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1-310-919-0950 Log In | Sign Up StudyMode. com Essays Book Paperwork AP Paperwork More Documents » The english language Composition » Inquiry Electrical Billing System By damzee, Sep 2011 | a couple of Pages (435 Words) | 546 Sights | Survey | Register with access complete essay RATELESS 0. 218 /* charge of impose first two hundred unit */ RATEMORE 0.

334 /* rate of charge next unit */ PEN zero. 015 /* penalty to get unpaid equilibrium */ Advices int unit /* device of electrical power used */ float UnpaidBal /* unpaid balance */ Outputs drift Penalty /* charge of penalty */ float UseCharge /* charge for the present electricity use */ float TotalBill /* total charge */

SOFTWARE ALGORITHM (FLOW OF PROGRAM) 1 . Display user guidelines 2 . Receive data: outstanding balance and electricity device used a few. Determine electrical energy unit applied and figure out use demand 4. Decide unpaid balance and compute penalty 5. Compute total charge six. Display the overall bill quantity DESIGN OF CALCULATION OF USE DEMAND The data required to compute the employment charge happen to be listed. We all separate the involved data categories in to Input, Procedure and Outcome. Input Info int product /* unit of electricity used */ Process Data RATELESS 0. 218 /* rate of charge first 200 unit */ RATEMORE 0. 34 /* charge of demand following unit */ End result Data float UseCharge /* charge to get the current electrical energy use */ Algorithm pertaining to Computation useful Charge We can say that different level will be used in the event the electricity device used much more than 2 hundred. Thus we use in the event else collection to design the algorithm. if perhaps unit &gt, 200 compute use demand for more than 200 unit else compute make use of charge at under 200 product Formula for Use Charge UseCharge=(unit-200)*RATEMORE+200*RATELESS /* more than 200 */ UseCharge=unit*RATELESS /* less than two hundred */ TYPE OF COMPUTATION OF PENALTY

Your data required to compute the charges are shown. We individual the included data classes into Suggestions, Process and Output. Suggestions Data drift UnpaidBal /* unpaid equilibrium */ Method Data COOP 0. 015 /* fees for outstanding balance */ Output Data float Charges /* fee of charges */ Criteria for Computation of Penalty Penalty can be dealt the moment there is an unpaid harmony. We work with if assortment to design the algorithm. if, [continues] Go through full composition Cite This kind of Essay APA (2011, 09). Electric Invoicing System. StudyMode. com. Recovered 09, 2011, from http://www. studymode. om/essays/Electric-Billing-System-774944. html MLA CHICAGO Pleasant StudyMode. com is the web’s leading learning tool. We inspire a lot of students every single day with above 650, 500 model documents and documents, AP remarks and publication notes. Find out more Related works Standard Pertaining to Electrical Power Program , Std C37. 2TM-2008 (Revision of IEEE A sexually transmitted disease C37. 2-1996) IEEE Common for Electrical, 84 pagesNov 2010 Normal water Billing System , Standard Objective: To produce an accurate, dependable, and correct water billing, 15 pagesMar 2011 Electric Power Systems , and index.

ISBN-13: 978-0-471-17859-0 ISBN-10: 0-471-17859-4 1 ) Electric, 566 pagesNov 2011 Billing System , use of transistor that stores guidelines, providing very good and affordable electric, 6th pagesDec 2011 Student Invoicing System Documentation(Not Yet Completed) , can look: the tuition, entrance cost and all info involved in the billing, 36 pagesFeb 2012 Willing to get started? Sign Up Free Products Essays AP Notes Book Notes Citation Tool Firm About Weblog Help Careers Contact Stick to Facebook Myspace Google+ ©2012 StudyMode. com Legal Web page Map Advertise

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