why they are really effective.

This kind of paper will start by giving a detailed analysis of Ray. Following your analysis it will eventually then move into discussing Ray’s styles of management. After referring to Lewis’ models it will after that begin under-going all his characteristics like a leader and what makes him stand out like a leader, in other words, I will clarify why Beam Lewis is a powerful and effective head and the explanation he sticks out to people aside from his business.

Ray Lewis is a professional basketball player that is currently in the 17th time playing pertaining to the Baltimore Ravens inside the National Football League. Lewis, born on May 15th 75, ranks him amongst one of many oldest current players inside the league. Also at age thirty-seven Lewis manages to still be one of the most dominant forces hanging around today while competing with and against athletes who are practically half of his age. Expert but skilled, Lewis continues to have much to provide his staff regardless of his age. Statistically Lewis continue to remains up near the the top of list. In seventeen periods Lewis provides won multiple individual accolades as well as group awards during his time in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Lewis has become selected to thirteen pro-bowl appearances in his seventeen 12 months career.

Basically the pro-bowl is actually a nation wide election on what players head to an all-star game, “” who happen to be selected happen to be deemed the very best at all their position in that year. Lewis has also been chosen as the best defensive participant in football in a pair of those months, which received him the Defensive Person of the Season award in 2000 and 2003. In 2000, the Baltimore Ravens lead by simply Lewis were underdogs inside the biggest game of the year, the Superbowl. The Baltimore Ravens gained that game 34-7 in the New York Giants to clinch the right end with their season. Lewis became the particular second linebacker to win the MVP award pertaining to his overall performance in that video game.

Adding to his collection of person awards was the ultimate prize of National champions following winning the Superbowl. Since 1996 Lewis is 228 frequent season games and seventeen playoff games. In all those 228 video games he has recorded a couple of, 061 discusses, 41 carriers (times discussed the Quarterback), 31 interceptions, and a few defensive touchdowns. These quantities are a obvious representative of how dominant Beam can be within the field along with what a long and highly effective career this individual has had thus far. Not only do these numbers say that he has already established a great job, but it implies that Lewis provides credibility behind everything he says on and off the field.

Ahead of getting into the leadership kinds of Ray Lewis, I want to give a historical qualifications of him in order to give a brief notion of Ray’s childhood and where he came from. Beam Anthony Lewis was born on May 15th 1975 in Bartow, which is a little city in Central Florida. His mother Sunseria Smith, got Ray in a very childhood of 12-15. His dad walked on both Ray and his mother while these were in the hospital without his new born baby possibly having a term. The first time this individual ever noticed his daddy face to face was when Ray was just shy of the year old. The abandoning of Ray simply by his dad played an enormous role and had a large influence on his lifestyle as enough time went by. He believes his fathers shortage in his lifestyle actually helped shaped him as a gentleman and made him the character that he is today.

Growing up, Ray seen many things in life that affected him singularly in a way that will alter the course of his life. As the years continued, Ray continue to without a dad, began to enjoy sports like a kid. He found his calling in football if he was told by multiple coaches that he had a natural talent and was really gifted. The challenge was that Ray had no person to tell at home.

His mother was constantly working, she maintained three jobs to keep the house above their mind and meals on the table. Each time he did something great in life his father was never generally there. When he managed to graduate from highschool, his dad was still not really there. When he accepted a scholarship to Miami School in the springtime of 1993, his father yet again did not show his son support. The reason this is very important and strongly related Ray’s qualities of a high quality leader is because it is the ignite behind his motivation.

“I was pissed off was the answer Lewis gave the interviewer once asked just how he sensed about his situation together with his father (E: 60. Beam Lewis, 2012). He discussed how his fathers shortage in his the child years angered him, and baffled him. This individual often considered how someone created life and simply leave it at the rear of like nothing ever before happened. The pain that Ray was receiving coming from all the cracked promises, lack of time put in with his dad, and becoming the only gentleman in the house growing up was all changed into a positive energy for him. The reason that his father is a popular subject thus far is because of how this individual created the man that Ray Lewis is based on the fact he left him alone. “I turned discomfort into my pal. The only ever way to defeat pain, is to recognize that pain is available.

That’s the only ever method you will overcome pain. Since pain is available in every second of our lives (A Sports Life: Beam Lewis, 2011). What this individual meant by turning soreness into his friend was that he would use that “pain that his father presented upon him to stimulate and travel himself daily by exercising. “Sometimes I might do push-ups and situps until I actually cried mainly because I wanted to beat him so bad! We wouldn’t stop, I guaranteed myself I would personally never stop (A Sports Life: Beam Lewis, 2011).

Much of Ray’s success in training originate from the drive he had from your pain he suffered. If he was in highschool one of his coaches presented with him a yearbook and told him to turn to the sports webpage. On that page was obviously a picture of Ray’s daddy Ernie. The next page had a list of documents for every sport, in the primary slot for record cases was Ray’s fathers identity. He made a promise to himself that he more than likely stop teaching, he would hardly ever give up no matter what, and he would continue to combat through the soreness until his fathers name was absent off of individuals records. Whenever he overtook a record, this individual crossed his fathers brand off of the record list.

Earlier times of Beam Lewis is the reason00 why he is the leader that he is today. Growing plan a single mother, Ray experienced his mom in many busted relationships. As a child, there were multiple occasions in which Ray observed his mom with bruised arms, dark-colored eyes, chop up faces and also other signs of home-based abuse coming from failed romantic relationship. Another motivation he had to get working so hard was going to make sure that “No man, ever before, ever put his hands on my mom again or family again (A Football Life: Ray Lewis, 2011).

This mindset Ray had would continue on for the rest of his life. He developed the relevant skills necessary for rewarding the management role for a very childhood. All of this can make it very easy to find out as to why Beam Lewis is rolling out the characteristics essential for being an independent, trustworthy, not going to quit, hard working, and passionate person. I could carry on and on about characteristics, virtue, and other great qualities Ray offers and we will eventually get there. The next part of this kind of paper is going to examine Ray in the modern time, and look in his management styles and why they can be so effective as well as analyze the possibilities as to the reasons he is as good respected as a leader.

“I’m a natural born leader Beam admits, this individual constantly will remind people that if they stick to him he will probably take them to greatness (America’s Game: 2000 Baltimore Ravens). This section will focus mainly on command, and why Ray is a wonderful example of exemplary leadership and what designs he purposes of leading his organization. The first style of Ray that is mentioned can be his capacity to lead by example. This sort of leadership according to the EIL component is considered “modelling the way which essentially means paving the path pertaining to teammate’s and/or the organization simply by leading by simply example.

In the National Football League players are considered the the best at what they do, being confident is scarcely an issue, nevertheless being the best does not indicate that they job or perform like these are the best. Essentially what I mean is that it is very simple for people who are great at something not to think that they should continue trying to get better. Yet it is very hard to not give a hundred percent for something if the entire ambiance of the business is doing exactly the same thing.

However , when ever there is that one person who is constantly trying to outwork everyone without settles for anything just one hundred percent it is rather difficult intended for the whole of the group and/or business to continue slacking or certainly not giving it their best effort. This sort of leader makes to people to want to do well by consistently working to the best of their capabilities and never stopping. When speaking about Lewis and his ability to lead it is important to check out how he handles scenarios of difficulty. Every person, staff, and firm has at one reason for their living faced an issue of difficulty or experienced some scenario where they had to climb their solution of a struggle.

The year 2150, marked a significant transition in Ray Lewis’ life. That year Ray was facing adversity since an individual to get he was offender of homicide after his involvement in a bar fight one Sunday night (Beyond the Glory 2004). The charges were fallen and Ray was deemed wrongfully accused, however , although proven blameless this still did not help his image in any way, shape or contact form. Those who realized Ray nearest knew having been not about violence and not believed it was true. That year the Ravens had been playing an away game against the Tennessee Titans. Ray Lewis was being presented and as he was coming through the tunnel the fans were yelling plebeyo, offensive, and racist feedback towards him.

They were yelling “You dark son of any bitch and other racial slurs towards Lewis. His group mate Trent Dilfer known that the method Lewis responded to that was amazing, this individual did not act up of anger or state anything back again. He basically proved to his staff that no matter what someone says to you “you always have to advance on rather than stop fighting. Lewis do just that, this individual used what these fans were shouting at him and switched it in positive strength, leading the Ravens into a victory in the Titans that game (Americas Game: 2150 Baltimore Ravens).

The team experienced his back again, and once that they saw how Lewis was transitioning the negativity in a positive they will followed his lead. Lewis was reputed for making a claim and backing it up. He would constantly replicate himself about how precisely he is going to win this kind of game intended for his group, as long as they follow his lead and also have his again because he will usually have their own. He would hardly ever allow him self to fail on the field, he’d back up all of his words and phrases with actions and that built him an effective individual that people could set their trust in. He did just that, in 2000 he led the league with 137 registered tackles, a few interceptions, and 3 sacks (LLC 2000).

The importance of leading by simply example should go hand in hand with all the individuals capacity to be an important, motivation, and inspirational one particular as well. This leadership design is also referred to as “encouraging the heart.  This style of management is actually what Lewis is quite known for, just how he can motivate his teammate’s with terms of wisdom and phrases of real truth. Lewis may capture the minds of numerous of his team by just talking to all of them. He allows people to wish to accomplish well and gives them an entire new self confidence that emotionally prepares these people for some thing important. Whenever that Lewis felt his team was becoming shy of desire, and losing faith, he would be one to have them back up on the feet and make them imagine nothing is extremely hard.

Before just about every game Ray gathers his teammate’s with each other to provide associated with mental strength. Usually this individual begins by telling them that they should never settle for anything at all less than their best. He always reminds all of them why they are really where they may be today, and how they need to take advantage of every option that shows up. He frequently reminds these people that he can be right now there for them if they are in a second of hopelessness. Any time they are feeling like they cannot move on they will be reignited with him giving it his all. “I am not really telling you anything for the benefit of myself, My spouse and i am suggesting something intended for the benefit of us (America’s Video game: 2000 Baltimore Ravens).

The intriguing factor about Lewis is that he understands launched time to talk, and when it is time no hear. As reputable of a participant he is, Lewis still respects every time his coaches or players possess something to state. “The the majority of surprising points I have discovered about Ray upon first meeting him was how calm he is really. Lewis rarely opens his mouth which is usually present in the background quietly watching and observing exactly what goes on in a meeting. Sensibly, Lewis is incredibly selective about when he decides to deliver a vocal concept. But when this individual does, everybody listens (Riddle, 2012). Those times that he decides to open his mouth this individual delivers powerful messages that force people to believe in a thing greater than what they think they see.

The following passage can be described as speech given by Ray Lewis to his team and coaches inside the hotel per night before their AFC championship game: “We have been here before, we done been here three years in a row! N’ we let now off the catch. Make sure that you purchased it tonight , nor let them consider you faraway from this instant man! Because this is almost all we got. That is what ya’ll don’t realize usually, that we going to get this once again. We likely to get this again, the car operates too fast. Essential we got to savour these kinds of moments because of at this time. I didn’t want to understand that after i was 24 and 25. That’s why The almighty had to incarcerate me therefore i could observe how great my blessing was that he offered me. So I had to come from a jail being in position, to then stage onto a Superbowl podium man.

I actually don’t try this for me, I recently watch enough film so that I can put myself in position to make my own defence the best damn protection in soccer. That’s why I come back annually. We are not letting this kind of team get out of here on this occasion. That’s what we here for, a W! And once we get off of the bus the next day, we get off it using a swagger, a swagger that says.. Performed!  Lewis was known for his “we not me mentality that inspired a large number of people to wish to play with him, intended for him, and then for the team. A definite story was out relating to this man. It had been a quick a new season, Lewis and the Ravens had been about to take the field. Patiently waiting in their particular locker place stalls, anxious and anxious, all of these players have one objective in mind, to win the overall game.

All of a sudden, close before it had been time. Lewis stands up, and pulls away a jar of what looks to be muscle reliever of some type. He starts to go up to every single person in that locker room. One by one he dabs his ring finger in this jar, and quickly touches every individual on the brain. As he is performing so he could be whispering different things to each of his teammate’s. What he can doing is essentially blessing most of his teammate’s. He is praying for their protection and valor. “It was as if he injected every single man because locker room with produced courage (Riddle, 2012). This kind of highly encouraged his team, a new located inspiration was giving to his teammate’s that night.

This touched many of Lewis’ teammate’s in many various ways. They all presumed that they were one device, one team, one family members, because they had a dad and coach that they understood would always maintain them safe. Lewis established fact for pushing the hearts of different players, which makes them feel in a position of doing well. He is especially effective when the morale with the team reaches a low as they feeds off of his players emotions, this individual understands tips on how to motivate his teammate’s equally mentally and physically.

While motivation since Ray Lewis is the list of qualities and fashions does not end at mindset. One of the most stand out styles and characteristics of your individual leader is his or her ability to inspire a staff based on a vision. This is one design that Lewis takes to heart and is exceptionally fantastic at doing. This individual has the ability to inspire a team based off a shared vision, which is his eyesight that inspires the rest of the business. Ray Lewis is understand for his passion pertaining to the game, and an even larger passion internet marketing the best possible person he can be as a gentleman of The almighty. This mindset also influences how this individual thinks since an sportsman. Recently, having been asked to participate in an interview with hall of fame player Deion Sanders through the playoffs. Ray asked them if they could postpone until in the near future insinuating that his staff will earn the approaching game and move on to the next round from the playoffs.

“Some call it cockiness, I call it up confidence the two chuckled over Ray’s remarks because of how confident having been in his staff to be successful. Ray’s mentality was simple, he claimed that he was under no circumstances in it to fail. “See I’m never going to lose, I’m not in it to lose. That’s just a fact. I by no means strap up my headgear to go shed. And honestly, that’s a eyesight. And that’s the thing, get everyone seeing that same vision.. of course, if you do, gentleman that’s rough beating a male with a vision, beating a guy who see’s something (Beyond the Wonder 2004). This mentality Beam had mentioned would go about much further than just phrases that he thought of immediately.

He preaches to his team regarding being a single unit, considering a just like, having the same mind set day in and day out, because if that is the circumstance then they truly will be unstoppable. He preaches about becoming “one heartbeat, one mind and that essentially means that they will live and die jointly, there is no individuals. Essentially, in the event one person constitutes a mistake everyone is accountable, which went for off of the field situations as well as on the field decisions as well. Lewis inspired his team to get smart, play with each other, and especially most importantly figure out how to love one another. Lewis stated that if you are not really playing for every single other than you will not amount to whatever great.

It truly is more beneficial to play selfless than to try out selfishly. Cause being is really because his whole vision is that “the just path to achievement, is the one that we take together. You cannot find any other way. If we every believe in a similar thing and have the same vision, after that we will truly become powerful, without one can take that away from us.  (A Sports Life: Beam Lewis 2011). In 2011, Ray suffered a broken bottom injury that sidelined him for several weeks.

Instead of performing upset like how the majority of athletes act, he instead used the adversity and turned this into a confident for his teammates. “Adversity defines accurate character. If one of us can be hurting, the other part gotta choose it up This is the concept he informed his team the following video game while he was talking to them before their particular game. This individual emphasizes that having a crew believe in the same goal can ultimately improve a program and organization to new altitudes, in order to be powerful all must be on board when coming up with the right selections for accomplishing an objective.

Those types of leadership mentioned previously in this conventional paper actually compliment the next style which is demanding the process. This style quite simply means hardly ever settling to get anything. Often going after goal. When one particular goal is definitely accomplished, another one is included in the plank. Lewis is known as a firm who trust that there is only 1 way, that is certainly up. And there will always only be 1 up until he stops playing the game when he retires. Following Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens won the championship in 2000, Lewis was referring to it is great to celebrate, yet other clubs are already teaching to take over the Baltimore Ravens next year, and their goal is be right there at their very minute again (America’s Game: 2000 Baltimore Ravens).

Even in his workouts it can be evident that he continue to be push himself passed his limits since settling intended for mediocre with a certain level is not what makes a person great. Developing up, just about every accomplishment Beam ever had he would always tell himself it isn’t enough. He wished more, and he would keep new goals after every 1 was completed. This mentality would profit his job as a specialist.

He continuously emphasizes the value of work, and will. The will to keep heading when every thing is good is often more difficult when everything is bad. When something is running nicely you usually think you are doing alright , nor need to keep striving for even more, Lewis understands that if this is the situation then he may never be truly as great as he could be in the event that he thinks that is accurate.

A question that rises when talking about Beam Lewis is usually where really does all this energy and inspiration come from? Precisely what is he like outside the game of sports? Well, as was described earlier Lewis has come by a cracked home, fatherless, with a mom who was full time working two different careers. His child years is what supported him to become great. Especially with situations including domestic violence that Beam saw a extremely young age it really is no question in which his determination to be a good person comes from.

When his father left him this individual could not knowledge an understanding why a dad would pacte like that in the new born baby. “Why cant a daddy become a daddy to a child who no choice being here today, why might someone leave that child.  (A Football Your life: Ray Lewis 2011). This is the reason why he not having a dad produced Ray’s mindset. “I did not know who also to contact daddy,  he worked because of that, he used to cry during workouts because of that attitude that, soreness is absolutely nothing.

Ray Lewis today provides six kids of his own “4 kings, and two a queen, and I have not had a increased push around me than to see my kids smile.  ( A Football Your life: Ray Lewis 2011). This along side most of the people he met later on would go on be a reason he is the gentleman that he’s today. Ray got involved with an individual who was suffering from a disease that was life threatening.

Bill Warble was Lewis’ biggest fan, an elderly gentleman who promise Ray he would not leave this earth until they won an additional championship. Beam says that he is in debt for Bill his life. He taught him a valuable lessons on life, which offered much to his reasoning as a leader and how to work. Bill Warble had educated him “what to make a complaint about, what not to grumble about, what not to end up being sad regarding, what to become glad, unfortunate, mad and happy about.  (A Football Your life: Ray Lewis 2011). This kind of changed his perspective in life for the best as Lewis began to observe things in his own your life a lot sharper.

Ray Lewis will go down in history among the greatest linebacker’s to ever play in the Nfl, along get back claim he may also decrease as one of the best leader’s on any kind of sports team as well. For all who have enjoyed him, received a chance to satisfy him, recognized him beyond the game, all those people recognized the real Ray Lewis and what having been capable to do. “He was truly an inspiration and it was a pleasure to experience along side Ray (Riddle, 2011). Whether the group win’s or perhaps loses, Beam is never choosing credit or perhaps placing the blame on any person. He will forever live simply by his “one heart beat, a single mind mindset and will permanently impact the lives of those who got a chance to perform along side him.

After all their AFC championship loss this summer Ray was getting interviewed by reporters about what had happened. This individual got raise red flags to with the reporters for hinting towards the loss being solely on one participant. “What you gonna do put that loss on two guys? Oh, Evans should have trapped the ball, oh Billy should have made the kick. Well, maybe I should have made that tackle in the third quarter. So anything may cost you, and so there is no a single person that you could ever before put fault on. We came below as a team, we all locked and loaded together, let’s make certain we keep as a team.  (A Basketball Life: Beam Lewis 2011).

He continued after the video game to tell his teammates in prayer that they did the actual had to do, that next year that they had to make sure that they finished. He told his team it really is no ones fault but their team put together effort. No person person has got the blame. This individual kept the morale while high up as he could to keep his staff motivated pertaining to the following period, that this loss should burn into their recollections for next year. Use it while fuel, switch that negative energy in to something useful. “Let’s understand ourself as males, and generate somebody smile when we go out of here (A Sports Life: Beam Lewis 2011). This is Beam Lewis, his impact wonderful legacy.

“We get one prospect in life, a single chance at life to complete whatever you’re going to do, and lay the foundation and make whatsoever mark you are make. Whatever legacy you are leave, leave your legacy!  ” Ray Lewis


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