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Friends through the wrong group one of thesis

Excerpt coming from Thesis:

Friends From the Wrong Group

One of the most demanding things among the young people upon America may be the idea of bad company. This issue is so evident and critical taking into account which the people who are around and specific largely requires the way of the lifestyle that the individual will take and so shaping all their future.

Jones a more than two decades old son came from a humble Christian family exactly where no one was allowed to smoking. When Ryan joined campus he achieved Pat and Torrey who had been cigarette junkies. They became his close friends and travelled a head and asked him to hang out with them for any weekend. Pat and Torrey offered Thomas a whiff of cigarette for the first time in his life. Jones was reluctant and explained an emphatic “No” for the request but they kept on requiring on him to smoke cigars. Ultimately he ended up smoking due to peer pressure. Since that time they ensured that he enjoyed with them whenever he weighs out with them and finally he ended up developing detrimental habits of smoking.

Using tobacco can cause cancer, especially, lung cancer, kidney malignancy, cancer of the larynx neck and head, breast cancer, bladder cancer, tumor of the esophagus, cancer in the pancreas and stomach cancer.

Nicotine is a poisonous alkaloid that is traditionally used in smoking cigarettes and other cigarette products. Recharging options used as a drug in nicotine replacement therapy, which helps people trying to give up smoking. But overdose, as well as long term use of cigarette smoking as a drug and smoking cigarettes cigarette can cause some severe side effects.

Unwanted effects of smoking

Nicotine raises heart rate and blood rate pressure and narrowing of constriction in the blood vessels

Abnormal nicotine consumption can cause gastrointestinal problems like nausea, diarrhea, dyspepsia and flatulence.

Excess or over utilization of nicotine is the leading cause for various kinds cancer my spouse and i. e. mouth cancer, cancers of the lung area, esophagus and larynx.

Once nicotine immediately affects the persons human brain and the anxious system it might lead to rest disturbances or insomnia, frustration, dizziness, headache and unnatural dreams especially incase of long-term intoxication.

Prolonged utilization of nicotine can also result in coronary artery or cardiovascular diseases and significantly boosts the risk for cerebral vascular accidents.

Nicotine could also lead to a lot of complications just like insulin amount of resistance, jaw pain, vision trouble and decreased appetite.

The other major challenge in having the wrong company is a likelihood of participating in gang lifestyle and bunch related activities such as;

Combats; most people feel energetic when they are with their peers in such a way that when they are alone they may have no energy to battle people and even abuse them. Ryan accustomed to be rude when with

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