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|Area Regarded as 27500 Sft. |Scope of work | ||Civil and Interior Function | |1 |Dismantling of existing floor coverings | |2 |Brick function | |3 |Providing and laying stone wall with plaster over with POP punning and which includes | | |plastic emulsion paint | |4 |Vitrified flooring in 2nd floors entrance reception and first floor verse, waiting region, | | |reception place and cafe. | |5 |Vitrified floor tile flooring in toilet and vitrified floor tile dado in toilet and pantry.

| |6 |Fire alarm devices with sprinklers. | |7 |Kota available room. | |8 |Raised floor in Electrical space, UPS and server place | |9 |Granite toilet counter | |10 |Dry pantry table in cafeteria. |11 |100mm , 75mm thick complete height partition finished with plastic emulsion color | |12 |Full elevation glass canton in primary entrance main receiving area, conference space , meeting room. | |13 |Gypsum ceiling , acoustic limit | |14 |Doors: 12mm toughned goblet with ozone make equipment and 38mm laminate end flush door | | |with ozone fittings. | |15 |Built in household furniture: Full height storage made from commercial layer with 1mm thick | | |laminated shutter, overhead storage manufactured from commercial layer with laminate finish. | |16 |Loose Furniture: Reception table with corian leading and laminate on inside with base | | |unit. | |17 |16 seaters and 10 seaters meeting place table with laminate end. |18 |Security table | ||Electrical work | || Design, manufacturing, supply and installation of key LT -panel board, capacitor control | | |panel, lighting distribution board, electric power distribution plank, UPS syndication board, | | |power cabling, control cabling, wiring in canal, lilghting with lighting fixtures and | | |appliances. Wiring, telephone cabling, Floor trunking and cable tray. | ||HVAC | || Ductable 50 shades split AIR CONDITIONER with grillz and defusers and duct insulations with electrical | | |cabling. ||Carpet | || Remaining floor will be carpet floor. | ||Blinds | ||Blinds in external windows | ||Signage: | | | Signage’s in toilet. Meeting space, fire struggling with staircase etc . | ||Network Wiring | || a couple of data and 2 words point in every single work place and some data and 4 tone point in every single | | |conference and meeting room. ||UPS | | |Required ability of UPS battery with racks. | ||AV Equipment-LCD/Projecter, | | |Polycom Phones | ||LCD in seminar room and cafeteria, polycom phone in conference space. | ||Furniture | | |65 Linear function station in laminate finish. | ||All Chairs (Except operate station chair and conference room seats )in cafeteria and settee for | | |reception. ||Office Equipments | ||Office Equipments: 230 Ltrs Wine bottle coolers, door partner and steel dustbin. | , Required Scope of services: 1 ) Design Companies: – Home design of workplace fit out covering space planning, in house layout, furniture fixtures, bogus ceiling(with bare minimum modifications possible), partition, woodworking etc . Prepare and present final design and style development ideas and specifics, fixing proportions and talking about in specifics the decorations, mechanical, electrical, IT, AV and lighting solution. 2 . Fit -out Management: -Project Supervision of the fit-out works which include submission of design to handing over of service. 3.

MEP Consultant: – Design of all services like UPS, Power, HVAC, IT Network, Security system , AV gear. 4. Match out job: – Providing, Supplying , Installation of Detrimental interiors, Electric powered, HVAC, Do it yourself furniture’s, Chairs (excluding workstation and conference room chairs), Carpet, Window blinds, AV tools, UPS, THAT networks, Signage’s/Graphics , Workplace equipmentas every approved style. for spots including (but not limited to) Workstation Area, Reception Area, Storage space Room, UPS Room, Meeting Rooms, Cafeteria, Dry Kitchen, Quite Rooms, Reprographics ejaculate Stationary Region, Store Area, Electrical Area etc . You should refer the attached scope of performs (specifications and Proposed Plan) forfurther details |S. No . SPECIFICATION , CIVIL , INTERIOR | |A |CIVIL , MOIST WORKS | |A-1 |DISMANTLING | |1 |DISMANTLING OF FLOORING: – Dismantling of existing flooring and skirting including eliminating | | |base in cement mortar of virtually any depth etc . and fingertips of unserviceable material for the closest| | |dumping earth. | |2 |DISMANTLING OF BRICK OPERATE: – Taking out of stone wall of thickness in cement mortar, | | |including glazed tiles, bare cement plaster and disposal of unserviceable materials as described. | |3 |DISMANTLING OF RCC: – Dismantling of RCC operate lintel, beams, counters, slabs etc . including| | |cutting of support steel and disposal of unserviceable material as directed to municipal| | |dumping surface. |4 |DISMANTLING OF DOOR FRAMES , SHUTTER: – Dismantling of existing door frames and shutters and | | |stacking of serviceable material and disposal of unserviceable material to nearest municipal | | |dumping surface.. | |5 |MAKING REMOVE IN SLAB/Wall: – Making cutout in slab upto to size of 0. 5 sqm including cutting| | |reinforcement and making great all opening for various other allied works as directed. | |A-2 |MASONRY AND PLASTER | |1 |CLOSING OF CUT OUTS: – Shutting of cut down in cement concrete and fixing of PVC masturbator sleeves as | | |directed. |2 |REPAIRING OF FLOOR: – Mending of existing flooring of approximate breadth 150- 300mm taken | | |as average and 50mm deep in concrete concrete you: 2: 4(1cement: 2 coarse sand: four graded rock | | |aggregate) merged and over with cement mortar plaster one particular: 4 (1cement: 4 coarse sand) etc . | | |complete since directed by Architect. (for race way) | |3 |HALF PACKET WALL: – Providing and laying 50 percent brick canton wall with well burned up good quality| | |of first class naming 75 in cement mortar 1: 4(1cement: 4 rough sand) which include providing| | |2 Nos of 6mm dia MS round pubs at every IV th program, including scaffolding, curing scrubbing | | |the surface, racking out joints and so forth omplete because directed and specified to get walls, whatsoever | | |floor and levels, including 12 to 15mm solid cement plast typer in 1: 4: 2(1cement: 4 crushed stone: 2 | | |coarse sand) | |4 |230MM THICK STONE WALL: – Providing and laying 230mm thick packet wall with well burned up good | | |quality, class naming 75 in cement mortar I: 5 (1cement: 4 coarse and) including, | | |scaffolding, curing, rubbing the surface, racking out the important joints etc . finished as aimed | | |and particular for surfaces, at all floors and levels. | |5 |CEMENT PLASTSORTER: – Featuring and laying 12to 15mm thick concrete plaster of mix 1: 4: 2( 1cement: four | | |fine fine sand: 2 rough sand) to all type of RCC work in line, level and plumb which includes smooth | | |cement finish since directed which include providing required bands, drip moulds grooved and wiremesh| | |at all junction of walls and limit including racking the joints or roughening the RCC | | |surfaces, necessary healing scaffolding etc . complete since directed and specified. |6 |REINFORCED CONCRETE CONCRETE: – Reinforced concrete concrete work with M-20 level reinforced | | |cement concrete in lintels, beams counter, racks including the expense of centering and | | |shuttering polishing off and support at all height , levels | |7 |CEMENT CONCRETE FLOOR UNDER FLOORS: – Rendering and lounging cement concrete floor under floors etc . whatsoever | | |levels like the cost of focusing, shuttering, concluding etc . full | |* |1: 4: 8(1cement: 4 coarse yellow sand: 8 rated stone combination 20mm nominal size) | |8 |POP Punning (6mm-12mm): Providing and fixing Common 6mm to 12mm solid POP Punning over cement| | |plaster in line , plumb done smooth to receive paint. | |9 |POP Punning (25mm-30mm): Providing and fixing Average 25mm to 30mm solid POP Punning over | | |cement plaster equal , plumb finished smooth to receive color. |10 |WATERPROOFING WORKS: – Providing and applying drinking water proofing treatment to toilets, pantries | | |and other rainy areas foundation and wall space with several coats of Tapecrete or approved equivalent mixed | | |with white cement in proportion you: 2( 1tapecete: 2 white colored cement) including mixing silica sand | | |in second layer in proportion one particular: 2: 1 . 5(1tapecrete: 2white cement: 1 . 5 silica sand) and sealing | | |all junction edges and concrete after first coat with epoxy mortar as per accepted | | |specifications of specialist company. | |11 |Providing and laying about sunken areas light weight cement of approximately 600 kg per cum | | |density laid, consolidated, cured, done, smooth, which includes finishing and grouting with | | |water resistant cement mortar and as every specification. |12 |Providing and applying Ardex HydrEpoxy -300 (Damp proofing Membrane) in two layers on walls, | | |floors as per Ardex directions , requirements and as every Architects authorization. (Server/UPS | | |room) | |A-3 |PAVING AND WALL METAL CLADDING | ||| |1 |VITRIFIED TILE FLOORING (white colour): – Offering and putting mirror lustrous 592x592mm | | |vitrified floor floor tiles of Euro make laid over sufficient thickness of cement mortar | | |1: 4(1cement: 4carse sand) using chemical substance grouting aquamix/ laticrete binding material 5mm, plastic-type | | |spacers Floor tile adhesive unitile make.

The speed shall be inclusive of necessary preparation, | | |cleaning, protection with TAKE etc . total (BR of tile that must be taken as Rs 80/sft) | |5 |VITRIFIED TILE ENTREGADO (white colour): – Rendering and laying mirror lustrous 600x600mm | | |vitrified tile entregado at Toilet and Pantry of European make set over sufficient thickness of | | |cement mortar 1: 4(1cement: 4carse sand) using chemical grouting aquamix/ laticrete binding material 5mm, | | |plastic spacers Tile adhesive unitile make. The rate shall be including necessary | | |preparation, cleaning, protection with APPEAR etc . omplete , (BR Rs 80/sft) | |6 |WALL FLOOR TILES: – Featuring and repairing 200x200mm ceramic tiles of Kajaria make shade as accepted | | |by the Architect with balendura grouting, plastic spacer, tile backing, chemical binding material of | | |balendura or comparable laid above 12mm heavy cement mortar 1: 4(1cement: 4 coarse sand) | | |including cutting of tile in proper shape and size all complete as per design and sketching. | | |(B. L 35Rs/Sft) | |7 |ANTI STATIC VINYL FLOORING: – Rendering and putting 2mm thk 600, 600 tile PVC antistatic vinyl fabric | | |flooring of approved color and top quality with adhesive, as per suppliers recommendation and | | |specification and so forth complete Expense of leveling because required to always be included in the quoted rate. (LG| | |floors or accepted equivalent) (BR 145/Sft) | |8 INCREASED FLOOR: – The entire gain access to floor program shall be made from steel cementitious infill | | |and provide for enough fire properties, acoustic buffer and atmosphere leakage amount of resistance. The | | |system shall be in a position to withstand a UDL of 1200kg. Every sqmt. And a point weight of 360 kg. The | | |pedestal shall withstand Axial Load of 2200kg. | ||PANELS: -Panels should be made from stainlesss steel. The bottom of the panel will probably be embossed in | | |hemispherical shape to give durability and flexural rigidity. The very best sheet shall be plain and | | |resistant welded at numerous locations following your top and bottom bedding have been degreased and | | |phostated to form a one composit product.

The entire panel shall be cited with epoxy coating | | |on the uncovered surface after which the hollow panel shall have an infill of light weight | | |cementitious material, panel shall remain smooth through and stable unaffected by humidness or | | |fluctuation in temperature through out the normal working life. Panel shall offer impact | | |resistance top surfaces minimal deviation, corrosion amount of resistance properties and shall not become | | |combustible or aid surface spread of flame, sections shall be insulated against heat and noises | | |transfer. Sections shall offer qualities of concrete slabs, panels should be of size 600x600mm | | |and 30 , 37mm thick fully compatible with each other within the range of a particular lay | | |out. Panels will probably be free ranking onto the structure. ||Pedestal , Pedestals installed to support the panel shall be suitable to achieve a | | |specified floor elevation from the existing floor level and will be placed 600mm distance in | | |both directions to form a main grid of 600x600mm. Pedestal style shall validate speedy assembly and| | |removal intended for relocation and maintenance. Basamento base should be permanently guaranteed to position| | |on the sub-floor mostly simply by effective glue of physical fastening for over 600mm | | |finished floor elevation. Pedestal set up shall offer easy realignment of levelling and | | |accurately align sections to ensure spectrum of ankle restrain. or perhaps prevention of corrosion pedestals are | | |either powder coated or perhaps zinc electroplated as essential. Pedestal shall support a great axial load | | |of 2200kg. without everlasting deformation and an best load of 3500kg. The pedestal smooth | | |head after that shall receive the panel which in turn shall be attached by screws to the pedestal head to | | |form a rigid grid. (UNITILE/CANI-MICROTAC) | |* |300 logistik high with high usure anti- static HPL in proportion 600x600mm. | |9 |TOILET COUNTER: -P/F 450MM deep clear stone counters @ Toilets, price shall be inclusive. of 20mm| | |thk granite 200mm deep 20mm thk granite front ligament, 75mm thk.: 2: 5 RCC counter-top slab duly | | |cured, reducing , creating holes in slab , stone, half truths nosing in stone, Include necessary | | |preparations, cleaning , protection w/ polythene , POP as required, most as per style , | | |Architect’s approvals. (B. R. one hundred sixty per sft) | |10 |PANTRY COUNTERTOP: -(2400X2100mm) Featuring and fixing pantry table 350/700 deep over mind and | | |under storage with granite top rated and 2 hundred high back again splash, 600X600mm vitrified tile | | |cladding, above head and base pantry made of laminated shutter of 20mm BWP board. Every internal| | |surfaces to have balancing laminate.

The rate including necessary equipment, 140 LARGE D | | |shaped Hetitch handle code simply no 011869 fasten sets, home closing handles, spring packed shutter, | | |latch inside, almost all cabinet components to be”HETTITCH” or equivalent complete according to Architects | | |approval. (BR that must be taken as Rs 160/sft) | |11 |PERIMETER GLAZING CILL/LEDGE: -Providing and laying, laminated cill/ ledge comprising of | | |1mm thicker laminate more than 19mm thick commercial plank with 32, 12 beech wood lipping and crystal clear | | |transparant silicon sealant by junction with wall and glass. almost all complete according to design and | | |drawing. | |* |150 wide with moulding for window level. |12 |STEPS IN SERVER , CENTRE ROOM: – Providing and fixing it is in place steps in server room manufactured from | | |hard solid wood frame job of 75, 75 section laid to get 19mm thick commercial layer to be screwed | | |to hard wood frame work full as described. | | || |B. |DRY WORKS | ||| |B-1 |PARTITIONS AND WALL CLADDING | ||| |1 |FULL HEIGHT GYPSUM PARTITION (100MM THICK): – Providing and fixing 100mm thick gypsum board | | |partition comprising of 48mm private vertical studs, Two level of 12. mm solid gypboard | | |on both sides of 48mm GI studd according to manufacturers requirements (“India Gypsum make”) | | |including 50mm, (24 kg/cum) thick glass made of wool insulation of UP Twiga make grade specified by | | |the Architect from organic floor towards the bottom of ceiling (Rate to be inclusive of GI corner | | |beads, real wood scantling and also other GI add-ons finished with private topcoat) | | |(including plastic emulsion paint) | |2 |Item same as previously mentioned of 100mm thick gypsum partition but with hard wood mounting instead of G. I | | |proprietary channel/ stud. | |3 |Item same as above of 100mm heavy gypsum rupture but over false ceiling. | |4 |PROVIDING FURTHER LAYER OF: – | |a |Extra for offering single coating of MDF board instead of single level of gypsum board) | |b |Extra for over and above of Item you for rendering additional part of 8mm+4mm thick MDF board| | |screwed/ pinned on one side of rupture. |c |Extra for over and above of Item you for rendering , mending additional coating of 12mm thick BWP | | |ply screwed/ nailed using one side with the partition | |d |Extra for over and above of Item you for providing additional part of 12mm thick bison board | | |screwed/ nailed using one side with the partition | |e |Extra for over and above of Item you for rendering and fixing 1mm solid laminate pasted over 4mm| | |thick MDF board over 8mm MDF board glued/ nailed with the existing partition. | |f |Extra for over and above of Item 1 for offering 4mm heavy veneer appropriately melamine set over 8mm| | |thick MDF board glued/ pinned with the existing partition. | |g |Extra for over and above of Item 1 for rendering extra coating of gypsum board pinned / screwed | | |with the present partition. (without paint) | |5 |75MM THICK GYPSUM PARTITION: -Item same as above of 1 but with two level of 12. mm heavy | | |gypboard using one side simply of studd all as per manufacturers requirements (“India Gypsum | | |make”) (Rate shall be inclusive of GI nook beads, real wood scantling and also other GI | | |accessories finished with exclusive topcoat ready to receive fresh paint. ) , closing of opening | | |made for duct and other piping work etc . (including plastic emulsion paint) | |6 |DUCO COLORED PANELLING (62MM THICK): -Extra over 100mm thick rupture for offering and fixing| | |MDF panelling set over 8mm + 4mm thick MDF board which includes metallic paint paint of (Belco | | |shade) as approved by the builder, including almost all hardware, “V” groove and so forth complete according to | | |architects endorsement. |7 |132 THICK FLAMES LINE PANEL PARTITION: -Providing and mending 132 logistik thick open fire line partition two| | |layers of 15mm thicker fire range board about both side of 70mm studs as per manufacturers | | |specification (“India Gypsum make”) which includes Vapour buffer and mineral fibre made of woll | | |insulation by raw floor to bottom level of ceiling. Complete as per manufacturers standards. | |8 |110 HEAVY FIRE LINE BOARD PARTITION: -Providing and fixing one hundred ten mm thicker fire collection partition two| | |layers of 15mm thick open fire line panel on both side of 48mm buttons as per manufacturers | | |specification (“India Gypsum make”) including Vapour barrier and mineral dietary fibre wool | | |insulation from uncooked floor to bottom of ceiling. Full as per companies specification. |9 |WOODEN SKIRTING, – Providing and repairing 12mm thicker and 50mm high beech wood skirting flushed| | |to wall/gypsum partition with wooden plugs including most necessary fingernails or toenails, screws melamine | | |polishing upon exposed floors, fire retardant fresh paint etc . finish as per design and style and attracting. | |10 |VENEER PANELLING: – Featuring and mending veneer panelling made of real wood framing fixed with | | |one layer 12mm thick MDF board , 8mm thick MDF board fixed/ pasted with 4mm thicker veneer of | | |approved tone in batten form which include making 10mm wide grooved filled with metalic laminate | | |of Ventura help to make all equipment melamine polishing etc . total as per architects approval. |11 |VENEER PANELLING: – Providing and mending veneer panelling made of 8mm+ 4thick MDF board fixed | | |over real wood framing pasted with 4mm thick veneer including making 4X4mm groove, all | | |hardware melamine perfecting etc . full as per NSN/architects approval. | |12 |WALL TRACTS FABRIC PANELLING: – Providing and fixing fabric panelling above hard wood framework | | |and MDF base and pinnable cellotex board to become installed as per design and drawing which includes | | |wall tracts channels, and 35mm large laminated music group at top andbottom total as per | | |manufacturers specification. BR of fabric to be taken as Rs 500/rmt) | |13 |FABRIC PANELLING: – Providing and fixing fabric panelling above hard wood framing fixed with | | |fabric covered over 12mm cellotex table with 3mm cushion backing up including most hardware, | | |fireretardant paint etc complete as per design and drawing. (Basic rate of cloth to be taken| | |as RS. 500/ meter) | ||| |14 |PROJECTED MDF POSTER PANEL: – Offering and mending projected MDF panel pasted with laminate of | | |approved shade to obtain the digitally printed graphic vinyl poster. ||| |15 |3M FILM OVER CUP SURFACE: -Providing and mending 3M scotchcal 3650-114 published with 3M over | | |laminate 8952 with 5 years MCS warrantee (By 3M India) above glass area complete as per | | |approval with the Architect. (only film surface area shall be tested and paid) | |16 |3M LIQUID FILM (CRYSTAL QUALITY): – Providing and fixing 3M scotchcal 7725/324 over cup | | |surface with 15 years MCS guarantee (By 3M India) because approval in the Architect. (only film | | surface area shall be scored and paid) | |17 |3M GRAPHIC FILM MORE THAN MDF/GLASS AREA: -Providing and fixing 3M controltech adhere to 3M | | |over laminate electronically printed with 5 years MCS warranty (By 3M India) since approval with the | | |Architect. (only film surface area shall be measured and paid) | |18 |GLASS SURFACES: – 6mm thick SaintGobain Lacquered glass fixed/pasted to BWP ply/MDF base | | |complete as per style and drawing. (only a glass surface area shall be measured and paid) | |19 |GLASS PANELING: – 6mm solid SaintGobain Colored glass fixed/pasted to BWP ply/MDF basic | | |with real wood framing and SS are around complete as per design and drawing. | |20 |WALL PAPER: -Providing and repairing wall paper (Vinyl wall covering) of VESCOM, Navigate quality | | |(Code 146. 2)distributed by Wall structure Tracts about POP/ Gypboard surfaces with suitable addhesive as | | |per manufacturers standards. (BR 140 sft) | |21 |EDGE PROTECTION PROFILE: -Providing and fixing 25, 25 vast GI border protection account of India | | |Gypsum help to make at all the 4 corners of the wall/column as per Are usually approval. | |22 |HARD WOOD FRAMEWORK: – Offering and correcting 50mmx50mm hard wood framing in partition since vertical | | |and horizontal helps for expense storage’s, white-colored boards, artworks LCD displays etc . | | |including fire retardant paint etc . omplete as per direction of the You. | |23 |DUCO COATED JAMB: -Providing and correcting 20X125mm heavy Duco coated jamb fixed to the hard | | |wood framing and commercial layer with 4mm thick MDF board and so forth complete according to approval. | |24 |SS CORNER BORDER PROTECTOR: – Providing and fixing 50, 50 SS angle edge protector with and wooden | | |steps all accessories as per approval from the Architect. | |25 |CORIAN COUNTER: – Fabricating, delivering and positioning in position corian counter 550 wide made| | |of corain cladded over commercial board with facia supported with 70 dia SS legs of HETITCH | | |make height adaptable Code Number 46064 covered with commercial ply and laminate at bottom | | |as per acceptance of the Are usually. (BR of Corian to be taken as Rs 750/sft) (at Cafeteria) | |26 |Aluminium Glazed rupture having 15 mm reinforced glass. Portion of Aluminium should be as per | | |manufacturer specification. Help to make , Alloy / To become Proposed by simply Designer/Vendor basis Acoustics | | |and overall Aesthetic quality | |27 |Aluminium glazed rupture with 6mm+6mm laminated glass with vinyle in between two glassess | | |. section of Aluminium shall be according to manufacturer standards. Make , Alloy / To be | | |Proposed by Designer/Vendor basis Sound and overall Aesthetic top quality | ||| ||Notes: – | ||| |* |1)All beech wood and veneer to be seasoned and melamine refined to hue as / architects | | |approval | |* |2) Almost all stainless steel metal cladding work to be provided and stuck by You approved specialist| |* |3) All wood to be expert and colored with anti-termite and fire resistant paints. | |* |4) All partition to be constructed from floor to the bottom of the limit (Ceiling ht. + 3900), | | |filled with sound insulated material, while specified , directed by architect. | |* |5) All canton to be prolonged upto existing window mullions, when it comes talking to | | |the existing window and to be snug closed almost all widow corners to have 4 mm grooved with silicon| | |fill. | |* |6) Most openings to get the cut-outs for ducting/raceways/cables etc . in the partitions to become | | |closed , made air flow tight. |* |7) The rate shall be inclusive of GI spot beads, real wood scantling and other GI | | |accessories finished with private topcoat ready to receive paint and featuring minimum 70b| | |sound barrier. | |* |8) All components shall be as per manufacturers specs (“India Gypsum make”) and | | |insulation materials shall be while manufacturers specs (“UP Twiga make”) | |* |9)Contractor to procure recognition from manufacturer of sound insulativeness of partition. | |* |10) Rate to incorporate for repairing of real wood framing listed below false floor level since required. |* |11) Level to be inclusive of GI spot protector position of India Gypsum produce. | |B-2 |CEILING , FLOORING | |1 |GYPBOARD CEILING: – Providing and fixing suspended false threshold, which includes featuring and| | |fixing GI perimeter channels of size 0. 55mm thick having one flange of 20mm and one other flange| | |of 30mm and a web of 27mm along with perimeter of ceiling, attach fixed to packet wall/partition| | |with the aid of nylon sleeves and screws at 610mm centers. The suspending GI intermediate | | |channel of size 45mm, zero. mm thick with two flanges of 15mm every single from the soffit at 1220mm | | |centers with ceiling angle of width 25mmx 10mmx 0. 55mm thick fixed to soffit with GI cleat and| | |steel growth fastene. Ceiling section of zero. 55mm fullness having rough web of 51. 5mm and | | |two flanges of 26mm every with lips of twelve. 5mm are then fixed to the more advanced channel with | | |the accompanied by a connecting movies and in course perpendicular towards the intermediate route at | | |457mm centers. doze. 5mm tapered edge Gypboard (Conforming to IS- 2095-1982) is then screwed | | |fixed to ceiling section with 25mm dry wall structure screw for 230mm centers. Screw repairing is done | | |mechanically. ||Finally the planks are to be jointed and completed so as to possess a get rid of look which include | | |filling as finishing the tapered and square edge of the planks with signing up for compound, daily news | | |tape and two coats of 1er suitable for Gypboard (as equivalent) extra shape work for | | |electrical fittings, AIRCONDITIONING diffusers, and/or any other cutout, trap doorways, wooden shadow battens| | |(hollock real wood black enamel painted-25x40mm) in wall peripheries and ends, 12mm thick MDF board| | |for pelmet etc . complete which include opening to become made for ALTERNATING CURRENT grills, lumination fittings, capture | | |doors etc . (The cited ate should be inclusive of suspenders at all heights) ( The interest rate to be | | |quoted including plastic material emulsion paint) | |* For horizontally , straight surfaces | ||| |2 |DOUBLE PART COVE LUMINATION: – Featuring and producing double sided cove light in gypboard including | | |lastic emulsion paint. | |3 |SINGLE SIDE COVE LIGHT: -Providing and making single side cove lumination in gypboard including | | |plastic emulsion fresh paint. | |4 |ACOUSTIC ROOF TILE (WHITE): – Rendering and correcting of Armstrong Acoustical Threshold system | | |with Dune Max Microlook border Tiles with SILHOUTTE” main grid and shadow angle of size 600x1600x18mm| | |laid on 24mm hot dipped galvanized metal suspension system.

The tile must have thickness of | | |18mm and humidity resistance of 95% RH, average NRC 0. 7, sound attenuation of 20db, light | | |reflectance &gt, 84%. Thermal conductivity k= 0. 036 w/mk, coloring white, fire performance 0/class | | |I (BS-476) Installation to comprise primary runner spread out at 1200mm maximum centres. The last | | |hanger at the end of each main jogger should not be more than 450mm through the adjacent wall membrane. | | |Flush appropriate 1200mm long cross tees to be interlocked between primary runner in 600mm companies to| | |form 1200x600mm module. Perimeter trim to be Armstrong wall angle of size 19x19x3000mm, | | |secured to wall in 450mm optimum centres. |5 |TRAP DOOR: – Providing and fixing trap door in phony ceiling manufactured from “Novapan “prelaminated | | |board, lifeless locks, lipping all around including all equipment, hinges and so forth complete as per | | |design and drawing. | |6 |CEILING PELMETS, -Providing and correcting 19mm thicker B. T. P pelmets with hard wood lipping and | | |fixied to ceiling with hard wood framework complete which include painting. (as indicated in the | | |drawing) to adopt vertical window blinds. | |7 |MOTORISATION DISPLAY SCREEN PELMET FOR CEILING: – Providing and fixing motorisation screen pelmet of | | |size 150mm x150mm with real wood and commercial board with edge lipping etc total. | almost 8 |BACK COATED PLY: -Providing and fixing black painted 6mm solid commercial layer over hard wood | | |framing above pelmet according to Architects endorsement. | |9 |PROVIDING AND FIXING: – 6mm th. commercial layer backing in mineral fiber modular phony ceiling| | |tiles to aid light fitting, speakers, SECURITY CAMERA cameras, divulguer of grid work size with | | |necessary cut outs for the same. | |10 |AC GRILL GUARD: – Offering and fixing 150mm wide, 4mm thick black decorated commercial ply | | |behind AC grill to avoid visibility of the services above the false ceiling as per Are usually | | |instruction. |B-3 |DOORS | ||| |* |All door frames to get braced coming from raw flooring slab upto soffit of ceiling piece. All costs to | | |include requisite hard wood frame work to be offered below finish floor/false floor and | | |finished ceiling of supporting double glazed section and floor springs. | |* |All 4mm thick veneer should be as per Architects approval , appropriately polished. | |* |All door celebrity to be expert best quality heavy steam beech wooden or duco painted as per | | |specification and Architects authorization. |* |Flush door constructed from boiling water resistant kiln expert, styles, bed rails for minimal thickness | | |45mm , remedied with preservatives as per CAN BE: 2002 | |* |All flush doorways shutter lipping to be 12, 45 melamine polished light beech real wood or paint painted| | |as per specification and Architects endorsement. | |* |All solid wood to be cared for with anti-termite and fireretardant paint. | |* |Contractor to prepare sample of all door frames, shutters and double glazed type intended for Architects | | |approval. | |* |Contractor to transmit sample table for all components for Architects approval. | |* |All seasoned light beech wood , veneer to be duly melamine lustrous as per Can be | | |approval. | |* |All laminate to become 1mm solid as given the green light by the Architects | |* |Contractor shall provide most necessary safeguard of goblet until handover. |* |All glass doors/windows to be 12/10mm thick crystal clear float reinforced glass with mirror finished | | |edges. According to specification | |* |Cost to include 3M frost film (Crystal Quality) | |* |Joints among glazing in door/ windows to have silicon sealants. | |* |Glass in plot fitting door/windows to be 12mm thick with clear float tempered goblet with | | |mirror polished ends. | |* |Wherever demonstrated powder coated extruded aluminium transfer grill size would be according to drawing | | |or as mentioned inside the boq. | |2 |ED2 (1000X2100), 12mm thick single leaf reinforced glass door.

The rate must be inclusive of | | |all hardware, OZONE make door handle 25, 1200 L shape 304 grade, floor planting season FS9400, patch| | |lock OPL-1, roof mounted door stopper, and so on complete as per design and drawing. (Ent door) | ||| |3 |G1 (12670X2100) Door/fixed double glazed 12mm thick tempered goblet fixed with SS U channel in | | |floor and inside the limit, The rate ought to be inclusive of almost all hardware OZONE patch | | |fitting, top area OPF-2, lower part patch OPF-3, OZONE produce door handle 25, twelve hundred H form 304 | | |grade, floor spring FS9400, patch lock OPL-1, ceiling mounted door arrêter all finish as| | |per style and pulling. |4 |G2 (7800X2100) Door/fixed glazing 12mm thick reinforced glass set with SS U channel at | | |floor and inside the ceiling, The interest rate should be inclusive of all hardware OZONE patch | | |fitting, top patch OPF-2, bottom patch OPF-3, OZONE make door handle 25, 1200 H shape 304 | | |grade, flooring spring FS9400, patch secure OPL-1, threshold mounted door stopper all complete as| | |per design and drawing. ( touchdown coffee shop ) | |5 |G3 (6530X2100) Door/fixed glazing 12mm thick reinforced glass set with DURE U channel at | | |floor and within the ceiling and 4 nos 50X200 logistik duco decorated wooden mullions as/app, The | | |rate ought to be inclusive of all hardware OZONE patch appropriate, top area OPF-2, bottom level patch | | |OPF-3, OZONE make door manage 25, 1200 H shape 304 grade, floors spring FS9400, patch fasten | | |OPL-1, limit mounted door stopper all complete as per design and drawing. Landing | | |cafe ) | |6 |G4 (3300X2100) Door/fixed glazing 12mm thick tempered a glass fixed with SS U channel at | | |floor and inside the limit, The rate ought to be inclusive of almost all hardware OZONE patch | | |fitting, top spot OPF-2, lower part patch OPF-3, OZONE generate door handle 25, 1200 H condition 304 | | |grade, floor planting season FS9400, plot lock OPL-1, ceiling mounted door arrêter all total as| | |per design and style and sketching. (Meeting room) | |7 |G5 (2230X2100) Door/fixed glazing 12mm solid tempered goblet fixed with SS U channel for | | |floor and inside the roof, The rate must be inclusive of all hardware OZONE patch | | |fitting, top area OPF-2, bottom patch OPF-3, OZONE generate door handle 25, 1200 H condition 304 | | |grade, floor planting season FS9400, plot lock OPL-1, ceiling attached door arrêter all complete as| | |per design and style and sketching. Meeting room) | |8 |G6 (3000X2100) Fixed double glazed, 12mm thick tempered a glass fixed with Jeb Aerofoil/aero span | | |member fixed with SS U channel in floor and inside the limit, The rate ought to be inclusive | | |of all equipment OZONE spot fitting, leading patch OPF-2, bottom spot OPF-3, OZONE make door | | |handle 25, 1200 L shape 304-grade, floor planting season FS9400, patch lock OPL-1, ceiling attached | | |door stopper all full as per design and style and sketching. (Collaboration) | |9 |D1 (900X2100), 38mm thick sole leaf laminated flush door. The rate needs to be inclusive of | | |all hardware, OZONE make door handle 25, 1200 L shape 304 grade, floor springtime FS9400, patch| | |lock OPL-1, roof mounted door stopper, etc complete as per design and | | |drawing. Pantry, store, Quite room) | |10 |D2 (1200X2100) One leaf with vision panel (300, 300) with born glass, gain access to controlled | | |door of no metallic 50mm thick non-asbestos composite fireplace , smoke cigarettes check shutter release comprising | | |of two no , aliment boards 12mm thick sandwitching 20mm thicker fire resistant filler of 2| | |hour fireplace rating amount of resistance rating confirming to BS: 476 part-22 IS: 3614 suitable for | | |mounting on duco painted wood made frame of size 50X125 mm equally side laminated, 2 hr. fire rated | | |vision glass panel with heat triggered intumescent fire seal deprive of size 12x4mm set on all| | |three sides except bottom and frame shutter to be mounted with DURE fire rated handles with | | |necessary screws and one coating of anti termite flames resistant base. Rate will probably be inclusive | | |of all hardware OZONE generate door deal with 425 long OGH-55, OZONE door better NSK 980 with track | | |arm and hold open up function with SS cover, hinges, all complete as per design and | | |drawing. Machine room) | |11 |(1800X2650) Double leaf Door including of 10mm thick toughened glass with Aluminium shape | | |of Metal / Being Proposed by simply Designer/Vendor basis Acoustics and overall Visual quality | | |having stainless steel handle 1200mm extended 32 mm dia. Finish as per depth | |12 |(1200X2650) Solitary leaf Door comprising of 10mm heavy toughened glass with Aluminum frame | | |of Alloy as well as To be Suggested by Designer/Vendor basis Sound and overall Aesthetic quality | | |having stainless handle 1200mm long thirty-two mm dia.

Complete as per detail | |13 |(1000X2600) Single leaf Door comprising of 10mm thick toughened glass with Aluminium body | | |of Combination / Being Proposed by simply Designer/Vendor basis Acoustics and overall Aesthetic quality | | |having stainless steel take care of 1200mm very long 32 logistik dia. Full as per depth | |14 |(900X2600) Solitary leaf Door comprising of 10mm heavy toughened a glass with Aluminium frame of| | |Alloy / Being Proposed by simply Designer/Vendor basis Acoustics and overall Visual quality having| | |stainless steel manage 1200mm extended 32 millimeter dia. Full as per depth | |C. BUILT IN PIECES OF FURNITURE | |1 |FULL HEIGHT STORAGE: – Providing , fixing Storage space cabinets crafted from 19mm business board | | |with 1 logistik thick laminated shutter in facia and balancing layered all inside adjustable | | |laminated shelves, 50X12mm veneered end band alaround, 20mm laminated groove, 50mm high | | |laminated skirting. Charge should be including necessary Hardware- 140high Deb shaped Hetitch | | |handle code no . 011869, Lock models, self-closing hinges, spring filled shutter latch inside, all| | |cabinet hardware to be HETITCH produce , as/Architects approval. | |2 |ELECTRICAL D. M. CUPBOARD: – Providing , fixing wardrobe for G. B. -panel cabinets including | | |shutters made of 20mm solid. comm. table finished in 1mm solid. laminate. and | | |balancing layered inside, carcass constructed from nineteen mm heavy.

Bison Table all inside, | | |12, 50 wooden music group alaround, with 20mm groove, Provide 150, 300 powder-coated aluminum louvered | | |grills on each shutter, required cutouts intended for ventilation over and repairing trap door below. | | |Rate should be including necessary Hardware- 140high M shaped Hetitch handle code no | | |011869, Lock models, self-closing handles, spring crammed shutter latch inside total as per | | |Architects approval. | |3 |Fax Printer Table SIZE( 3490X2100): – unit to include bottom cabinet, cost to do business cabinets, | | |pinup boards in fabric and 12mm thick tempered cup cladding pasted with 3M digitally printed| | |graphic film fixed with DURE studs.

Base cabinet to obtain wire eliminate channel with brush , OH | | |cabinet to have light pelmet as shown Constructed from best quality proof board / | | |plywood. Top to be manufactured out of 25mm thk HPL content formed MDF board. and 200 excessive | | |laminated finish band. Throughout head wooden shutters to have laminate outside and counter-laminated| | |inside, partitioning and shelves to be finished with 1mm thk. laminate in all sides, BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK of | | |fabric to be RS 500/- per Rm. The pace shall be inclusive of all hardware- 140 LARGE D molded | | |Hetitch take care of code simply no 011869, self-closing hinges, planting season loaded shutter release latch inside, | | |complete as per architect’s authorization. |4 |VENDING COUNTER SIZE (2915X2100): – Providing and fixing use vending counter-top includes | | |under counter storage, vending table made of 40mm thick corian top over BWP, 2 hundred high corian| | |back splash, basic cabinet created from laminated shutter of 19mm thick BWP with shelving and | | |partitions in managing laminate, with 6mm solid saint gobain glass cladding above back again splash| | |and 100mm high laminated skirting. The speed shall be inclusive of necessary equipment, 140 | | |high D formed Hetitch handle code no . 011869 fasten sets, do it yourself closing knobs, spring crammed | | |shutter, latch inside, almost all cabinet hardware to be”HETTITCH” or equivalent complete as per | | |Architects authorization.. |5 |WORKING COUNTER: – Providing and fixing in position fixed job counter created from 25mm thick | | |HPL post form laminated top with essential board holder and three or more drawer mobile pedestal product and every | | |1200 length of the function counter above head storage space unit and pin up table including almost all glues, | | |nails, sliding funnel, bracket to get support fixed to portition, hinges, 140 high D designed | | |Hetitch take care of code not any 011869, multi-purpose locks, line manager and so forth complete as per design | | |and drawing. | |6 |OVERHEAD STORAGE UNITS: Rendering and correcting 350 profound , six-hundred high Cost to do business Storage Units in | | |constructed coming from best quality bwp comm. panel shutters to have 1mm solid laminate outside , | | |counter laminated on inside. Inner partitions , shelves likewise to be laminated.

Hardware140mm| | |high M shaped Hetitch handle code no 011869, Lock units, self-closing handles, spring loaded | | |shutter latch inside, all cabinet hardware to be of Hetitch help to make as given the green light by the Recorded. | ||TOTAL PERTAINING TO BUILT-IN PIECES OF FURNITURE (RUPEES) | ||| |D. |LOOSE HOME FURNITURE | ||Fabricating providing and putting in position different kinds of home furniture made of Ist echt class | | |white beech solid wood, commercial/BWP ply/ board 5. 0mm thick steam beech veneer, 1 . mm heavy | | |laminate, covered steel piece, internal wood framing almost all necessary hard ware like nails, | | |screws, magnetic battres, hinges, grips, knobs and so forth complete as per design and drawing. | |1 |RECEPTION TABLE SIZE (2400X700X1190high): – Made of corian panel, corian counter top and | | |laminate on under area of the leading and on inner side of the -panel, 3 drawer pedestal unit with| | |SS hip and legs 140 high D shaped Hetitch manage code no . 011869 made as according to deign and drawing. | | |(BR of Corian to be taken since Rs 750/sft) | |2 |GUARD TABLE AT FOYER: – DESK SIZE (900X600X1000high) Combination of laminated commercial and | | |duco painted MDF in Z form as per approval. ||| |3 |MEETING ROOM CREDENZA: – Fabricating providing and inserting in position conference room credenza of| | |size 1500x400x750 high created from 32mm thick laminated completed top with PVC edge fixing | | |laminate shutter, adjusable cabinets, all inside surfaces to get laminated backed on DURE | | |base 150 high M shaped Hetitch handle code no . 011869, locks and so on complete as per design and | | |drawing | |4 |Providing and fixing of SALES BROCHURE RACK of size 1500 , 100deep at leading and two hundred and fifty dep in bottom | | |made as per design and style and pulling. No | |5 |COMPANY LOGO: -Providing and repairing company logo (Nokia Siemens Networks) in eight mm in depth acrylic | | |sheet pasted with digitally printed graphic film. Complete as per Architects approval. |6 |PICTOGRAMS (SS Door Signage’s): Rendering and repairing Stainless Steel Finish pictograms more than | | |doors, wall space with twice solid with 3M tape , images/ letters with silk screen printing | | |technology over all scale pictogram being 148x147mm (To be got executed simply by Millennium | | |Business Associates) | |7 |FOLIO (SS Identity Plate): – Providing and fixing lamina with size of 200x45mm covered SS linen | | |stuck to surface with 3M double-sided tape, letters in dark-colored coloured decoration embossing web site | | |as approved. (To end up being got executed by Millennium Business Associates) | |8 |FLOOR PADS: – Featuring and fixing 3M Brand Nomad sparring floor , 7150 poly vinyl coil loop design with | | |vinyl foam backing made as per manufacturers requirements. |9 |WHITE BOARD: – Providing and fixing white magnetic panel of Alkosign display program (Alkosign | | |) on wall and fixed with all necessary agreement as per companies specifications and so forth | | |complete. | |* |1050, 1200 | |* |1200 x twelve hundred | |* |1800 times 1200 | ||| |10 |ALUMINIUM/PENCIL HOLDER FOR MARKER BOARD: -Providing and repairing aluminium holder below white colored marker| | |board to help keep accessories. ||| |11 |SLOTTED ANGLE TRAY: – Making, supplying and placing placed angle rack of size | | |900wx2100hx600deep made as per producers specification. | |12 |TACK BOARD: – Providing and fixing pin-up board created from 12mm thick cellotex / jelly panel | | |fixed with kail real wood frame job and 6th mm thick commercial layer backing protected with fabric | | |fixed to wall with screws ornamented with fabric steam beech wood lipping with melamine | | |polishing and so forth complete according to design and drawing. (Basic rate of fabric to be taken since Rs. | | |250/meter) | |13 |TV BRACKET: -Providing and fixing TELEVISION bracket intended for wall increasing 29, Tv. |14 |TOILET MIRROR: -Providing and correcting 12mm heavy tempered drift glass pasted with 3M film | | |(crystal quality) since approved by the architect and mounted on 4 numbers 19mm dia covered SS| | |studs, complete as per design and style and drawing. | |15 |SS TRASH BIN: -Supplying and putting in position DURE trash rubbish bin 500 vida and 800 high as per | | |Architects authorization. | |16 |DLINE GENERATE TOILET EQUIPMENT | ||Providing and fixing the following fixtures of Dline generate SS brushed finish. | |* |Bottle opener (Item code 13. 7071. 02. 000) | |* |SS coat hooks | |* |Toilet paper holder | ||Soap dispenser (Item code 14. 7045. 02. 002) | |* |Mini Waste conventional paper basket 14. 7097. 02. 000 | |* |Waste paper bag 14. 7085. 02. 201 | |* |Wall mounted paper hand towel dispenser | |* |Supply of Dline satin stainless-steel 316 class grab club. 14. 4614. 02. three hundred | | |14. 4963. 02. twenty-one | |17 |TOILET ACCESSORIES | ||Providing and fixing the subsequent fixtures of Kimberly Clark/ Dream Create make or perhaps equivalent | | |make | |* |Bottle opener | |* |SS cover hooks | |* |Toilet paper holder | |* |Soap répartir (Kimberly clark make) | |* |Soap dispenser (BOB BRICK produce in brushed finish Code B-4112 26GB) | |* |Mini Waste materials paper container (WC) | |* |Waste paper basket | |* |Push Rubbish bin (Code SE 4020T) | |* |Wall mounted daily news towel dispenser | |* |Providing and fixing get bar 600mm c. g. wall flange at end of bars with robust anchor | | |fastner , equipment. (FOR PROBLÈME TOILETS ONLY). |18 |FLOOR DIRECTORY: Rendering and repairing wall installed floor directory site with slk screen printing | | |text of approved coloring and including the following china | |* |1) 1 Nos, 4mm thick light weight aluminum plates colored in dark Grey in colour of over all size 300x55mm. | |* |2) 8Nos, DURE 316 level plates of 2mm thicker with over all size 300x30mm. | |19 |TRANSITION PROFILE: – P/F transiction account of SS L-section 6mm thk among two diverse | | |flooring elements | |20 |URINAL CANTON: -Providing and fixing of urinal canton in 12mm thick toughened glass with | | |frosted film fixed with SS mount as per design and style and drawing. |21 |Wash basin with water sancer | |22 |American satndard WC | |23 |Plumbing , hygienic work | |24 |SOFA in reception area (images of proposed sofa to get submitted combined with the quote) | |25 |Sofa chairs to get pantry / breakout (images of proposed sofa chairs to be published along with | | |the quote) | |26 |Tables for pantry / breakout (images of suggested sofa chairs to be published along with the | | |quote) | |27 |Tables for reception settee (images of proposed couch chairs being submitted along with the | | |quote) | ||TOTAL FOR LOOSE FURNITURE (RUPEES) | ||| |E. |FINISHES | |1 |PLASTIC EMULSION PAINT (ICI Dulux make) on walls and gypboard/POP ceiling which includes surface | | |preparation, primer layers, leveling patti and lowest 3 coats of brush and tool finish. | |2 |PASTEL COLOUR: – Extra over Item No-1 of plastic emulsion paint but for bright colour. | |3 |OIL BOUND DISTEMPER (O. W. D): – Providing and applying Um. B.

G paint of desired color finish or| | |equal including required base function, preparatory operate. | |4 |PROVIDING AND FIXING SILICONE SEALANT around all bathroom fixtures including urinals, WCs , wash| | |basins etc . | |5 |TEXTURE PAINT: -providing and making use of texture color on wall of permitted brand and manufacturer| | |after scrapping, having the existing finish and applying base coat. | |6 |ARMOUR COAT PAINT: – Featuring and making use of polished platser of Armourcoat or equivalent as of | | |approved colour about wall/ Ply surface which include surface preparing primer layer as per | | |manufacturers specification. BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK to be taken because Rs 160/sft) | |F. |SUPPORT SERVICES | |1 |Support solutions to flip furniture, Carpet vendor, couch supplier, and other furniture | | |suppliers including taking delivery of consignments taken to site, safe storage, taking away | | |wrapping, going and placing them at correct locations just before final pay. Coordination | | |and assistance to fireplace detection / supression and security systems merchant for their opportunity of | | |work | |G. Sprinkler functions (including testing and commisioning) | ||C. We butterfly device of accepted make, with nuts, bolts, gaskets, flanges, coupler and so forth complete| | |as specified. | ||Flap Type Non Return Valve | ||G I. , C’ School pipes according to IS 1239 with Flanged, Screwed or welded joints with important | | |Specials, clamped to wall membrane, beams or perhaps ceilings as per specifications with approved anchor | | |fastners, MS brackets, testing to 13. 5 Kg/Sq. cm hydraulic pressure after installation, and | | painting two coats of enamel color of accepted colour over two jackets of base. | ||Conventional Sprinkler (pendant as well as upright) quartzoid bulb type with 15mm screwed end | | |connection of 68 deg. C. temperatures rating, E 80 and orifice shall not be less than | | |6mm. Sprinklers shall be UL Listed / FM authorized with Chrome finished. | ||Rosette plate (Recessed type, in two piece) for Sprinklers below fake ceiling place. ) Same | | |should always be fabricated by M. S. plate of 2mm thick and the complete shall be powder coated and | | |color shall be because approved by are usually / clients. | STANDARDS FOR FLOOR COVERING | | | |SN |DESCRIPTION | ||SUPPLY , PUTTING OF CARPETING AS PER THE NEXT SPECIFICATION | ||| ||Threads | ||| ||Specifications | ||| |1 |Fibre , 100% Synthetic | ||| |2 |Yarn weight , 20 ounce | ||| |3 |Backing , Not PVC | ||| |4 |Density , Greater than 4500 | ||| |5 |Gauge , 1/10 | ||| ||Make: Shaw as well as interface / Milliken / Tandus / Bonar ground | | |Specifications- MEP WORKS | |Sr. Simply no |Particulars | ||SUMMARY | |A |M. V. SWITCHGEAR | |B |M

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