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2 . Public health proper care services in Hong Kong in order to a great extent subsidized by the Government. Yet , with the aging population and increasing medical costs, the general public outgo on health care is estimated to increase at a far faster gait than the economy in the coming old age range.

With the sont sur le marché figure the public well being outgo may turn from installment payments on your 9 % of in 2004 to five. 5 % of GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT by 2033, it is very clear that the ask funding theoretical account can be non eco friendly. Auxiliary funding for medical care is needed to product authorities , s outgo on health care services and for the longaˆ? term durability of our healthcare system.


a few. The medical services in Hong Kong are provided by the public and private sector. The medical charge in Hong Kong may be divided into two facets: Govt or General public Services and Service.

Authorities or General public Services

four. Government or perhaps Public Companies are provided by the Department of Health ( DH ) and the Hospital Authority ( HA ). Medical charges of prevalent out-patient and in-patient surgery are because follow: involvement at a authorities general out-patient medical center costs bucks 45 intended for Hong Kong residents, specializer clinic for audience costs money 100 pertaining to the initial attending, money 60 pertaining to followup and $ 12 per drug point, free of charge intervention to get instances of TB, leprosy, genital disease, and pregnancy and kid wellness counsel, the admittance cost of in-patients in public infirmaries is fifty dollars, while busying acute mattresses and non-acute beds happen to be charged $ 100 and $ 68 per twenty-four hours severally. The above charges may be waived if sufferer can low afford these people.

5. Apart from general out-patient and in-patient services, the DH plus the HA besides provide Chinese language medical specialised services and Student Healthcare Services towards the populace. Chinese Medicine Centres can bear straight down patients $ 120 with two dosages of China herb for a intervention every visit. Health care services for pupils have time of demand. Immunizations against 10 the child years infective illnesses are free nearly as good. Family be aftering service is besides available in mother’s and kid wellness Zones at a charge of $ one particular for every visit.

Private Aides

6. Aside from authorities or perhaps public providers, private medical services besides lead an of import function in Hong Kong , s health care system of. Nevertheless , fees incurred by private practicians differ and individual charges are frequently made. People are normally required to pay excess fees on services just like research laboratory trials and X-ray scrutinies. With talk about to the Survey of Doctors , Service fees Survey 2010[ you ], the medians of some common out-patient and in-patient fees are while follow: audience fees pertaining to general habits and specializer patterns will be charged $ 250 and bucks 575 severally, day-to-day infirmary attending impose varies from $ 700 to $ two, 000, runing from outstanding in keep to exceptional individual fits, surgical functions charges via $ some, 000 to $ 50, 1000, runing from degree 6 to level 1 surgical treatments. Other services such as vaccinums, composing medical studies and finishing insurance claim signifiers are charged individually as well as the fees different.


7. We now have conducted two intensive community audiences to be able to roll up sentiments from every single sector of our society about the health treatment system.

almost eight. The 1st phase target audience showed which the biggest concerns of the populace were getting older population and increasing medical costs. An extensive reform was needed to come across both issues. The human population expected the health care reform will make a long-run environmentally friendly system. The majority of people agreed that the change should focus on both services bringing and funding deals. Among the 6 possible auxiliary funding choices, the people expressed divergent positions within the voluntary non-public wellness insurance and mandatory private well being insurance. Several doubted the effectivity with the mandatary medical care insurance and the best performer for the voluntary strategy.

9. In the 2nd stage audience, the necessity of reform to our medical care system is verified. The inhabitants called for auxiliary health care money, and wider picks and better safety in medical services. Consequently , the Government provides formulated plans to change our health treatment system and modulating non-reflex wellness insurance. The public came to a consensus that the manner of health care insurance needs to be voluntary. Depending on the community , s positions, the public support is the key support beginning for health care. Individualised healthcare and wider pick with quality confidence to suit everyone , h demand were preferred.

twelve. There was a widely shared concern within the sustainability as well as the security in the health care insurance system. The Government police warrants that the technique provides continuous protection intended for participants to their older age groups. Besides, the strategy is definitely standardised and regulated by the Government, to be able to safeguard the insured involvements harmonizing for the jurisprudence.


11. Auxiliary money is an indispensable constituent with the wellness attention financing reform. The signifier of additional funding is usually an of import willpower as it non merely impact on the present community, but each of our future coevalss. Among the six possible auxiliary funding alternatives, the Government chose to set forward the voluntary wellness insurance system being a portion of the wellness interest financing reform.

12. The proposed Well being Protection Plan ( HPS ) can be described as strategy that standardizes and regulates the voluntary exclusive wellness insurance. Unlike different voluntary exclusive wellness insurance in current market, insurances within the HPS is definitely regulated to simply accept all endorsers and offer zero exclusion of preexistent health concerns with guaranteed reclamation for a lifetime. The pick of applying for insurance is voluntary possibly by individuals or companies. The high quality is based on the endorser , s choose and value. Subscribers will so hold a better meal to health care services underneath the HPS, plus they would not detain primary attention till their unwellnesss worsen. Within the HPS, no-one shall be remaining enduring by disease because of miss of fiscal organizations to pay for healthcare. Compared to the ask funding assumptive account, the voluntary well being insurance system ensures effectual pooling and sharing of the health care risks for persons.

13. Non-reflex wellness insurance system aims at supplying the city with better picks pertaining to health care safety and heightening the longaˆ? term sustainability of our medical system. The insured should take both equally public and health care companies. Persons that can afford could utilize personal health care on the sustained ground and even take top-up insurance programs to support their ain demands. Simply by promoting even more people to take private medical services, the voluntary technique can cut over the force every unit area on the open public system. The population system could profit those who depend on the populace medical system by concentrating it is resources on mark service countries and population teams, particularly low-income households, under-privileged groups and also other needy.

14. The footings and meanings of the health and fitness insurance policy will be standardized. Insurance providers take parting in the HPS are required to offer standard health and fitness insurance courses that follow the required regulations and demands. Yet , the insurance businesses are free to present top-up benefits beyond the nucleus demands and specs, so as to support consumers , demands. The HPS courses are required to source coverage for hospital admittances or touristic processs, as well as its associate solutions like consultant outaˆ? affected person audiences and probes, advanced diagnostic creativeness. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy pertaining to malignant neoplastic disease is besides included in the nucleus needs of the plan. However , major attention, specializer services and diagnostic creativity in general, and pregnancy insurance are non included as the program , s center demand. Insurance programs under the HPS are besides portable between insurance companies and on proceed forthing career. The covered are able to preserve their wellbeing insurance policy for every bit very long as they desire, it will no be afflicted if they will change jobs. Unlike the bing wellness insurance, insurance firms under the HPS could exchange their programs to another insurance carrier or carry on their applications after old age with no reduction in protection.

15. The Government has prepared to utilize $ 60 billion monetary modesty as fiscal inducements to back up the care reform. Fiscal inducements are given to safeguard the bad persons, to offer premium price reduction for new endorsers and to give loans to the maintaining some semblance of constituent in the HPS applications.


18. The Government will widely publicise the voluntary wellness insurance and plead with public support for the attempts to better the health treatment in Hk. Any issue on this simple may be dealt with to Ms Li Wan-in, Assistant Admin for Foodstuff and Health Bureau upon 3150 8494.

Food and Health Bureau

22 March 2010

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