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Reasonable way to the problem term paper

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The government should create even more incentives to use energy efficient alternatives, and they needs to be developed in order that more persons can afford these people and make use of them.

Another remedy, although incredibly unpopular, that to tax carbon emissions. Some professionals propose an international tax of $50 per ton, which would taxes industries that create greenhouse smells (Johansen 256). While this could not quickly solve the challenge, it would encourage industries to produce alternatives to fossil fuels, and this could help decrease emissions while setting aside a number of the tax funds to help combat global warming in other ways. Of course , industries dependent on non-renewable fuels are extremely against the idea, as well as the tax could add costs to everyday items just like gasoline, oil, and fossil fuel.

The science and history of around the world defend this solution. Climatic change has increased even more in the last a century than it has at any time of all time, and this coincides with the development of technology and innovation that began with the Industrial Innovation. In addition , technology is now a worldwide problem, rather than problem confined to the richest nations also because of the growing population using more technology, more green house gases will be entering the atmosphere. We simply have to stop this practice and return to earlier levels of greenhouse smells for our planet to survive. At some point, the greenhouse gases can result in such a heating of the planet that it is no longer able to support your life, and that is less far-fetched mainly because it seems if the changes continue as quickly because they have during the last 100 years.

In summary, global warming is indeed a problem facing the earth today, and it should be solved quickly and effectively to ensure our and the globe’s survival. There are so many things that may be affected by climatic change; it is difficult to even think about them all. Previously, the climate is changing rapidly. What is going to it decide to try make the situation real enough for everyone to consider seriously?


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